Rebuilding $10 ENVY Scooter | Part 6: REPAINT!

Okay now front foot oh don’t do it don’t do it no good if you get hurt your dad’s gonna be pissed at me Let’s see this stuff is ready. It’s Tuesday. I dropped the stuff out like four days ago, we’re gonna find out How you doing today? Good, my name is Raymond and I actually dropped a few scooter parts over there To see if they might be or not My name is Raymond Warner Are you able to do credit card over the phone? Thank you very much I appreciate it bye-bye. Yes. Yes. Finally finally get to go over and pick up all those parts I have the deck over there. I got the fork over there as well as what else I take over there clamp clamp Those are the three that we took over there. We got the deck done and green again I’m really really hoping that that green is the right green because if it’s not it’s not gonna be a huge deal It’s just not gonna look like it was supposed to but it’ll still be a brand-new green I got the fork done in purple and I got the clamp done. I believe in green I’m pretty sure I got the clamp in green as well because I want to be like purple green purple green purple green goo CGI Which again this again? And right now we have green grips with purple bars a green clamp Then we have a purple headset a green deck purple fork and no wheels No fricking wheels yet, but let’s cruise over to that spot right now and pick up those goodies. Shall we? There’s no one here, oh I should have read that drop off and pick up for parts is in the back You know, we just went straight to the front. No wonder there’s nobody there. I’m actually so freaking high sir now I’m so so excited to see what these look like Excuse me. Excuse me, where’d that go for pickup right over here? Perfect. It’s for Raymond Warner. Thank you Awesome. Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen We’ve got the goods right here So so hype denotes that they’re like three times today But I’m truly just so much more excited now that I actually have this stuff in my hand We’re one step closer to completing the $10 Envy scooter rebuild. So I want to open these up but not right now I want to take them to a proper place and that place is gonna be the skate park All right. Well before we actually unbox the scoot I want to get a quick session here at Cal Oak skate park I got my fresh scooter It was before on there and everything. Let’s get a quick bar spin down the step down All right, so let’s drop and it’ll quick get a quick line. We will do a 270 he’ll whip on the hip right here straight into the nose blunt on top of the eight come back and down quad And the scene you drive the barrio and have a quick wall ride OOP So this time I’m gonna try to get a double up on the blocks Backwards nose bonk bar on the hip pull air bar on the eighth and then 270 wet coming back All right cruising it and let’s get to double it first Nose Bock or later bar Which is anyone can be tough I’m going slow still got it. My bearings aren’t happy with me right now, though Before you drop in I need you to get me in line to do transfer from there from five to eight tuck me Okay. Okay that way okay Maybe I can maybe do that one doing the talking and then getting the speed Afterwards gonna be really hard just because you’re going that way, but I’ll try what’s your name? Tristan Tristan? We’ll try it Tristan wants us to drop in right here get from the five to the eight straight into the Chuck knee and double whip Oh, I barely made it. I Made it but not by much by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin won’t you borrow? So Tristan said that he can drop it on the fire but he’s never jumped into the eighth So today day’s your day dude. You ready? He’s gonna go for it Yeah blog pressure, I’ll get the front scoot you asked for just cuz you did that Okay, cuz I drew up or down on the eighth get Tristan’s back and fresque you over the box Yeah, we look like we know what we’re doing right now we both look like we know what we’re doing okay now front foot No, don’t do it don’t do it. No cuz if you get hurt your dad’s gonna be pissed at me Let’s see if we can get double width from the 5 to 8 Transfer but then feeble and then frontside 270 in here we go that will whip up Sweet oh the tuck knee. Yes, sir. Yeah do that again. Yo watch Tristan’s tuck knee right now. It’s actually really good Brooke Brooke My man, you got that down knock Ally I was not expecting that I don’t see many people do that. But you keep that up. I’m proud of you. That’s pretty cool. All right, I got one Let’s try to go up. We’re gonna stall to fakie as we’re rolling fakie. We’re gonna get closer closer closer Think just dropping the Smith then Bryan. Maybe we’ll see Vicki Whoa, we started slide. We got the Smith, but it was really really bad Like I wouldn’t necessarily consider that us miss but I was cheating. I would well I’m trying not to you All right, gotta come off the stall a little bit slower There we go. Oh God, Nathan. We just missed it completely Oh I freaking did it I’m tight on that. That was actually kind of scary. Okay? Let’s see How many tries it’s gonna take us to get flip triple on the five today having gone upside down other than the flare So we’ll see you this works What? Was pretty good that’s some good record like that mom aunt give me some knocks. Yes, sir Thank You Kim. Thanks, dude I’m liking this scoot right now. It’s actually like helping me with a