Rebuilding A WRECKED 13 ZL1 Camaro Part 8

– Oh my god, what is happening? – [Lawson] You seem frustrated. – What do I? This is the last two weeks! (bleeping) And then I’m scared to put
the interior back together because we won’t know if
the airbag light goes off until we get that steering wheel airbag. (industrial music) (tires screech)
(car crashes) (light hip-hop music) – All right, what’s going on guys? Welcome back to the channel. On today’s video, we’re
hopping back into the ’13 ZL1. So on today’s video, we
actually are gonna put the front clip and see how it matches up with the rest of the body panels. If you remember on the previous episode, we kinda mocked up the hood,
fender, and some other stuff, and never really showed you
guys mocking up that front clip. And that’s what we’re doing today. After we’re done with the front clip, we’re jumping in the interior. I know we kinda do some
interior videos here and there. It’s all crammed, the
camera’s shaking everywhere, but this is a convertible
with spacious room where we can fit my whole
self in there with Sean, and show you guys some
of the seatbelt remanning since we did get the module
and the seatbelt’s back. That’s what we’re doing today. We want to hear from you guys
down in the comment section below what you guys would
like to see us work on next. We are getting the R8 done,
the ’13’s almost done as well. So we wanna know what
you guys wanna see next. Obviously, we still have our
’18 ZL1 that’s all wrecked. We have the Tacoma that we also have that I know you guys have
also been loving as well. So let us know down in
the comment section below out of the inventory and
fleet that we have now, what you would like to
see us work on next. Also make sure you guys subscribe if you’re not already subscribed. Let’s hop to it. What up! – Hi. – [Lawson] Are we picking up from where we left off yesterday? – Well, technically, we’re supposed to do the interior and the airbags. I don’t wanna do that right now. So I’m gonna change the wheels instead. – [Lawson] Okay, let’s do it. (heavy hip-hop music) So now that the stockers are back on you wanna explain to any new
viewers of “Branded Title” if they may have not seen
the reason why we had Cadillac CTS-V wheels on, why that is and kind of an update. – The wheels were bent as hell, and so we had to send
them out and get fixed. Where do they, do they sell them in like Arizona or something?
– Something crazy. – Is that what we did? We sent them to Ferrari Josh, I believe?
– Yep. – And then he sent them
out for them to get fixed. He’s got a guy that deals
with all his bent wheels and whatnot for his
business, so he hooked us up, sent them to that guy, we got
kinda that cost on everything, and they said they weren’t
fixed, but they’re close. So they balanced almost
perfect, but they’re still off. We’re gonna have to drive it, see if they make a bunch of vibration. If they do, we’ll have to replace them. If not, we’re gonna run it,
save the money, sell it, profit. Finger guns. – [Lawson] All right,
what are we doing now? You know, we still have
not revealed this yet. – I think what we can do, I got the front bumper 90% assembled. We’re still waiting on a bracket that’s gonna let us mount the bumper cover to the
fender on the inside. But I think we can kinda get her up here and get her kinda on. And then maybe we’ll
peel that plexiglass off, and give you a full
front-end package view. – [Lawson] Yeah, give
them some, a little bit of excitement before we
hop into the interior. – Ugh, yeah, about that,
not excited for that one. – [Lawson] All right, well
let’s grab that cover. What is that?
