Rebuilding $10 ENVY Scooter ! | Part 8: WHEELS

You know, you know what you gotta do you know what the ritual is here on the channel what Okay, so we are over here at Kellogg daypart today We’re gonna get a quick session before we move forward with the day, but I gotta show you guys I got my doodle hoodies and they’re officially and if you guys want to get one you guys can go to WWE Warner comm and it’s perfect today because it’s actually pretty cold Mackenzie didn’t wear hers because she didn’t want to match so she’s wearing her a new one right now Love the colors of this thing that man is working out. So so well everybody seems to love them So hyped on that hyped, but today’s video is all about the ten dollar Envy scooter which all of you guys have been very very patient and you’ve been watching what we seven episodes deep now almost eight probably got about Two more episodes before we can build the entire scoot and I still have not decided if I want to ride it or not click That car let me know. Should I ride this cute when it’s finished up I don’t know if I should or not because I’m scared. I’m working so freaking hard of this thing. I don’t know We’ll see but before we move forward, I want to ride my scooter. Boom. We’re over here Look, it’s it’s a beautiful golden out right now Also, I have some different gloves on and have a different logo on them But they are the same outer design testing. These is out. They have like these little things on the fingers right here I don’t know what you guys can see those but it makes it to where you can text on your phone Which is actually kind of convenient but Ltd’s will work out but we’re gonna drop it right here it get a quick line And it’s getting colder and colder by the minute. So I’m so happy that I have this little combination here dropping it really critical Let’s start off with getting this we transfer from the five to eight straight over into the hue whip over the box And we’ll get a 360 down side. Whip up onto the bank. I mean, I like your hoodie, but I’m just kidding I’m just kidding, man. Hey, you show me sure under though. Yes. Yes. Yes, you guys have pulled snatch shirt my frickin man Alright, give me a line to do this this entire side of the park Give me a line double heel over the box. Okay to 7d. Turn down. Okay hip to flare. Okay, so that will heal It’s gonna be front. So I do 70. Is that okay? So he wants double heel over the box Frontside 270 on the hip and then a flare on the hate on the hate on the 8u you got it doc drop it in Bank starting off with the W Oh A nicely. I’ll just do it. You see I’m turning all the way back Wow, I Looped out I ended way down here. Let’s try that again and do the actual line. I screwed up on the double heel so I messed up on the frontside 270 ba bad crowd for how to Brown to you on hubby’s line, so double heel over the box. I screwed up it up Janice. I Mean I gotta juice already turned down in there for you. So it’s there. So we actually did the exact three tricks thing He wanted but I did it just having turned down coming back cuz that way would have been frontside anyway So that actually worked out better. So, yes, how about you? You want to give me a line, too? Cuz you gotta Marley sticker on your helmet. I don’t know what that has to do with anything But well, you can give me a line you might give you a life Box, okay Triple the hip okay I can do double whip and then flip on the hip and then triple up on the way back. What do that? You got it little homie hesitated when he said back you but we brought it back So double whip flip on the hip triple all the way back We’re gonna stick on the left side cuz that whip should be there we go. Now the back II Now we have to get some speed because I screwed that part up now triple it Haha the people for all right Burt that Good. Yes a new contender. Come here. You’re the next contender on the list Give me a line to do he won’t give me a line Every wants double whoops right now. Okay, that will been Frank school. Okay Oh do I have to buttercup you could do it Claude whip? Okay, let’s do that. Yes It’s a double whip in front scoot the box Brown the eight and then quad it on the hip. Okay, I’ll do it I’ll do it. Yes, although this one we can’t use the gloves because I at the front scoot So these must come off and it’s cold we have to get this devil whip and pump it pretty hard So we can get the speed for the front scoot. All right we go start it off with a double. Whip in push. Oh We’re just getting wet bar on the way he I get a bride and a quad Room boy people 180 Frank, how’s that Brian? So what you wanted? Yeah Your Kizzy your fight Another Buttercup because I suck at him the man that invented the airplane probably can’t fly it the best probably could he’s not alive anymore But you know what? I mean you smile when I’m stepping in you picking up what I’m putting down So I want to try tricks. I’ve only done like a couple times in my entire life and if I land it you got by me gt-r Steel wing GTR I need some good luck from the kiddos. Just watch it’s a tough one I’m gonna need some some good luck for this one. This is a tough one for me. Are you doing just just watch? Gigi are Talking about dog boom Nah dude, it’s called the one-hander knock dold Get in the front side people. How about double pal? Street dub. Hey, you see street dump in the house. Did you see him? Did you miss him cuz he just took off I kept on getting back a straight dub. He’s coming back. Don’t worry Oh Up in the house Though he made it. He just took off he just took off pavis. I’ll give a high-five from you. What’s up? I just hang out this gray bar He just took off Street just last he’s out for the day You’ll miss the street does he don’t play you think he plays games let me tell you something He don’t you gotta give me a line right now since everybody here at the skate park is giving me a line including myself you Gotta give me one bar with in in I suck it over. You’re losing your tail Mix I whip our freakin bar whip. We’re quick Bart. Yeah, we’re barley. Okay. No you argue let’s argue me do whip – Manny of the box ya know and We’re gonna do a whit bar in we’re gonna do our wit – Manny we’re gonna go over the hip do her nose blunt Barspin in and then 270 double on the way back. It’s all you do go for it Drop it in Brian’s gonna try do a 360 out of the bank and he’s getting to speed up Bo whoa starting off with the whip bar I Almost died. Now. We got get the whip Manny All right now get Cruz over the hip knows what may be boring and to semi-double Frank hey Kenzie, watch how flexible I am That’s about the only time I’m flexible right there you go say hi guys just hanging out at the skate park