Rebuilding A WRECKED Audi R8 Part 13

– This is amazing. – [Lawson] Brand new carbon looks so good. – I don’t even, I
literally don’t have words for how everything kind of came together. I never would have expected just an idea to end up looking so damn perfect! (static) (tires squeal) (car crashes) – Alright what’s going on guys? Welcome back to the channel. On today’s video, we’re hoppin’
back in the R8 once again. We’re putting a $4,000
carbon fiber Vorsteiner wing on this thing, man, it’s gonna be insane. We haven’t seen it yet, so super
excited to unbox this thing and see what a $4,000 carbon
fiber wing looks like. Especially from a company like Vorsteiner, who’s super high-end,
makes really good products. Let’s hop in to that right away. Before we hop into it though,
make sure you guys comment down in the comments section below. Let us know what you
guys think of this wing (bell dings) and that’s enough for me. – Don’t scratch it. – What if it’s what I think
it is and we scratch it? (laughs nervously) (bubble wrap pops) (cool, chill music) – Ooh, (beep) that’s carbon fiber, bud. That is not a crash bar,
that is the spoiler. Ooh, good god.
(bubble wrap pops) – Super glossy. – Most of the carbon fiber I see is broken and old and cheap, this is amazing. – [Lawson] Brand new carbon looks so good. – And it’s literally ready to bolt on. – I think. – Holes are already drilled. – I think.
– Hope so. – I don’t know what this is. (knocks wing) – Maybe we’ll have to cut it off. – There might be hardware with it. I know there was hardware with it. That is hot. (engine purrs) (engine revs) (spray bottle squeaks) – [Lawson] What are you doing with that? – I need to clean the
engine bay, it’s very dirty and I’m going to be looking at it for the next couple of hours so I want to try to clean it but (spray bottle squeaks)
we’re out of cleaner. So I’m gonna have to screw
around and find something. (Lawson laughs) – [Lawson] Dude this thing is dirty. Look at this engine bay. – We washed the outside of the car but didn’t really want to get a bunch of this stuff wet quite yet so we didn’t and we avoided that and
we still never got to it. – [Lawson] Yeah, kind of forgot about it. – It looks like it sat on the auction lot for a few months. – [Lawson] ‘Cause it did. – It’s ’cause it did. – [Lawson] Especially in
that California desert. – (bottle smacks floor) Where
can I get more Armor Alls? “Immediately call the Poison Center”? Let’s go with Rubber Renew, huh. – [Lawson] Sounds good to me. – Carbon shine, jet black Rubber Renew, this stuff works amazing on plastic. It says Rubber Renew, it
almost sounds like it’s for restoring plastic but it
also helps with protection. Look at it! – [Lawson] Damn son! (Sean awes) Dude that looks so much better, oh my god. Can’t believe we waited this long. That’s insane. Let’s get
this other side done. (cool, chill music) Dude, this looks 10 times better! Phenomenal, especially even with that crossbar painted blue, ooh. (Sean oohs) This engine bay’s looking killer. – Hot is the word you’re looking for. – [Lawson] So, why don’t we
get to today’s agenda now which is, what’s first? – Oh, probably the carbon
fiber Vorsteiner spoiler that we got for the RWS. – [Lawson] Yeah, probably. So we ended up, we unboxed it
when it came in a while ago but now it’s time to actually unwrap it. – I don’t wanna unwrap it, it’s gonna get like scratched, it’s gonna get dusty. You can’t, who do you know
that makes a better spoiler than Vorsteiner?
