Rebuilding A WRECKED 2017 Toyota Tacoma Part 1

– [Lawson] Hey! Almost got taken out by it but hey! – Here you go. – All right what’s going on guys? Welcome back to the channel. In today’s video, we’re
hopping into the 17 Tacoma. If you guys haven’t seen
the bidding, buying, delivery of the Tacoma, link will be down in the description. Definitely go check that out. We haven’t really touched the Tacoma just because our 13 ZL1
and our 19 R8 is so close and we’re just trying to get that done. We just wanna see a car complete,
but we’re taking a break from that today and hopping
into the Tacoma build. Now, with this being part
one, we are just gonna do the initial tear down and assess damage so we wanna get all of the easy stuff off and start to work our way
in and see what kinda damage is done and what kinda
parts Tyler needs to order so that way we can start
building this thing. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section below. This is our one and only truck. We’ve been working on a lot of cars but let us know down in
the comments section below what you guys think of the Tacoma, what you think about us
building trucks as well. Let us know in the comment section below. Lets hop into it. All right guys so, like we have been doing for all of our vehicles, we
like to brand these vehicles with our sticker and
the Tacoma is branded. – Oh. Okay, this is one of em
made in China (mumbles) – [Tyler] Don’t rip it more. We might be able to
save that grill itself. – Remember what happened last time you told me not to do something? – [Lawson] Dude, that’s like
ready to come out already and we didn’t even do anything. I wouldn’t just like break it though. – Good God. – [Lawson] It’s heavy. – Oh, it doesn’t even have. – [Lawson] Yes, it does. It’s right in front of you. – Not that, it doesn’t have shocks. – [Lawson] No. Oh Is it one of those you rattle it enough and it just falls off? – Yeah (laughing) Well, you gotta check right? – [Lawson] Almost just need
to take these two screws out and it pulls right out. Look at that, look at that (whistling) – Harbor Freight buds. This was $34.99. – [Lawson] That’s probably the
best purchase of your life. Well, it looks like she’s off. That was easy. – Well lookey there. – [Lawson] Wow – Well, that’s bent. – [Lawson] Have to order that. – Think this’ll just pop out? – [Lawson] Maybe Might still get, oh, okay. – [Tyler] This has been
the easiest tear down we’ve ever done. – That’s pretty neat. – All the tabs aren’t broke yet are they? – Does that mean I can yeet it? – No. – Ow Yeah, there’s some broken
bits in here as well bud. – [Lawson] Both these headlights are shot. Time for after market. – Oh no, should probably
take the flyers off huh? – [Lawson] Yeah I think
it’s just this one bolt to be honest. – What? What the hell? – They’re just bushwalker flares dude. Yeah. – Well, and what the hells
even the point of putting the hardware on there? – It’s just a look thing. – So, there is literally a nut
on the back of this cap screw just so that it look like its bolted on. – People are gonna hate you cause you’re a car guy just gonna be … – Let’s get this straight all right? I literally like everything. I have AMG’s S4’s and PT Cruiser. (laughter) Stop. That’s what everyone does, so
clearly I’m into everything. Oh sweet huh huh huh. – [Lawson] Is it just me? – Hey! Almost got taken out by it buy hey! – Here you go. – Oh no. – [Lawson] We got the harness. Good job dude. Hell yeah, look at that. Well, this looks a little flimsy
so that’s not bent but … Even if its bent I don’t
think it’s gonna be anything too major to get it back. None of this stuffs cracked
so that’s pretty neat. That’s good. I’m glad. I was kinda scared it
was gonna be worse than what we thought from the
outside so that’s nice. Yeet. – [Tyler] That’s still
good, what are you doing? – I’m watching you. – All right, so now that
we got the front end off of the Tacoma, it’s time
to get the back end off of the Tacoma. – The back half. The back third. – The back third. We’re gonna leave the cab alone, but we’re gonna take this tail gate off because she’s wrecked. We’re gonna take the bed off because why are we taking the bed off? – The frame is bent. The frame rail at the end is bent and the easiest way to get that straight is to just flip this box off. You’ll have all that room
to work on everything and pull it all nice and straight. The easiest way to just
gain access to those parts is to take the bed off. It doesn’t take that long,
hour, hour and a half maybe if we run into problems so … – Lets do it. Yeah! We also got a ton of parts inside the bed. – No. Where we gonna put those. – We gotta take those out as well. But we have two R8’s and two Camaro’s and this Tacoma and now
we gotta take the Tacoma and cut it in half and that’s
basically a whole new car. Ooh, ooh, look at that soft opening. – Yeah, look at that assist. Let’s start taking this apart. We need to get the tail gate off. We need to get these parts out. We need to stop dragging
s*** slowly and dramatically cause it makes a lot of noise and then when I edit this
s*** its f****** loud. – (laughing) I mean we can get the scissor lift, we go all the way up and just pow. – What do you mean get the scissor lift and go all the way up? – What are you gonna
throw it all the way up? – What do you mean am I gonna
throw it all the way up. Yeet – Ow. – Parts guy. – What is this? – Yeet Don’t need that. – What about this one? This one looks aight. What is this? I don’t know. – Yeet It’s plastic so it’ll be fine. Ooh… – Front fender, bumper flange headlights. It sucks that things
break in such little areas that render them useless but
it’s still like a good working, this is completely useless but it’s also completely functional. Couldn’t you just wood
screw everything you put – Why is it useless? – Cause all the tabs are broken
so we can’t really like … – Do we order new headlights? – I think that’s the plan. – I think the parts guy said yes. – Ebay double halos? – Yeah, we might still