– I don’t know. – [Lawson] So we ended up getting what? We ended up getting the
fog lights all mounted in. – [Sean] All the fog lights
are in, all the grills are in. Your, I believe they call
this a bumper support. That kinda goes in between the crash bar and the bumper cover to keep
it from being all flimsy. We got the grills in. We got this bracket riveted in. We got these ones riveted on as well. We’re missing the one for this side. It was all broken. We didn’t really know
about that until we went to go put it back together
and it didn’t work. So now we’re here, now
we’re gonna test fit it. We’re gonna get her mocked up. And then the whole thing’s
gonna be black and shiny. All of the body parts on it. – [Lawson] Yeah, and I
guess I didn’t realize how much was actually done to this. I didn’t realize that all the
fog lights are good to go. I thought that this was still
literally on the crash bar, I didn’t realize that
was, that that even came, and you installed it on the cover. – I didn’t either. I’ve never seen it like that. Everything I’ve ever worked
on, mounted on the crash bar. But then I decided, in
the midst of finding out what all the stuff we don’t have, I decided to actually
watch a video on somebody on uninstalling and
reinstalling one of these. And then it came off on that, and they put it in beforehand. So YouTube certified. – [Lawson] (laughs) Yeah, looks like it would be a lot easier. But enough of us talking. Let’s grab this hardware bag that you almost dumped
all over the damn floor! Oh, that sounded good. (metal part rattles) Here, front, front, front! – [Sean] Sorry. (Lawson laughs) (heavy hip-hop music) – [Lawson] So we’re gonna
use some zip ties for? – [Sean] Just to kinda. – [Lawson] Temporary fix. – Yeah, we’re running out of room in here. To have this zip tied
to the front of the car is gonna save us a lot of room. And it’s also gonna keep it
from kinda getting damaged and whatnot by it being
on a bunch of stands. Trust me, this is the best way to do this for the time being. – [Lawson] Sure. Also we’ll be able to get
some social media photos! – [Sean] Yeah! – [Lawson] We’ll be able
to actually step back and kinda look at this thing. Kinda assess everything. If you guys missed our previous episode, we installed the hood, which we are gonna peel some
of that off for you guys so you can see it through the clear. See how it matches up
with the painted hood. In our case, Ford hood that we got. Also, the Roto-Fab intake we installed in the previous episode. Once again, if you missed that, definitely go check that out. You ready to close that hood? – Sort of? Well, now that the grill’s in here that might not be too flimsy. – [Lawson] Bring it on down. – Don’t mind the gaps. It’s gonna be a little weird ’cause we don’t have all
this installed quite yet. – [Lawson] Yeah, this is
kinda just to give everyone, give everyone kind of a sneak peak. Overall, it’s not gonna look anything like when it’s actually completely finished, buffed out, out in the sun, filmed. – Yeah, see how this gap is ridiculous! But that’s cause there’s
no hardware in it. This thing needs a detail bad, we gotta get that sticky
stuff off that fender. I think that’s what’s throwing me off. – [Lawson] Oh it looks killer. – Yeah, I believe we’re
getting a black bow tie. I was just gonna mention that I liked the black on black on black. Should we pull this plexiglass tape off? – [Lawson] Yeah, let’s do it. – I think that’s gonna look sweet, once we get that, again, detailed
just like everything else, get that all cleaned up real good. Get her shined up, get her
plastic renewed, if you will. It’s gonna look awesome. Maybe polish up that bar a little bit. Got a lot going on over there. You got the black supercharger,
the red engine cover, then you got that polished
strut tower brace. And then the LSA is also silver. I think that’s gonna look super hot. – [Lawson] Hell yeah. – Especially when you get on it, it’s gonna shake a little bit. Get some old school shaker vibes. (Lawson laughs)
Ho yeah! – [Lawson] It’s gonna look sick. All right, what’s next? – I guess we’re, should we, yeah, let’s hop in and do the airbag stuff. – [Lawson] Let’s do it. – We don’t have a steering
wheel airbag though. So this is pretty well
pointless, isn’t it? – [Lawson] I don’t think it’s pointless. Why don’t we have a steering bag? (sighs) Steering wheel airbag? – The gosh dang GM strike. I don’t know the whole story behind it. I have no opinion on
the politics behind it, but it’s messing
everything up around here. We can’t suspension. We can’t get airbags. We can’t get GM parts. – [Lawson] So essentially, the only thing that we really can do is
reassemble the module. – We sent out seatbelts
to get those released. And then, I don’t know if they do any programming with those or not. And then the actual airbag module itself. So we’ll get those replaced. And then I’m scared to put
the interior back together because we won’t know if
the airbag light goes off until we get that steering wheel airbag, which has a delay from
GM because of the strike with an unknown future date of shipment. – [Lawson] Correct. – Could be three days,
could be three months. It’s hard to say. – [Lawson] That’s kinda something that we’ve been running into. If you guys noticed, our ’13 ZL1 and our ’18
R8 are kinda at the same points in their builds. You know, one just came back from paint, the next one comes back
from paint the next day. One we work on the exterior, the next day we work on the
exterior of the other one. And now same thing. You guys just saw our
interior video of the R8. Well now we’re hopping in the
interior to do module stuff. So it’s gonna be the same situation. These videos tend to kinda
get, it seems to get shorter as time goes on ’cause
we run into roadblocks. – Every time.
