Prefab vs Custom Orthotics for Your Child – Which Should You Choose?

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Jarman here with
pediatric Foot and Ankle. Today I want to talk to you about the
differences between prefabbed and custom orthotics. In both the
pediatric and in adult orthotic management. Now one of the most common
questions I get asked almost every day is that why are custom orthotics so much
more expensive than prefabs? The reality is that when we look at prefabs,
this orthotic is made by the millions. So let’s use some common sense. This is a
stamped orthotic made by the millions, it’s a size 11. It is an orthotic that is
designed supposedly designed to fit in my foot, to fit your foot, to fit your
neighbors, and to fit everyone’s foot. We’re in a custom orthotic is quite the
opposite. A custom orthotic is designed to fit your foot were a plaster mold is
made of your foot, sent to a lab and you get an orthotic that as your foot hits it it’s cradled pressure is distributed equally across it. It’s designed to fix
your problem your, specific pathology. Now when we compare prefabbed and custom in
the pediatric world there is a lot to be desired with pediatric prefab orthotics,
because the reality is that in our a pediatric world where the pain in a child’s
foot is not normal. Controlling pressure and distributing it appropriately is
very difficult to do in a prefab orthotic or is in a custom orthotic
we’re actually able to do this very effectively. So, there are accommodations
that are made on orthotics that you just cannot get out of a prefab orthotic and
in a custom orthotic, you are. Now another common question that’s asked is why are
orthotics custom orthotics so hard so rigid as compared to our prefabbed
orthotics which are generally soft and moldable and
pliable. Now in a custom orthotic I always say the harder the better because the
harder the orthotic when it’s made custom where it’s made for your foot
molded your foot the better because it controls that pathology. It’s
a functional orthotic that stops abnormal motion. Now that’s actually the purpose
of your shoe, your shoe should be absorbing that energy you should have a
shoe that absorbs the energy because the orthotic is designed to distribute that
energy and that’s why it’s so important that it is actually a hard orthotic, a
custom foot orthosis and so if you or a loved one is experiencing pain in your
foot, your ankle, your knee, or your hip and are looking at orthotic management
to manage this pain, please call our office today. I’m Dr. Michael Jarman.
Thanks for watching!

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