Rebuilding a Salvage C6 Corvette in My Driveway Part 5 (Lowering Suspension)

what is up guys welcome back to part five with the salvage Corvette rebuild this episode we're gonna get started with some suspension fixes I got our control arm right here so let's get the car jacked up and then we'll see what else we do if you guys remember our rear tow arm was pretty bent up so that's the one we're actually gonna replace right now I was messing around with this one right here but it wasn't working and then I realized that you actually need an Allen wrench to hold hold it here and then with an adjustable wrench actually take it off otherwise it's just gonna keep spinning in there working and there is a nut right back here that's super hard to get so you also need to hold it with an Allen wrench and then with an adjustable wrench get in here the only problem is there's not enough space for an adjustable wrench so this might be fun trying to take it out so this one isn't as straightforward as I thought I think we got it so um the reading the way I had to get it out cuz I've really just no space and I'm sure there's some kind of tool for it but I didn't have one so I had to kind of put clamps on this side and use this crazy-looking contraption to actually get through here and get up there here's a comparison to old control arm and a new one as you can see big difference and why are we lightly crooked so hopefully when we put the new one it's gonna be nice and straight even though this is where you do alignment where you adjust the toe so probably gonna have to get an alignment anyway but overall massive improvement let's grab this thing and install it back here hopefully it's going to be easier than the uninstallation got the control arm changed of course now without some creativity and some band-aids and a bunch of dirt but weirdly enough that backside was probably the hardest part supporter of the bill just cuz it took me like an hour to take off but that's just your typical suspension for now all that's left is let's some put the wheel back on [Applause] all right it's a new beautiful and hot Saturday afternoon and today the goal is to try to get rid of this offender gap as you can see I could fit about four fingers here and it really doesn't look that nice same thing out front there's plenty of space here and the cool part about these vets is I don't know if you guys know because they have leaf springs they could actually just be adjusted with a screw which is pretty awesome like my whole life I always usually went through a lot of trouble to lower a car whether it's instantly coil overs or lowering springs just paying for them it's pretty expensive but this is 100% free I'm going to show you guys how to do it and at the same time learn myself let's get started so before I jack it up and take off the wheels I want to know what the difference is and how much we actually lowered it sometimes it's hard to actually say to the eye so this side is 27 and a half inches and the side is about 27 and the quarter we're gonna do the front first so the first step is to jack up the front of the car and put it on jack stands okay so we got wheels off the car up in the air and as you guys could see the Corvette doesn't actually have any Springs we have the strut right here but really what it uses is this right here which is a leaf spring and the height is adjusted by this bolt right here this is a 10 millimeter up front up here so really what you got to do is just kind of put your tool in here your wrench and you want to spin it counterclockwise to kind of close down this gap right here and that will lower your car the only thing is this is really tight and you really don't want to strip this screw or else you're gonna have a nightmare replacing it so what you want to do is you want to take off the load a little bit by lowering the car onto these leaf springs just a little bit by dropping it on your jack stands so let's do that real quick okay so even with the bus kind of taking off the pressure this one doesn't want to move so I suppose I'm W sleeve that helps try this one here we go I'm gonna spin it as much as it goes okay so that's gonna aside as done some things going any farther good here let's go try the other side sure is drop some more no it's fully resting on here let's try this way yeah still stuck so I'm gonna try to break this one off camera because it's kind of hard to do this one-handed well here's what happened I still can't get it off maybe is the cheap Harbor Freight quality or maybe that thing was really stuck in there or sucks so really trying hard not to strip it out well it happens to me too completely shrimp that bolt I really tried everything at least that I have so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna let go this front end front out and start on the back end and then maybe later today I'm gonna go get some you know better tools to try to really get that thing out of there okay so luckily this one broke loose they're lowering this side the rear right of the car as we speak I think that's the farthest thing go nice besides done let's go try the other side yes it was starting to strip and then it finally started moving so if you got really close with this one so three out of four not bad so we just got one more wheel to come back to let's finish this up okay so it's the next morning last night I ordered one of these pieces right here it's a rounded bolt or nut removal tool show you guys how it works but shout out to Amazon because I ordered this thing last night and I wake up and this morning early in the morning it's ready at my doorstep so let's try this out so basically this tightens in the broken or rounded knot here and then you kind of put a wrench to it right here and you could should be able to spin it so hopefully we have enough space up here I'm gonna go try to install this and show you guys how it works okay so it's on there like that and now we need to put a wrench on top which I don't think a wrench is gonna fit right now so we're probably gonna have to take off this strut but with the try first okay I think it's moving now if we finally got this thing all the way back up so now let's put this shrub back on and put together the wheels put the wheel back on to all four corners are lowered obviously the suspension has to set in in summary this little tool is awesome so if you ever needed a job a link in the description probably get it pretty quick on Amazon let's wait a couple hours and it will remesh and see how much actually dropped the car alright so I'll let the car sit for about a couple hours actually and now it's time you measure the difference so this woman was twenty seven and a half and now it's about almost about twenty six and a half so we went down by almost an inch my nose really looked like that someone tried to lower it before already so wasn't at its highest setting but I think a lot of Corvettes that haven't been touched could still be lowered by a lot more if that doesn't work out you could always order special lowering boats so I might end up doing that later on but for now this is how you lower your Corvette I'm still not super happy with a kind of gap we have here but we are getting aftermarket wheels sooner or later and try to fill out this gap some more and it was finally time to tighten up all the panel gaps and fix all the splash guards there kind of changes that aren't very visible on camera but in person they really make the car look complete even though they do take a while to do as you can see we're still missing a lot of these fender clips all around the car and I've actually overnighted some of these from Amazon um I only needed a couple but I think there's like 150 in here so definitely should be enough that's it for this episode guys thank you for watching we got a lot done today and we're pretty much just waiting for the paperwork now and the next episode hopefully we could actually register the car and take it out for our first real test drive I'll give you guys my review of it and then in the coming weeks we finally get to do the fun stuff which is modding the car so stay tuned for that thanks for watching

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  1. With time the cars lowers itself. I have never heard that before. I know that you have to drive it a bit and then it lowers. You want to fill the gap with bigger tires and wheels? You will have the wrong speed on your gauge. Outer diameter of the tire, should not change.

  2. I want to thank you again bro for the website you gave me the other day, which helped me to purchase those frame rails at a freaking low price, man I'm happy about that….

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