– [Lawson] No one. – Who has that perfect wave
all the way in and throughout? – [Lawson] No one. – No one. There isn’t
one, that’s not an option. That’s why these are very expensive but very, very worth it. They’re literally works of art. How do people take a weave
and just lay it on something with all kinds of crevices and curvatures and like oval shapes and they’re like flat and then they’re not flat. And then they also bubble a little bit. And you’re gonna keep that wave perfect? Get outta here. Get outta
here. (Lawson laughs) I don’t even know how it’s possible to be totally honest with you. – [Lawson] I have not seen
this thing in a hot minute so let’s unwrap this
thing and check it out. – How do you keep a consistent
weave through there? (cool, chill music) – Alright guys, so as you guys saw this Vorsteiner wing is
insane, the carbon’s insane. Everything about it is so insane and we just wanted to
go and do some research about Vorsteiner and kind
of talk to you guys about it and just how crazy they are. Vorsteiner is a company that was based off this imagination that
these parts would go on the most desirable
vehicles, such as an R8, Lamborghini, Ferrari, all
these high-end vehicles for high-end clientele. Now when Vorsteiner makes these products, these wings, these carbon aero pieces, they don’t look at it
like just another product that they’re making for another customer. They look at it as a piece of art, literally a piece of art, and they truly believe that it is that. Now, in order for them to
keep their quality so high and believe in their
product for their clientele, in their factory they
actually have a high quality testing process where if there’s any sort of reasoning behind it
that it is not perfect and pristine and up to high expectations, they won’t let it leave that facility. I don’t know if they
throw it in dumpsters, behind the building or what. I need to live close to that factory ’cause I’m gonna go scoop ’em up but they literally don’t
let it leave the facility unless it’s to the highest quality. That’s a little information
about Vorsteiner that we thought was super cool
and super awesome to hear. Makes us more proud to be
putting Vorsteiner parts on the Audi R8 and that’s exactly what we’re gonna be doing right now. Sean, are you ready? – Yeah! – Sean’s ready. – So here’s our factory spoiler. The V10 plus gets a
factory high rise spoiler off this factory active aero piece and so there’s actually notches cut out in the spoiler in the V10 plus where these little nubs
on the spoiler would go. We clearly do not have those nubs and after some research,
we’ve made the decision that instead of cutting
holes in our spoiler, big square holes, we’re gonna cut the nubs off the other one and then still use the remaining
hardware mounting points. That is, the spoiler that was
ran on this car previously and that’s what some other people do to install this spoiler on
these non-V10 plus cars. – [Lawson] The previous owner
also had a Vorsteiner wing on the car as well, so I mean, that’s kind of where we
got the idea as well. We thought it looked super killer, don’t know what the hell
happened to that spoiler. – Well, I’d probably take it off to. – [Lawson] Yeah, probably.
– And keep it. – [Lawson] Good point, good point. Let’s get these nubs cut off, not sure how you’re gonna be doing that. I’m nervous for you, let’s do it. – Just a little test thing
and find out what happens. (metal crackles) I don’t know what that is
but it’s really strong, bud. (metal creaks) I don’t think cutting it’s gonna work. – [Lawson] Well, you nervous? – Oh god, I’m so nervous. What if this just all splits and then that’s the end of our very
expensive work of art. – [Lawson] We are gonna
be cutting this nub off with a SAWZALL, we looked
up some YouTube videos hoping for the best and
I’ll see if it works. (saw whirs) – That wasn’t so bad, was it? – Dude, that was fantastic!
That worked just fine. (Sean blows) (saw whirs) – Should we continue
cutting on the other side? – [Lawson] Yup. – And then we’ll rebuff, smoothing it out. (sniffs) Carbon fiber dust. – [Lawson] That’s pretty killer though. It’s like you got pretty close. Now just grind the rest down. (cool, chill music) (buffer whirs) Holy mess! (Sean blows lightly) Oof. (Sean trills with lips) – I’m not sure how much I
should be trimming off of that. – [Lawson] I feel like that looks good. – I feel like it looks good too. – [Lawson] Hey, good job dude. (claps) – Thanks dude. – [Lawson] I was nervous. – That was a stressful game, wasn’t it? – [Lawson] Yeah, very stressful. You got one more side. (cool, chill music) (buffer whirs) – I think we’re pretty much just throwing hardware through here. – [Lawson] It looks like
there’s already some, what is, oh this is for– – That’s to mount the
spoiler to the active aero. – [Lawson] Sure. Dude,
I’m literally so excited. – I’m literally so sweaty. – [Lawson] Like, look at this
thing match up with this blue! Oh my god.
