PREFAB (BVB: PREH) – analize și oportunități de tranzacționare

Analysis and trading opportunities Hello and welcome to another Morraevo video analysis! Today I am analyzing the Romanian stock PREFAB, listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, on the main market, in the standard category, having the symbol: PREH. It seems that this stock has ended its B wave – which started back in April 2013 and ended on this low: 0.68. There is a possibility that this B-wave to not be finished already, in this case the targeted price would be much lower: 0.98 at least! But if this B wave is already finished the minium target on this stock would be at least 1.6448 in a wave that should complete this C-wave, part of this A-B-C which is a Running Flat correction, part of the X-wave which of higher degree. Once completed, this X wave should go once again to its lows, in a three wave sequence wave similar to the one from 2010-2011, having as a minimum required target: 1.05 level, but the price could go even lower, below 0.68 level but not earlier than January 2021. The ending of this structure, would bring the end of the wave-Y (green), this thing is highly important because the wave-Y closes the whole W-X-Y structure (in green), and would trigger a massive buy afterwards! I am mentioning that this analysis is only my opinion, its not a trading advice of any kind, any losses caused by any ideas presented in these videos are solely your responsibility! If you have enjoyed this video give it a like and share it, also if you want to see more of these kind of videos, please subscribe to the channel! Until next time, good luck!

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