Rebuilding A WRECKED 18 Audi R8 Part 12

– Oh man, it’s literally
one thing after another. Thank you. (tense music) (car crashing) – All right what’s going on guys, welcome back to the channel. On today’s video, we’re hopping inside, literally inside the R8
to do an interior video. Now, I know we sometimes
bring some interior videos, they may not be the most
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not already subscribed. We’re gonna hop right into the R8 and start tearing this thing apart. We have to tear the whole
center console apart, to get at the airbag module,
to get it shipped out, and get it sent back that way hopefully we can get rid of this light and start chopping away at all these codes and all this other sort of stuff. You know, we’re down to, now
the car looking really nice, and now we have to take care of some of the other homework
that’s not so interesting but is necessary to get it
up, running, and up to par. So, enough of me talking, let’s hop to it. – [Tyler] So, per people on Facebook, I found out where the airbag module is. It’s actually like, way
the hell under here. – Oh sweet, let me guess,
all of that and all of this, has to come out? – [Tyler] No, just the center console, and we piece it together, so. – It pieces together? – [Tyler] So from the other R8’s. – This is a piece and this is a piece. – [Tyler] Yes. – And this is a piece and this is a piece, and this is a piece and this is a piece, and this is a piece… – [Tyler] Yeah, pretty much. – (beep) – [Tyler] So from the other
R8 I found out that in here, this removes, there’s a screw in there, that’s where you want if you have an R8 and you don’t know how to
get your car in neutral, there’s a door and you
have a little red key and it goes in there. – [Sean] How do we get it out? – [Tyler] Flathead. – [Sean] That’s it? – [Tyler] And then right
here, those two screws, and then this little cover,
and that’ll release this. This pops up. Oops, she’s in park now. – Malfunction, please contact service. – [Tyler] Yeah, we gotta
reset all of these codes. – Sweet. – [Tyler] It obviously works. So we gotta pop this out, this pops up, I think there’s a…yep. I don’t know what all these are for. – Is that a quarter? Hell yeah, what, 1970. – [Tyler] So, yeah, we are
gonna start taking this apart. ‘Cause we gotta get this module
out so we can set it out, so that stupid little
airbag light can go bye-bye. We’re gonna dive into it. – Look how sick this would be. Because that’s not doing
anything back there. – [Tyler] Yeah, I’m surprised there isn’t a dome light up here. It’s only up here and it doesn’t do much. – Unless it’s right above. I mean it works. – [Tyler] It does work, doesn’t it? – It’s kinda in the way but at least we can show the viewers. – [Sean] So there’s a little
screw driver right there. – [Tyler] Yeah. – Oh look, Torx bits, neat. So flatheads, eight mils,
10 mils, and Torx bits. – [Tyler] Cool. (drilling) – Everybody loves a magnetic tip. – [Tyler] So, this is next? – [Sean] So just yank on it, really hard? – [Tyler] I don’t know how. (grunting) – [Sean] Cool, one piece done. – [Tyler] Holy (beep). – [Sean] What? – [Tyler] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.. – [Both] Eight, nine, 10. – Hey! – We got her fixed. – [Tyler] Seems like it’s easy to break. So we need to get this out. – [Sean] Well how do we do that? – [Tyler] Pops up. This sucks dude. The procedure doesn’t
show the whole thing. It’s right here and then right there. – Okay, what does it say? – [Tyler] Remove cup holder,
remove center console insert, remove gear shift mechanism. So unless this part right here’s a trim, that would make sense. Did it really just fall into the void? – The whole thing comes
off as an assembly. – [Tyler] See. – [Sean] Holy (beep). – [Tyler] It goes through the shifter. – [Sean] Through it? – [Tyler] Oh no, did it die already? – Probably, it literally died. That’s my only complaint,
is the battery life. How do we get this up? – [Tyler] I don’t know, I’m
trying to figure that out. That is a very good question that I have no answer to right now. So I think we found something
else that’s gotta come off. The shifter has to come off. – [Sean] Oh god. – [Tyler] See. – So we gotta just quit
being little (beep) about everything, huh? (laughter) (drilling) – [Tyler] Oh weird, that’s.. – [Sean] Oh look at that! – [Tyler] Oh lookie there. – [Sean] That’s pretty neat. – [Tyler] You’re scaring me. You’re scaring me. – Once we figure out, how this all goes
together and comes apart, we’ll be able to place
that module in there, it’s just putting it back together. It is weird isn’t it? – [Tyler] Not as weird as that one. – Never seen one like that red one before. – [Tyler] Made in Korea. – Everything’s made in
Korea these days bud. – [Tyler] Cool, so that’s
