Rebuilding a business post-Ebola

Ebola, that is the worst enemy ever since… In fact, to me it’s worse than the war
that we experienced here. Before this time, I had a lot, a lot of customers. But Ebola killed most of them. It was very, very, very, very difficult.
Very, very difficult. You can buy the cocoa today, right now, normally, you call for trucks and the trucks
will come the next day. But during that time, the cocoa would
stay with you over one month. That money, I ate that money. And now it’s quite difficult for me to pay that money. I’m paying it, but it’s quite difficult. Business is really slow, and the yield also. I don’t know whether it’s climate change. Normally, the yield from the cocoa farms
is greater, but now it’s less. This is less, but it’s better than
during the time of Ebola. Because before Ebola,
I was moving 150 to 300 tonnes, and then, during Ebola, 20, and now, after Ebola, I’m doing up to
120 tonnage, because of the yield. This is going to take up, from my own
perspective, up to 5 years. Up to 5 years.

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