Rebuilding A WRECKED ’18 AUDI R8 PART 11

– They must have really
wet sanded this down, this looks fantastic! (engine roaring) What are we s’pose… Seriously though, what are s’pose to do now, like get rid of it? (men laughing) (distorted tire screeching) – All right what’s going on guys, welcome back to the channel. On today’s video we are actually putting the R8 all back together, so if you guys remember
on the last episode, we kinda left a cliff hanger, we kind of left it with the
paint getting sprayed on. Oh my God, I just spit
all over the camera. First, we have to go over to Dreher’s and see this paint, see how it actually turned out and then get the car and all of the parts back to the shop, so that way we can throw
everything back on the car. What we want you guys to do is subscribe if you’re not already subscribed and also comment on the
comment section below what you guys think of this
paint and how it turned out. Dreher’s camera actually could not get the paint absolutely correct, so he had to kind of make some paint up and get it as close as he
could, so we don’t know, maybe he’ll turn out well, maybe it won’t, let us know on the comment section below. Let’s head over there and pick
up the car and hop into it. Well what do you think? – I’m impressed. – [Lawson] Look’s pretty fricking good. – [Sean] They must have
really Westhanded this down, this looks fantastic. (drilling) – I think that hinge will need adjusting. (drilling) – Okay. Now let’s put her down
and you watch to the door. – Well it looks decent (mumbles) – This side is good. (drilling) – [Lawson] Time to get
this thing loaded up, headed back to the shop,
load up these parts. – Yeah! – [Lawson] Put this car back together. – Yeah, and we’re gonna swang it. – [Lawson] Yeah. – [Lawson] Phenomenal job on
the paint, thank you Dreher. – [Dreher] No problem! (engine revving) (engine over-revving) – There you go, get it
back together and all so I can drive it. – How’s it going bud? – [Lawson] What are you doing? – Well, trying to figure
my life out mostly. Trying to put this back aluminum piece on. It’s been off for a while and then we really start
putting the bumper together and then the bumper can go on and hopefully it’ll be all one color. – [Lawson] So these guys
haven’t really been… You’ve been kinda working on this car all morning, all afternoon. We’re just now starting to film, I was editing a sick video
for these guys to watch. – It is pretty sick, I’m excited, I just got done watching it. – [Lawson] Well, it will actually be out by the time you see this video, it’s the E30 video. – That’s a good point, yeah.
– So if you guys have not seen it, definitely go check out Fitment Industries E30 that
we are rebuilding for them. But anyways we’re doing R8 stuff, so what have you bee
working on all morning while I was doing that. – This gigantic heat shield
with hundreds of millions of hundreds of millions
of pieces of hardware and all of it is bent, but it’s like $400 for the piece, so we just decided to reuse it. I’m not sure if I’m still
feeling that idea or not because that was a pain
in the butt to put on, but it’s on. Now we just start buttoning
up the button up stuff. (laughing) – [Lawson] Buttoning up… – Buttoning up the button on stuff – [Lawson] The button on stuff. – Yeah there’s just buttons, you just go boop and it’s on. – [Lawson] Okay, so we have
to reassemble the rear bumper, correct? – Yeah we gonna put the
grills in it, the clips, all the heat shields on
that, the parking sensors, the lights that are…
that’s not a button on part. That’s a… that’s one of them
double sided sticky tape bond parts which makes no sense to me. – [Lawson] Oh yeah for that reflector? – Yeah it’s a light, it’s an
actual… it’s got a harness. – [Lawson] Oh! – There’s lights on the side
and then on the backside of this bad boy, there’s
nothing holding it on but glue. It’s really hard to get off. I assume it’s gonna be
really hard to get on, but once that’s on, we get
all this stuff transferred, just a boop boop. – [Lawson] So you guys got a quick glance of the hood getting sprayed
by Dreher in the last video at the end of the last video. Kinda gave them that dot,
dot, dot, to be continued. To be continued, dot, dot,
dot, that was backwards. They actually then get to
see the new color which is– – They did, did they – [Lawson] Over here correct? – Bumper, spoiler and then we actually repainted the whole hood. – [Lawson] Yeah why we
do the whole hood again? – We didn’t like the idea
of trying to blend it and having that line or
if the color was off. It was almost easier since
it was already in there, just do the whole thing, all of the orange and what-not will be consistent. – [Lawson] Oh yeah paint stuff. – Paint stuff, since it
does cover the whole area, we just ahead and… – [Lawson] Instead of doing… Instead of just doing
because otherwise you’d had to do just this. To get that to match would be… – And we had to sand up
and kinda over the sides, so at that point you’re spraying
a third of the hood anyway, so you’re already in there, it’s already sanded, you may
as well just go ahead and do it and get it done the
right way the first time. – [Lawson] So if you guys haven’t seen this is the smashed piece
that was up against the driver side headlight, how