a, do you got a screw? Let me put it right back in here. – I took a picture of it. – [Tyler] I got good news though bud. The module’s right there, you see that? That yellow? Yeah, so looks like we
gotta take the shifter out, which is these Torx. – [Sean] I don’t think we do. – [Tyler] How are we gonna get down to it? – [Sean] I’ll show you. – [Tyler] That would be an airbag module. – [Sean] What? – [Tyler] It’s way under there. (drilling) – [Tyler] Here bud. – [Sean] I don’t know what that is. That looks like that wireless
thing, the keyless entry. – [Tyler] Does, doesn’t it? – [Sean] Wonder if that’s
the sensor that’s bad? – [Tyler] Wonder if that’s
some sort of random antennae. – [Sean] Need tools. – [Tyler] Yeah there’s so
many entry com parts for this, it’s like insane. – [Sean] Oh my god. – [Tyler] Cool, so that ones out. But we gotta pull this pin off. – [Sean] What? – [Tyler] Yeah, there’s a step up, it’s just two bolts. – Yeet. – [Tyler] Please, no. I have to like confiscate stuff from you. – Hold on, let’s see how
much this is real quick. I mean it’s expensive, but
it’s only like 252 bucks. I was expecting like four or five hundred. – [Tyler] Well at least we
know now, for the other R8. You got a part out. Hey, you found her! – Here’s some lost treasure, you almost let’s her (beep) go again. – [Tyler] Butter up tater chip. – [Sean] Where did I put that piece? – [Tyler] We literally
gotta take this whole (beep) center console out just to.. So we found the module,
it is way up there. Make sure you have the (beep)
battery disconnected 100% because apparently I had guy tell me that, an Audi technician that said, “If you don’t have the
battery disconnected “and you unplug that, it
might deploy all the bags.” You’ve seen it happen, and I really don’t want that to happen. – We took all that stuff out
so we could get this out. We could take those out, there’s one, ow! (yells in pain) There’s one here and then
there’s a couple back there. And then I think… – [Tyler] This will come
out, this will be loose. – [Sean] This will come out. – [Tyler] Yes. – [Sean] Should we just go
ahead and do that or no? – [Tyler] We might as
well ’cause I think that’s gonna be the only way
to unbolt that unless you can try to fit your hands in there. – [Sean] I think we can get in there. Let’s try it, without taking this off, and then if we have to take it off we’ll go back and take it off. – [Tyler] Cool, all right. – [Sean] I’m assuming this brad switch… – [Tyler] Can I get out? (laughter) – No, you’re staying in here with me. Oh, there’s a bunch of stuff under there. – [Tyler] (laughing) Yeah. I’m staying like as far
back as humanly possible. – [Sean] What do we got? – [Tyler] What is that
gonna be like your shield? (laughter) – [Sean] This is so scary. Oh, thank you. – [Tyler] Cool, so, we’re
almost at the module. Are we gonna try to remove this or are we gonna try to do with it in? – [Sean] Oh man, it’s literally
one thing after another. Hell yeah. – [Tyler] Hell yeah. So that can completely go away. – Yeet! Wow, I’m not sure how they got
that in here, but they did. Look at that, let’s look up
how much one of those are? Air bag sensor. – [Tyler] I can’t get this. – [Sean] Regardless, it says $940.80. – [Tyler] For a thousand dollars you can’t even take a
picture guys, come on now. Unless that’s just like a
computer program on the site. – [Sean] No, it’s a thousand
bucks on Audi parts. – [Tyler] All right, so that
must be a repair service. – [Sean] That’s the repair service, that’s who Derick said
for us to go through was buy air bags. – [Tyler] So for now, let’s plug back in the stuff that we know. – [Sean] The shifter stuff. – [Tyler] The shifter,
so we know, for that. – Like how much of a high-end car this is and that we’re probably the only people, other than whoever’s
gonna manufacture this, that’s ever gonna see this
part of the center console. – [Tyler] Ever, unless
this gets crashed again. – Yeah pretty much, how crazy is that. – [Tyler] So let’s get this
in and see if she fires up. – I’ll get in the
shifter and see if we can make the air bags deploy. – [Tyler] Tomorrow I will
send out this, the Camaros. We don’t have the 13s so– (engine starting and idoling) – [Narrator] Three days later. – [Tyler] All right
well, in the last video we were able to get all of the exterior body pieces put
on, as you guys can tell. This thing is lookin’ so
damn good, it’s unreal. You know, we haven’t really
seen R8s done in person. You know you see the pictures
of them and that’s about it. We saw this thing come
in wrecked, wrecked. – It was bad, it was super scary dude. – [Tyler] To see this
actually like this now, is pretty insane. So I guess, what are we doing today? – Today, we are putting in
the air bag control module, and we’re gonna try to
turn the air bag light off. Now the seat belt, was locked, until we got it all the
way in and it unlocked. So we still might have to replace that. But we’re gonna replace this