few tricks because the bars are a little bit They’re a little bit different in dimensions So, I don’t know if that’s helping but it feels natural right now, which is a plus like they feel taller But when I measured them they were the same it’s really weird. Maybe cuz that grips are so poufy All right strip would drop coming back and we’re gonna do the bar spin in and we’re gonna get a feeble We’re gonna do a nose press. Oh Dang it try again. Trying to get in for the triple Now we’re gonna get the bar. Maybe get a spin out of this one. Oh, And freakin did it yes say it told you scoots feeling good three in right? Let’s see How areas are feeling on this thing right now? I’d like to play around on that eight foot quarter a little bit dropping in quick push I’m gonna cruise over I’m gonna take the full hip right now and up Bo goodness I mean air felt fine, but I was supposed to do a trick Let’s try that again, but get a quad Whip in the air instead of just airing one push taking the full hip for a second time and the quad We’re because like Mary Emma’s gonna get a quick Barcia in on the on the bank, right? Bran to Francie, come on, if there’s ever time for you to land a Barse minutes right now Whoa, why you taking your feet off so soon try leave your feet on. Oh This this was the problem. This was the issue right here It’sit’s that this was the problem. That’s what this is. That was barspin repellent. We’re good now I know the struggles of getting bar spins down it took me a lot I guarantee this trick took me a lot longer than it’s gonna take you to get them down every single try it took me like How long have you been doing bar spins for? It took me like a year to get him down every single shot so you’re solid don’t worry no, it’s okay That’s a hard one. Oh How long did it take you guys to get bar spins down and you have to answer this? Honestly, I’m not gonna judge because I came to see your names and do this but quit the cart there did take you one month to take you three months to take you six months or to take you a Year or more? I took me a year or more, but I want you guys to be 100% honest right now You got it this go. Come on. Keep those feet on keep them on keep your feet on. Oh You’re getting close. We’ll come back in a week and I guarantee no problem Dang Okay, so we’re over here at Kellogg skate park right now. I have our package. I have not opened this thing up yet So I’ve been saving it just for the video specifically so you guys can get my actual reaction. I’m a little worried though I’m a little worried just because I don’t know what this green is gonna look like on metal as well as the purple so fingers Crossed and we’re gonna start off with the fork since that’s the only thing I got done in purple. So oh We have a little taste bruh, oh My god the purple on this thing is so so sick It’s a little bit Cooler as in colder of a purple than the one that we had on there before But I actually like this one a little bit more. Hang on Yeah, okay after making sure it looks the same my glasses on and as they do off but I think it turned out really really good It’s the back of the fork at the side the front they got all the way in on the threads because like I said earlier Well not earlier, but in a previous video this is like a dipping process. It’s not like a spray I’m freakin tight on this thing. I’m glad I took the extra time to kind of wire wheel everything to make it very smooth I guess what you could say Because if I would have left it at the state that it was in before that I had done that it just would have been A little bit chunkier and I’m glad that like I said glad I did that plus her before success now I have to be very careful. I did not let my carelessness take over with this build Moving on we’re going to the clamp first I think I was the most worried about the purple because there was a few different options But I’m glad I went with that one. It’s actually really close to the purple on my shirt It’s actually really close to purple my shirt Wow. We have the clamp clamp into my hand Ah, if this doesn’t look good, I mean it’s gonna be green regardless and it’s gonna match the deck with just fine I’m expecting a certain green right now, and I don’t know what this looks like It’s like a nervous Christmas bra. It’s like a dark green. That’s actually kind of cool It’s like an emerald green as opposed to like a like a lime kind of green I’m actually kind of stoked on that every monsoon of um So like way way back when I rode for Phoenix prosecutors, we had like a green deck and things like that That’s what this reminds me if it’s like a dark and I actually like it I think it looks really freakin cool But I’m excited for the deck because I know this is gonna be exact same green as on the deck to think that this started Off as an Aldi scooter that was left in the garage for seven plus years. Just chilling nobody was really riding it and I know nobody was riding it a lot because of the state that it was in it was like Relatively new. Oh My god, oh That is a completely different scoot that cannot be the exact same day Oh my god. Now the bottom has no scratches on it whatsoever It’s got little dings and dents in it, of course from when people would have been riding this originally There’s no scratches and there will never be a scratch on this just so we’re clear I don’t know if I’m gonna ride this scooter yet I haven’t decided you guys