that is now rebent back in it’s right spot and then painted along with this whole hood that got repainted and this color matches
up pretty well actually. – It does, I’m really surprised, I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence. Nobody knows what color this is, we literally just took the camera to it and then it spit something out and we tried 16 times
until it was really close. – [Lawson] Yeah, when
he set out that camera or put that camera on it, it shot back two different
blues, a white and a red. – Yeah and it was like
point five percent off – [Lawson] Yeah. – Which I guess is pretty close, but when you’re dealing
with something that’s exotic of a color, it wasn’t as
close as we thought it was. We had to go through and mess with that and get that dialed in… I think he said he added
some red, some yellow or some thing like that. – [Lawson] Yeah we went back
and and I shift three hours that night, like manually pouring in. Hey have a little yellow,
have a little purple. And the fact that he was
able to just do that, that camera got him close, but he was able to just
freehand like an artist and just dump some paint in there, whip up the perfect
color is pretty insane. – Yeah, that’s where
the experience comes in, So I’m glad he had it, I’m
glad he’s been doing it a while – [Lawson] 100% – He really helped us out, big time. – [Lawson] Over 20 years! The man’s experienced!
– I couldn’t do it – [Lawson] All right well
that’s enough talking about our paint. – Yeah! – Let’s… assemble (drilling) (metal clanking) So we got that little bump
in bar… aluminum thing that I almost broke, taking
the wrong hardware out. Then we got the heat
shields and everything on. Now it’s time to go ahead
and take apart our parts, bumper with all the stuff on it, We’re literally gonna pull it off, copy and paste right on to that one. We’re gonna do it right here. Finger guns. – [Lawson] Finger guns.
That’s how you’re end to it, – Well it’s better than… (upbeat music) (object falling) – Good catch. – [Lawson] Dude how is your
copying and pasting going? – It’s copied and now we’re pasting. You see there’s parking sensor here? And then there’s two more on that side. Well there’s supposed
to be a fourth one here and I had it in my hands, I was
given it and trusted with it – [Lawson] You eated it. – I didn’t eat it, but I
did set it down somewhere and in my typical, everyday like fashion, I forgot where I put it, so that’s fun. They’re only like $120 each. – [Lawson] Otherwise how are things going? – Otherwise they’re going decent! – [Lawson] How close are
we to putting bumpers and stuff onto the car? – Pretty close. We got
this thing and on the tip and the same with the other side. We’re gonna rivet these guys on. And then we’re gonna set it on the car – Oh yeah. – And then it’ll be more blue. – [Lawson] Dope. (mumbles) – [Lawson] Hey! Hey! Hey! – What? – [Lawson] I got you a present. – Thanks dude, that’s the
piece I’m working on right now. – [Lawson] Well here you go. – And it’s gonna look
like… I can’t take it yet, I gotta get the hardware out of this one. It’s got clips on that one. (man laughing) – [Lawson] I thought this
was gonna be super quick. – I did too. Well the back’s almost done. – [Lawson] The car’s almost done. – Yeah we past halfway. – I feel like we’re
– [Lawson] I think we’re – On the last third. – [Lawson] In the last three quarters. – We’re on the downhill slope right now. (drilling) One of these clips were not supplied with the whip when we bought it, it must’ve been lost in the accident, so now we don’t have… You hear that parts guy?! – Oh look at that, good
thing you got the old one. – Well there’s three and I only have two. (drilling) Whoa, might have to mess with
that a little bit once it’s in the car, see how much you
can notice how crooked it is before we spend a bunch of time on that. I think we’re ready to rivet this in. – [Lawson] Explain that, what
do you mean by rivet that end? – These clip on over that ledge, it will go in right here
and it kinda sit snug, but then to screw it in…
we’re not screwing it. They rivet it from the factory. So you push this guy in the hole and then the machine is going to pull this through and it’s got a little ball. When you pull it through it expands and then obviously the cylinders oversize and then it won’t come out
and you have to drill it. It’s a quick and cheap,
permanent solution. You stick it in here. As you pull this, it’s
gonna pull that shaft down and it’s gonna pull a
ball through the cylinder and it’s going to make it bigger and that’s gonna hold everything in place. Oh yeah, you see it stretching out. That’s how it works, turns into
a little guy, a little knob. – [Lawson] This R8 ain’t blue. – You’re right. – [Lawson] What are you doing? – I’m not stealing. – [Lawson] Are you stealing? – Nope. – You’re stealing my work? – No that’s not what I’m doing at all. – You are actually stealing from. – Do you care to explain
why you’re doing it? – [Lawson] What is this
R8 now a donor car?! What the (beep)?! We didn’t
buy this car for a parts car. – So he decided to loose the
bolt down in the engine bay and he can’t find. – [Lawson] In the engine bay?! – Why you following me? – We’ve been over this
literally every video, this is my job. (wrench screwing) – Thinking it needs to be all (mumbles). Little rubber stop