first, since we had to anyway, and we’re hoping it’s gonna turn off, then we won’t have to buy a seat belt and we’ll save a little money, maybe have a little more profit. – [Tyler] How was ripping that thing out? – The whole center
console has to come out, all of your HVAC controls
have to come out, the radio has to come out, and you have to get underneath
the whole entire thing, and then there’s four screws
that you can’t get to, and there’s a clip that kinda comes out and it pulls it out, that
is very hard to get at, it’s very sharp, hurts your
fingers, I needed gloves. – [Tyler] So it sucked? – It sucked. – [Tyler] So hopefully install
should be a lot better. – It should, install, a lot of the time consumed from taking it apart, was not knowing how to take it apart. And so now that we know
kinda where everything is, it should go together a lot quicker. – [Tyler] Cool, let’s hop inside. What are you lookin’ at? – That Accord Sport. – [Tyler] That is not an Accord. – That is 100% an Accord coupe. Right? – [Tyler] No? – [Sean] What is it then? – [Tyler] Dude, that is Japanese, real estate right there. – The red one? – [Tyler] Yeah. – No, dude, the white one. – [Tyler] Oh my god, are
you (beep) kidding me? – What, V6, Vtech… – [Tyler] That’s not
even what this is for. – Two doors, it’s
basically the same engine. – [Tyler] You don’t shop for other cars that are in the back
ground of a ad on co-part. – We’re gonna put this module in and then we’re gonna plug the battery in and hopefully your knee caps blow off. – [Tyler] I can tell you right now, I will not be sitting in this seat when you plug that all back in. – I feel like you should
be sitting in the seat, it’s the only way to get
that full Audi experience. The theme ride. Ow. Gonna find out if the air bags
go off I guess, aren’t we? So why don’t, I’ll step out,
I’ll plug in the battery. – [Tyler] I’ll step out. – I’ll plug in the battery
and we’ll see what happens. – [Tyler] Okay, let’s do it, together. – I wanna see, when we turn this key on, see if the air bag light goes out, and see if the activator goes off now that everything’s all plugged in. Don’t need to start it, do I? I might have to. (car beeping) No! – [Tyler] Nope. It’s doing some stuff back there. – I’m gonna start it. – [Tyler] Okay. (engine revving) (car beeps) (laughter) – The air bag light stayed on. Not sure why that is. The only other thing I can think of is that seat belt that retracted for us, but you might still have
to get that sent out, maybe that was just a mechanical
fluke that that happens, so that’s kinda scary. – [Tyler] Hm, do you think that running a VAGCOM k roll will fix any of this? – If we clear the codes and run it again, it should give us a new code and tell us exactly
where it’s coming from. But until we have that we’re kinda not able to put that corner
of the interior together. – [Tyler] Hmm. – Kinda worried about taking that module and putting everything
back together around it, if we have to take that back
out, if that wasn’t the fix. I would assume that it’s possible for the module fix to be not fixed, so I’m worried about putting
the whole center console back together if we have
to pull it back apart. – [Tyler] I feel like it wouldn’t be smart to put it all back together, if we’re already seeing red flags. I think our best bet is the VAGCOM cable. – All right guys, so
we didn’t actually get as far as we wanted to get. We’re kinda hung up on
this whole air bag module. Not really sure why it’s holding us up or why that lights not going away. Couple other red flags that
we do need to figure out. So we’re going to try
to have Corey, my buddy, come back over with the VAGCOM cable and kinda start working at these codes. And try to figure out more deeply why we can’t get some of these
lights and stuff to go away. So, we’re going to keep working at that, but that is it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed
today’s video, if you did, make sure to hit that like button, comment down in the comment section below your thoughts, concerns, everything else. Subscribe if you’re
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  1. This is crazy cool how you turned that beast in to a monster y'all are amazing 💪 ive learned so much from these vids on the r8

  2. What are your overall thoughts on our interior videos? Are they informative? Are they interesting? Let us know in the comment section below!

  3. Man I was hoping the sensor would do it but with German you never know. Hopefully the VAG-COM will help. It does work miracles on euro cars.

  4. To be honest I'd like to see this R8 as a brand car cause you guys learned as you went with it and I loved watching it go from scrap to damn right gorgeous

  5. If it is the same as the rest of the vag cars, you will need to reset it for the code to go away.
    At least this was the case for a vw golf 2017

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