Prefabricated Stairs : Need Prefab Stairs

Discount Quality Stairs is a
full-service online stair company with traditional brick and mortar roots we’re
based out of Orange County, New York and we’ve got two manufacturing prebafricated stairs
facilities overall as well as a number of affiliate but manufacturing capability we have
approximately 16 employees. Yet through the use of technology as well as CNC
machines and some other proprietary and custom machinery we are able to produce
a large amount of prefabricated stairs in a relatively short amount of time yet without sacrificing quality quality is important we’ve always viewed prefab wood stairs as furniture
now it’s true they serve a useful utilitarian need but, really oftentimes that is the first
piece of prefab wood stairs furniture that a person put into their new home for renovation project we make sure that, that prefabricated
stairs is a beautiful one and we do that by being with our
customers every step of the way for measuring to delivery check out our online stair builders and start
designing your prefabricated stairs today

3 thoughts on “Prefabricated Stairs : Need Prefab Stairs

  1. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted but I took a look at your website and your online stair builder was awesome. it let me mix and match exactly what i needed to get the best results.

  2. Love the fact your a small company, more like a family, that's how you know your getting quality and not some faceless corporation crap.

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