Primerica and IBM Cloud: Building the Future Together

Primerica & IBM Cloud Video Script Family to me is the foundation of happiness.
I want us to be able to enjoy life and enjoy experiences and grow together. Providing for my kids is very important. We
need to have that security. We really need to you know make sure we have that plan in
place to do that. Every family has a vision or an imagery of
what they want their life to look like. The technology assists me in every step of the
way in creating a visual for the client to really see how that’s mapped out. In 2018 we were the number 2 issuer of term
life insurance coverage in north America and with that scale you really need a modern platform
that can handle the types of transactions that we throw through the systems. I think in order for us to be as successful
as possible we really needed IBM’s deep expertise In both the cloud and the traditional
IT. What’s really great about Primerica is that
they are trying to establish a relationship with their customers and give it a personal
touch. And so, we’re using design thinking and working with them to build those solutions. IBM was the right partner for this project
because a lot of what we changed when we were modernizing was enabled by the way that IBM
thought about developing software. Our IBM hybrid multicloud platform really
helps our developers, our users, build applications and data in an open way that can be deployed
across different clouds. It’s built on open technologies such as Kubernetes. To us Kubernetes is really freedom. We can
move our applications anywhere. We can put it in the public cloud, we can move it back
on premise in the private cloud. Having the flexibility to write something and then reuse
is a real part of our technology strategy. And that’s really what the platform provides. Hybrid cloud was right for Primerica because
they had a lot of security and compliance requirements. We want to build these applications that have
some of these security requirements privately. At the same time, we want to leverage some
of the services of public cloud to build new, innovative applications. When our reps talk to our clients they’re
really setting up protection for the future, right, and I think that really echos a lot
of what we are trying to do ourselves as a company through technology. As long as we have strong partners like IBM
that enable us to utilize technology that will delight our users then we’ll be in
great shape.

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