Rebuilding a Home for a World War II Veteran

– [Charles] Now where is my– – Pardon? – Oh, that was taken over in France. And these are two of my
buddies, and that’s me. Watch it. Memories are still there. I live it, I see it. I was not just a veteran, I was
in the Invasion of Normandy, in the Invasion of Normandy. No one knows what war is unless
you have been there in it. – I was up late one night on my computer, and I saw this wonderful story about Charles Adderley, a true American hero. The people in this
community really wanna help those in need, especially
those who have given so much time serving their country and serving their
community like Charles has. He was in need of a new A/C system, there were some mold issues, and so we all just wanted to do everything
we could to help Charles. – Alright, Mr. Adderley. So, this was done this morning by the team. We got the drywall all patched up. So, once the flooring’s done
we can start bringing in the cabinets and the
actual kitchen materials. – Sounds good to me. – Alright. (laughs) – Mr. Adderley. When I looked at him, I
just started thinking about the possibilities of what it
was like, what he went through. And once he started talking
I snapped back and listened. – Try to move me. (laughs) – You’ll have a fight on your hand, yeah. – [Travis] These guys came out here, donated their time, they’re professionals. All of our volunteers
and all of our partners, everyone has just fallen
in love with Charles and they wanna do
whatever they can for him. – People need help. You know, it could be you one day. You got businesses willing
to give up material. You got the firemen, we come off duty. We wanna come and put the work in. – One of the issues I see these days, especially with people
my age, is you don’t interact with people who are your elders. And I mean, there’s so much that can be learned from them. I spoke with Charles several times about the history of Miami. He is 93 years old. He provides that glimpse into the past, and it’s just invaluable. – See the date there? – What is the definition of hero? What is it? You can see all the pictures
in the movie–well that’s it, you’re going about your
business you forget. I’ve seen it all. – You ready? – For him to enlist in the
service and fight for a country that really didn’t at that time, you know, favor people like he
and I, that says to me something about an individual. He inspires so many people
from different walks to wanna help him because, you know what, quite frankly, we owe him. That’s how I see it, we owe him. Somebody like that we have to always show our gratitude and appreciation. We can never let that go. And it’s not just one day in November. – You’ve got to live in the here and now. The only reason why we’re in this world is what we’re doing right now. To be there for each other. That’s what I learned from him. – I am concerned about the moment, and I know better than
to think about tomorrow. Oh my god, I can’t even handle today. (laughs) Each and every one of you
has become a part of my life. Each and every one of
you is a part of me now. That’s how I feel. All I can say is thank
each and every one of you.

100 thoughts on “Rebuilding a Home for a World War II Veteran

  1. and white supremacists if they saw this man without knowing his background would secretly ridicule him because of the color of his skin. He helped even you white supremacists.

  2. He seems such a humble and wonderful person. I wish I could be like him some day. The people fixing his house have my respect. So much work for a good cause.

  3. Veterans are great. They've seen the worst and that shapes their personality. Many veterans that I've met are some pretty down to earth people.

  4. Wow, he seems so healthy for a 93 year old man! I love hearing the experiences from those older than us as they have so much wisdom and love to share. Wish him to continue being able to live happy and free 🙂

  5. Omg I just thought that when it's 30 or more years later tnier will be no more elders that was born in the 1930s or 40s…. Can some one make time go slow =(

  6. Gotta love it man. That fire fighter said it right. It says something when you fight for a country who, at the time, hates you and your race.

  7. I'm crying this man has seen stuff he deserves more like everybody that has lost and fighting for there country god bless u

  8. He is so down go earth and modest. In my country (Croatia) many veterans (not ww2) are so gready they want money and on top of that most of them are practically fasists

  9. i honestly just want to same that i think this is absolutely amazing and so so so wonderful. its really great to see people help each other out thats so wonderful i cant even describe how amazing i think this was

  10. My grate grandfather was a ww1 veteran my grandfather was a ww2 veteran my father was Afghanistan veteran and now I’m going to fight In Syria

  11. I had a neighbor who served with the OSS on d-day -1 and he was always the sweetest gentleman. However the property he owned must've been worth several millions of dollars so we never fixed up his house.

  12. i'm is a descendant from admiral isoroku yamamoto who dies in papua new guinea because his plane was shot by p-38.and i also an admiral for the nishinoshima combined fleet and we often do battle training with the dprk armed forces

  13. If you want to honour your veterans provide them with support. Financial safety nets, healthcare and wellfare should all be a given.

  14. If somebody we're to fight him I'd just give them a second thought. He seen people die. He seen tanks destroyed, Kids crying, His friends shot in the head. If you were in a war, you will know the true meaning of pain.

  15. Thank u US police for NOT killing him (like u usually do to people of color) and letting him stay alive to tell us his story ! #PoliceBrutality #BlackLivesMatter

  16. oh my goodness, I actually started tearing up :') The look in his eyes, his smile, and the way he speaks just says it all. He's a genuine hero

  17. Saw this as a commercial b4 a video was to play, and I couldn't skip past it.

    Uh, the vets and the conditions sum of them face after returning home from serving this country. They, nor their families, should want for anything. It makes my heart sick at the sad situations and struggles many of them face, from jobs to housing to health care. God, if I ruled the world they'd never have to worry about any of those things after the sacrifices they've endured that the VAST majority of Americans (me included) could not, or would not, do.

    Thank you to every social program that works to make their lives, and their families lives, better each and every day! 🙏❤🇺🇸

  18. I wish my dad was as healthy as Charles. He is the same age, 93. He can't walk, blind in one eye, and deaf in one ear. Lifestyle means a lot, and being happy is probably the most important part.

  19. Old war veterans make me cry.. they are so wise and cool. Reminds me of my grandpa who passed away last year, he was in ww2, Korea, and Vietnam. He spent 13 of his 26 yrs in the military in airborne infantry. He was my role model. Rip grandpa 1925-2017

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