needs to be adjusted up, ’cause that’s not normal. – [Lawson] Oh yeah. Other than that though it looks
like it lines up pretty well – Other than that, she decent. – [Lawson] Yeah. And sign. – Yeah, it looks pretty good doesn’t it. – [Lawson] That thing was
like an ugly ass gray before. – Hell to the yeah. – [Lawson] Oh is that what’s next? – Yeah. – [Lawson] We gotta that on before and then, what, taillights? And then we’re bumper. – Yeah. It’s weird, it’s
like almost together. – [Lawson] It’s getting close. We got a couple miscellaneous
hardware pieces ordered, not much, not enough to break the bank, not enough to matter on our budget. – We’re gonna call it
quits as with the rest of this week and the last week
and the week prior to that. We seem to bite off more than we can chew and we just constantly
run into broken bit, missing hardware, missing
brackets, missing wire, missing lights, anything you can think of that would hinder our
progress happens all the time and it’s pretty crazy. I don’t know how to follow up with that. We’re gonna come back tomorrow and pick this up right
away in the morning. Pick back up tomorrow and get
this rear-end all together. We’re gonna start on the front-end and get that done. And then we’re gonna
jump into the interior. Whenever or airbag
control module gets here, no idea where it is, it’s
in the mail somewhere. – [Lawson] Morning! – Morning. – [Lawson] Thing’s didn’t
go so well last night. – No, they went terribly,
horribly, drastically wrong and we ran out time. – [Lawson] How do you feel about today? – Well today is a new day,
it’s bright and early, so now we have more time
stuff done, I think. – [Lawson] So what are starting off with? – This wiring harness, we’re
gonna put it in the bumper and then I think we can
put the bumper on finally after saying that 600 times and then having to do
everything else first. – [Lawson] That’s crazy, it seemed like last
night we were so far away from putting the bumper
on and all of sudden I just walk through the door this morning the bumper
are ready to go on. – Yeah pretty much. So
that’s where we’re at now. That’s a weird way for that to plug, that’s going to go on the bumper somewhere so I assume that’s going to pop in there Branded Title sticker on here so that way when somebody
crashes this again and the bumper has to come off, they find this hidden gem and they’re like “Dang, somebody rebuilt this already?” And we’ll be like “Yeah, didn’t you look at the title, it says rebuilt.” (drilling) – [Lawson] Bruh – I never thought we’d get this far to be honest with you. Holy (beep)! Cody! – Oh (beep)! – That look so good, I can’t
believe that it’s here. I can’t believe it’s like this. – I mean, it’s been here for a while. – For what? A month, I think. – Almost
A month and a half? Yeah, so we’ve almost rebuilt this thing. – Now that I’ve got the
back all taken care off we’re going to move on up to the front to start getting the
little things assembled. We’ve got to get the bracketry riveted into the bumper, kinda like we did to the center of the rear. Then we’re going to
pop in the head lights, throw the grills on the bumper and bippity bop, bippity boop, plug it in and then
we’re going to jump it. And then we’re going to jump it. (foggy breathing) (drilling) – Yup, that’s a lot
better than what it was. – [Lawson] Yeah, so for
shipping they put these crossbars in to prevent the bumper from being extremely flimsy because there is really not much to it. – It’s flammable. – [Lawson] So, now we gotta cut those out. – Something like that, huh? – Push it down, ready? – It needs to be adjusted
for sure on both sides. – Does that make it better? Okay, so it’s almost gotta get everything out from the bottom and it will pull it up and close the gap. – Well? – Hell yeah, dude. I love this car. This front end looks (beep) gnarly, dude. – Bro, it’s got paint on it and the bumper is on and
the back bumper is on and the grill is in. What do we do with it now? Ah, we’ve got to finish up the interior don’t we? – Yeah.
Gotta get that air bag lid off Good luck us. (laughing) God! – Exterior is looking fire though. – Dude, seriously though, what are we supposed to do now? Just get rid of it? (laughing) (high energy music) (engine revving) – All right, there you guys have it. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. The R8 looks fantastic, man. We could not be happier. Once again, let us know down in the comment section below
what you guys thought of today’s video. Let us know what you
guys think of the paint and how it turned out. Be sure to subscribe if
you’re not already subscribed. Like this video. Pick up a Branded Title tee, link down in the description and we’ll see you guys in the next one. (loud hip hop music)

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  1. Sidenote, you should get some of those craft bead sorting cases from Hobby Lobby and use those to lable your hardwear pieces and where they came from on what car.

  2. When Dreyer was doing body work last episode, I was thinking to myself that he has some skills. After seeing the paint work…I was right. Nice job guys!

  3. Now you can drive 4 hours over to my place and drop it off. That paint tho looks fire and looks like a perfect match on the color.

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