Did you Did you see how he just that you just missed them? I’m gonna make a shirt. This is street dumb All right, no big deal with this drop it into the corner It’s gone you missed you see him he drove his sick GTR out of here. He’s guys ETR he’s way cooler than parked out Right, oh My gosh, he’s gone. You see him quick little arse pin drop right into the bride. Whip? And a 270 or what the heck double heel hold on side Let’s get a couple more tricks for you guys really quick. And then I want to show you these new wheels Well, technically they’re not new at all. But they’re new to us. I tried to sixty again on the bank I see it Brian going in for his 360 drop it in Come on get it round to round two Brian is one of these local scooter kids. He’s the homie I’ve seen him here quite a few times. But hang on hold on this white man today Yeah, we’re in what’s dead? Okay, okay try again if you land this one right now aisle three I’ll get your back with the three But I’ll do up to step up. Okay, drop it in right now get it Brian. Come on buddy Oh I tried to help you know, you know what I do. You know what the ritual is here on the channel? Yeah. What? What what what what what what There you go, that’s it Oh Brian I got your back on the Falls, dude Yes There it is. Dude. Nice job, buddy. I’m gonna get your back on that three at the euro as promised. All right So basically the Euro that I’m talking about step up slash whatever you guys want to call it It’s this little thing right here, but I turn regular or what. I turn regular. I turned backside normally an hour ride regular So I turn like into it so it’s weird. But just watch we had a quick forcement drop get that quick push and three Yes, bro right to the under flip whoa All right. So let’s show you guys these wheels. Shall we? Okay So I want to show you guys these things now before I move forward Everybody that’s been watching and kind of keeping up with this series has known that I’ve been searching for wheels for this thing For way too long. We finally found them online Everybody sent me messages with links to eBay And yes, I saw these wheels previous to me buying them like way previously to be buying them But I didn’t buy them because they weren’t the matching color, but there are neutral colors So they actually look really freakin good with this goo and they are right here They are 100 millimeter blunt scooters wheels. These things are so freakin old and they used to be white That’s how old they are. These used to be white. They were never yellow. They did not pour them yellow They poured them white, but look it they are not ridden whatsoever never before ridden old old blunt 100 millimeter scooter wheels They got the gray original Blunt logo. Let me zoom in a little bit. They have the original Skull on the blunt logo. So a little lesson for you guys envies logo slash blunts logo was not always that Tristar thing. This was their original logo. It’s like this. It’s just a skull it was a little different at the time I think they had three different logos I think they had a different skull than this one then they changed over to this goal and then had that Maybe I don’t remember but either way we got these things and of course we have two of them I ordered a black and green wheel, which was the wheel that I was looking for originally Which was like that cross wheel. I bought one. I’m hasn’t shown up yet And I got it just in case I’m able to find another wheel that is black on green late And if I do I’ll buy that wheel and put those wheels on the $10 scooter, but dude We freaking got wheels you guys we officially have scooter wheels for the $10 scoot and I cannot Cannot be happier, but I want to put these wheels against that scooter just to see what they look like But before we do anything, we gotta hook the homies up with some stickers. There you go, dude He’s like waiting for so long, you know all of them Yeah, that’s all you hear. You want another scoochie one. There you go, dude. You welcome here We’ll get you guys something to okay. There you go, man. You got it. There you go, dude. You’re welcome. Got him sweet I love my vinyl ones though. Here you go. Take them all. Yes, all of them. We’ve already gone through this Here’s one of these too. Oh here. There’s two of those too You’re welcome. There you go. Dude. There’s some marthy ones in there for you, too. You got it. Alright, Brian There’s some chicken wings ones in there. There’s some MV ones in there. You got a MV bracelet. Very good Okay, cool nut goes one more time. Yeah. All right, you guys have a good night. Okay Sweet. Okay. Now we can go put those wheels on Okay, okay so in my hand I have all of the parts Well, at least the main components for the scoot other than the bars, of course got the wheels right here Which I already showed you guys earlier We’ve got the anodized purple declare fork and inside of this hoodie because I’m too afraid to let it get scratched We have the blood Envy deck and green So as I said earlier, I couldn’t find green wheels, but I thought about it Even if I did find green wheels, they weren’t gonna be the same green as this so it kind of worked out pretty well so I’m gonna put all this at least a front end stuff together and then compare the wheels on to the fork and see what It all looks like I’m not gonna actually build the whole thing until I have all the components completely together I still need to get the stickers for the bottom of the deck as well as on the bar So we still have some work to do so very very carefully without scratching anything kind of slide the fork for the very first time oh That actually looks pretty good some of you guys wouldn’t have been alive when these came out Wow, that’s freaking weird to think about but dude, they look pretty good Let’s see what they look like on the back of the deck. Sorry I’m holding it upside down but I don’t want that fork to fall out. Yes, bro That gray almost like kind of comes off as green a little tiny bit Obviously, it’s not green but it kind of comes off as like a small hint of it for some reason but either way It looks freaking great and I cannot wait to some bearings and these babies put this entire scoot together and just stare at it Just look at it What y’all look at there what you look at there as many of you know, because I’ve said it 35 times I am super super excited to get this scoop built up I’m hyped that I found these wheels and the next video I might make a video about the actual stickers putting everything together and what not But maybe I’ll just make a video about me going into getting them printed that actually sounds like a much better idea. So Until next time I’m out of here. Ah later