need to steal some stuff off of these. – I’m sure. – So, be gentle. Oh my god (laughing) – Kind hurt my toe a
little bit I’ll be honest. – I think it’s a blind spot. – Yeah, it’s a blind
spot, don’t chuck that. – Why not? – Cause, remember the last
time you chucked something inexpensive that didn’t
need to get chucked? – Hey, kinda, yeah, you’re right. What is this contraption? – Parts guy, how do you take
this f****** tonneau cover off? – Right here, so these things (mumbles) – We did that – Yeah, just like that. – Oh, I found a latch. Thank you. – Hell yeah. – Yeah, but it’s still
like attached over here. (grunting) Ah, weird. – You know, I was gonna check that but I didn’t think it was for a bolt. I thought it was for some
sorta drain plug or something. – Something active for nature
not how to steal this topper right on the top for
the public to do that. – Dude, I was f******
reefing on that thing and it was just not budging. – That usually means it’s
not supposed to come out I keep forgetting we’re
working on like newer vehicles. – Yeah, and vehicles we’ve
never worked on so … – Yeah that. So, you were like, oh it takes six bolts to pull the pad off. What you didn’t know is that
there isn’t just tail lights in this tail gate, there’s
actual plug ins, nope. – There’s nothing in there. – There’s nothing in there. There’s something over there. I don’t know what that is. – This is gonna be a
little bit of a process. – But luckily, it’s a
truck so you can just kinda get underneath it and poo
poo poo, poo poo, poo, stuff unplugs and then its six bolts. – Okay, so this plugs out. Boom, out. – Disconnected. – Wait this broken, I can yeet this. – Yeet. – There’s still good parts in that. – Probably. – No, there is. – Yeah, I mean, there’s like a handle. – There’s a handle, there’s
a computer, there’s a camera. – There’s not a camera. The camera’s in the … – Camera’s right there. You’re supervised. (laughter) – Well, that just happened, anyways, moving forward. – Its too late now, you can’t
dwell on the past right? – Yeah, we’re on to the next thing. – You don’t think we should
– What? – You don’t think we should
What? – It’s like a weird backwards clip. – Yeet Yeet – How does that work? – All right so our parts
guy let us know that we’re actually, the reason
why we wanna take this off is cause it was kinda wrecked and he let us know that
we’re getting a new one so we’re just gonna cut this b****. – We’re gonna snip it. What’s the definition of snip it? – Snip it’s like when
you steal something off your computer screen like
you take a little snippet of your thing. – Heck yeah. Yeet – I don’t know what this is right here. – Its gotta be just
this pin but I don’t … – Well that was a pain. – That was terrible. I’m thinking that this
tab that’s supposed to be nice and square during the rear collision messed a bunch of that up. – Sweet – Oh crap. – What? – I’m just gonna make these hand tight just to make sure we can
keep track of the hardware. We don’t have to make a separate bag, save turtles, the less
bags we have to use, the less waste we produce, the less plastic goes in the ground, and then the longer we have
to live on this planet. – I think the fillers
next to last thing left before this bed comes off. – This should be the
last piece to our puzzle. Four screws, not sure
really how this actually comes off here but we’re
gonna try the four screws and see what happens. – Surprise mother f*****. – Surprise mother f*****. – I will google it for you. – Yeah
– Got it. – Did you just push on it? – Well, I just pulled
really hard and it popped. It didn’t break. – Sorry you were supposed
to just push on that. You push on it, it goes right through. – Yeah, there’s a, it’s just
a rubber ring around this. Its really hard to get
out so I just pulled on it and it just popped right out. (upbeat music) – You can see it kinda cave
down cause it took an impact right here, so it took an
impact here and it bends the bend right here. – It sits weird so its
definitely bent somewhere. – Yeah, it’s not bad. It could be like crushed and cracked. It should be easy to pull. – This is bent too. – I think what we’re gonna do next is we’re gonna replace that leaf with a bag and then we’re gonna cut
like a square in this frame and we’re just gonna lay
it right on the ground. – Well, there you guys have it. The beds off, a bunch of parts are off. I mean, look at this thing. It’s insane but we got a
lot accomplished today. The beds off, fenders off,
whole front clip is off, so now Tyler can actually
start to order parts. It sounds like he already
had a couple parts ordered so those should be in soon
and then we can hop right back into part two of this build and start showing you
guys the progress of this. Super excited for this. That frame damage possible frame
damage is a little worrying but nonetheless nothing
that we can’t figure out so if you guys enjoyed today’s video, make sure to hit that like button. Subscribe if you’re
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10 thoughts on “Rebuilding A WRECKED 2017 Toyota Tacoma Part 1

  1. Been watching your videos from the start but you guys aren’t going anywhere with a inexperienced child acting crew (throwing stuff making dumb noises) (mechanics not knowing what their doing) hoping you get some people who actually can work on cars and have knowledge, tools, and common sense to keep this going. I’m out! Unsubscribing, hope it changes and gets better! Good luck

  2. Invest in a Milwaukee fuel ratchet. no more hand ratcheting stuff apart. Good stuff though, wish I could just move all my tools over there and help. Keep up the hard work and having fun.

  3. You guys keep putting the branded title sticker on a damaged part and when you disassemble the vehicle,the sticker is gone. Try putting it on the wind shield or something so it stays there. Or are you doing it on purpose???

  4. You should definitely put on a Camburg racing kit with king shocks! Perfect for your Prerunner/Overlander build! 👌🏻

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