have been saying that you want me to ride it and if you guys still do let me know in the comments below if if in the Off chance that I do decide to do that. I am NOT grinding it I am NOT gonna make the same mistake that I did before which was putting the deck down on coping we’re not doing that We’re not screwing this up again. It’s not happening heck frickin. Nah. Oh my gosh, dude. Okay, hang on. Oh Oh Hot Diggity. Dang. That looks freakin sick Now the headset is gonna be a little bit of a different purple, but I think it’s gonna be really cool I think it’s gonna give it a little bit of an extra tone and This thing in the sunlight, that’s where I can see it’s gonna actually their Sun lights though. Let’s go. Look at that All right. So let’s take the fork and the deck carefully take the fork in the deck We’re gonna set them right here on this ledge. I I’m pretty proud of this right now I’m pretty stoked because like I said knowing what this thing started as before, I’ll put a before picture up right now So you guys can see that it’s like very faded on some spots The fork wasn’t damaged or anything But the color was it was it was vibrant still so the fork wasn’t necessarily something that had to be done But I’m glad it did it because look at this thing in the Sun. Oh my god, bro, that purple is Vivid and that deck they look so good together I’m really glad I got the clamp done as well because this is a different green and this is definitely a different purple and of the two pieces that I wanted to match along the deck and the clamp to match really bad because those two are Very close together, but man, it looks so cool You guys can still see the etched in Envy slash blunt logo on the front right there Obviously still have the envy star on the front and it just looks fricking mean boys There is a little bit of a funky look on the world right there. That might be because I don’t really know why I was doing try to make say something smart, but I don’t have no idea now Remember the break that we have for this scooter is black so we don’t have to worry about it matching any of the clothes up There because it’s gonna match whatever we put next to it because it’s a neutral color the hardest part to get you on this deck Was in here and it looks like everything turned out just fine I think I did a good enough job when actually cleaning all that stuff out same with the inside like right in here doesn’t look like there’s any Imperfections when it comes to the coloring back end over on the left side same thing top of the deck looks really really good Right and this is the part that everybody’s gonna be looking at because it’s not gonna be covered by grip tape at all this this parts gonna be covered by grip tape and nobody’s gonna really see the bottom of the scooter but Everybody is gonna see the head tube. Everybody’s gonna see these welds right here Everybody’s gonna see the front end of the scooter like up in here and everybody’s gonna see every angle of this fork So I’m really glad that those parts right here Turned out as good as they did all in all I think the parts turned out really really good I’m excited to see everything just together not completely. But I mean I’m excited for that too, but let’s cruise back to the house I want to grab all the parts and pieces and just set them to I don’t want to put them all together yet But just set them close to each other just so we can see what the colors look like together Okay So I’m back over here at the house right now, and I thought about it and I’ve decided I’m not gonna actually put a little purse together because I want to wait and do that for the final video where I actually build the scooter I think it’s gonna be a little bit more fulfilling for both myself and You guys and I think you’ll all agree when that time comes but until then, my name is Ramona Thank you guys so much for watching today’s video If you enjoyed it Please like this video and subscribe if you aren’t already also turn on post notifications Just so you guys don’t miss when I upload the next video regarding whatever it is I’m doing on my scooter and until next time I’m out here later

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  1. What do you guys think? Should I ride the scooter when it is complete? Still don't know if I want to yet or not……

  2. Hi Raymond, there is a kid at my skatepark and his scooter is broken so I wanted to get him a new one but I can not afford a new one for him so I was wondering if u had any parts that u are not using any will help.

  3. Raymond I was riding at a skate park yesterday and a kid had the original blunt wheels they were brand new!! I offered him so much money but he rode off SO MAD!

  4. When I was prototyping a belay device for my outdoor product design major, the anodizing company was basically able to take any reference color we wanted, match it to a Pantone color, and then replicate it pretty accurately. Was this not the case for you? That green's a little too dark, imo. The purple turned out very cool.

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    Now do it again, but this time keep the handlebars and not the deck. Bonus points to use a big ass deck too, so it looks mismatched

  8. One day I tried a bar for the first time and landed it one foot now it’s been 3 weeks and I can land them 50% of the time

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