– The GM strike. The whole, like you don’t,
literally, don’t wanna put the whole interior back
together with that module not knowing whether
it’s gonna work or not. Cause it’s a pain, it’s a process. Luckily, we already, our
parts guys already went ahead and tore the interior apart. So that’s kinda why you guys didn’t get a chance to see that. But the module is in, and we are able to
actually put the module in. So like I said, we can
take a look over here. As you guys can see,
the interior’s gutted. So we are gonna be able
to just hop in here, and kinda mess around
with the module and stuff. Luckily, this isn’t as intense as the R8. Like Sean said, we can’t
really do anything with airbag, or we’re not really gonna
put any of these other pieces back on until we know for
sure that that is good to go. So these are the parts, huh? – Yeah, two seatbelts and that module. I’m scared to put the. Like you said before, like
we can’t really do anything until we get that little airbag, especially considering
we got the airbag module for the R8, and the light’s still on. So we still gotta figure that out. So I’m definitely paranoid to try to put all this back together,
and just hope that it’s fine. – [Lawson] Right. I think we did enough rambling. Let’s hop in the interior,
– Ramble damble. – [Lawson] and put this thing together. Luckily, there is literally
no seats or anything. So this’ll be spacious. – Are we like, you said hop into it, are we like “Dukes of
Hazzard” in this B, or what? – [Lawson] If you wanna “Dukes of Hazzard” your (beep) across that brand new hood, (laughs)
– by all means, with that front bumper cover not attached, let’s see how this goes. (heavy hip-hop music) – Typically, with these, what I like to see is the belt
facing the right direction, but in order to put this on, well, I suppose I could do
one of these, couldn’t I? I figured out my life. Where does this bolt in? I don’t know if there’s. Oh! Hey, would you look-y there, huh? Man, you should be the one doing this. – [Lawson] Hey, man, I’m
just the second set of eyes. I saw a hole.
(laughs) Thought it could potentially be it. – Well that would allow for
the perfect seated seatbelt. – [Sean] So there’s this hole right here that my hand is about to get stuck in. This whole mechanism is actually
gonna go inside of there. And then the bolt goes
through this little panel and holds it in place. Well, now we gotta test it out, and see if it locks up in an accident. Can take this beautiful RK sport hood, and just smash it right into a tree! – [Lawson] I think people
think that you like to just (beep) things up. All right, guys, down in
the comment section below, let us know if you guys
would like a hoodie. I know we have a hoodie design – Oh, yeah.
– in the works, man. It is super sick. Let us know down in the
comment section below if you guys would like a hoodie. I know up here it’s getting freezing. – It snowed and hailed today. – [Lawson] Yeah, snowed,
hailed, and rained today. It was insane. – Welcome to Wisconsin. – [Lawson] Yeah, welcome to Wisconsin. So up here, it’s like what,
42 degrees already in October? – Yeah, that sucks. – And like.
– Not a fan. – [Lawson] Yeah, it’s not fun. So we are gonna be getting some hoodies. They are super sick. We’ve already seen a sneak peek. They are not final, but let us know down in
the comment section below if you guys would actually
scoop up a hoodie. So if you’re trying to
stay warm this winter, or if you’re out in like
Cali and you just wanna rock a hoodie at night or something. Let us know down in the
comment section below if you guys are even interested
in a damn hoodie, man! – Ding ding. – [Lawson] Why’re you doing that? Is that the, dude, that is ugly! – [Sean] Yeah, I know. – [Lawson] That is ugly ugly! – Well, should we hop on the other side and get that other seatbelt in? They did do a little
beep-bop, a little boop-boop. Got this little like
rubber band man guy on here so that it doesn’t detract all the way. That was very nice of them. This guy has to come off, and those little ears hanging off of it go in this little notch somehow, someway. Just like that, can’t
really put it in wrong, and this guy clips into
its associated hole. All right, I’ll call it a pass. – [Lawson] Looks good. So that’s pretty interesting. Hopefully you guys can
see that pretty well. We were trying to showcase
that ’cause there’s a lot of things that people sometimes can’t see that’s kinda behind closed doors, in crazy panels, tight spots that we’ve been trying
to get better footage of and a representation
of what’s going on, so. – Seatbelts are in. We still need that one airbag. We’re gonna leave the
airbag control module out until we get that other airbag. I’d hate to trip that
inside computer again when it reads that that airbag is blown. If that’s even how it
works, I have no idea. So we’re gonna wrap it up here tonight. We’re gonna head home, get some sleep, come back, and attack
something else tomorrow that’s hopefully not another interior. Hope you guys enjoyed tonight’s video. We got a lot of stuff
done of the front end. We got that RK Sport hood
on, that Roto-Fab intake in. Pretty soon we’ll be able
to get this thing driving, but not today. If you guys enjoyed tonight’s video, make sure to subscribe. Hit the little bell notification
so you get an update. It’s not an update. It’s a notification every time
we upload, five days a week. Be sure to like the video, and we’ll see you in the next one. – [Lawson] Did you just pet my cat? – I don’t know, man. (heavy hip-hop music)

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