100 thoughts on “Rebuilding $10 ENVY Scooter ! | Part 8: WHEELS

  1. I love you man I got so much inspiration from you I always wanted to scooter like you but I was scared I was going to get made fun of because I’m a girl but I got out in the open and they liked me

  2. hey raymond love u been watching since 300k cringy vids but i love how u got to 300k to 900k u inspired me to get my first scooter thank u

  3. If you do end up riding this scoot don’t ride it with those wheels and don’t grind or stall and it will still be like brand new

  4. Ray, i started watching your channel almost a year ago and i thought what you were doing was so cool and that i wanted to do that. My mom helped me buy a Maddgear from Walmart and i got into it. I saved up and for my birthday i got enough money to get an envy S7 midnight. I took it to the skate park for the first time a couple days ago, you inspired me to this stuff and i look up to you because you aren't a rider who just rides and is rude to all the kids. You give them things and talk to them and help them do stuff and i want to be like you. Thank you for inspiring me and i will always be loyal to the rdub club.

  5. Raymond, i found someone selling your sig scoot and I bought it for 80 dollars complete with the pasenti reapers and everything!!

  6. Raymond what's rong with you half of the video is you driving saying street dub and at the end you do it clickbait kinda

  7. Hey Raymond my name is Aiden I live in Windsor Ontario Canada and I scooter as much as I can but unfortunately I broke my deck and my family and I are not the most fortunate and I was commenting to see if there was a way that u could find any way to get a new scoot for cheaper for me to buy😕 I’ve been looking for the past week now and all of the scoots that are relatively good are way 2 expensive for me but anyways love u man and STREET DUB ❤️

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