– This really is like this color compliments
carbon fiber very well. – [Lawson] Yeah. Alright, so now that we
got this all mounted up, how’s it looking like it matches up? – It’s pretty good, you can
tell the contour is made to match the spoiler, our
cuts aren’t the greatest but I’m not sure if I want
to start grinding off more and accidentally go too far. I don’t know if you’ll be
able to notice any of that. I might just be being
picky, so I’d like to get it installed, on the car, take a look at it. If it looks 90% to perfect,
we’ll get some people to walk by it and see if they notice. And then, if they don’t notice,
I think we’re good to go. “Before painting, all parts
must be test fitted to the”, who is gonna paint this, you silly geese? – [Lawson] (laughs) I don’t know who would paint carbon fiber. – Alright man, well this
thing is way too hot to be staring out any
longer, ready to toss her on? – There’s a little alignment
pin on the bottom of these for both sides, it’s a
real pain in the hiney to get it on, even
without this big spoiler, so this is gonna be a
little two-man struggle. We’re probably just gonna
fast forward through that and that’ll be about 10 seconds for you. Finger guns. (cool, chill music) – [Lawson] Dude, I’m not looking yet. – Don’t do it, don’t look. – [Lawson] I’m not, I’m waiting for you. – I wanna not scratch this paint. Trying to use this Torx wrench to tighten this, look. (metal clangs) Well, I think this Vorsteiner spoiler’s officially installed, oh god. – [Lawson] Oh my gosh. – Becky. – [Lawson] This thing is insane. Look at that thing, oh my goodness! – They even put stickers
on that aren’t gonna delaminate and break apart
and leave a bunch of residue. – [Lawson] Vorsteiner, we love you. – I’m impressed, like
goosebumps impressed. Oh god. (car part clicks) (glass clicks) – [Lawson] Whatcha got there, bud? – Well I got the little control stack guy, if you will, it’s got this
little picture of a spoiler with some arrows on
it, I’m assuming that’s what makes it go up and down. I’m going to attempt to put it down to see what the end result
should potentially look like. ’cause we’re gonna have
to deactivate that. If we’re going, what does that come up? 60 miles an hour, something like that, and that’s gonna be up like that, that’s gonna put a lot of
force on that active aero. Potentially is going to cause problems. – [Lawson] Alright let’s hop inside and see if we can get that to go down. The hell’s that? – The Vorsteiner authenticity card. “Perfection redefined”, bud. – [Lawson] It’s like a debit card. Can you just swipe that
for the seam points? – This card is non-something
from original owner. Transferrable? I can’t transfer this card. We have to keep the spoiler
when we sell the car. (cool, chill music) (loud beep) Oh!
– [Lawson] No way. – Bro!
– [Lawson] No way. (car beeps) – [Sean] It just straight went down. – [Lawson] Dude, I hear it. – It went up on its own.
Not sure what that’s about. But the button does function. – [Lawson] (car beeps)
Oh my god, that’s insane. – (car dings) Rear spoiler malfunction. Went back up. I believe the procedure to
have this after-market wing and have it down is to
flip the way that is works. So somebody probably went
in and made it stay up at a low speed and then it’ll
come down at a high speed. Then you’re supposed to disconnect it. I’m not sure how we’re
gonna do that when it’s down but this is gonna require
some more research. But it does move. – [Lawson] Plus, tomorrow we’re actually going to Auto Select to visit Josh, and he’s gonna help us out
with some codes and stuff. He’s got a lot of experience with R8s, has one of his own, super
charged it and everything. So he’s gonna be able
to actually help us out with finding some of these codes and helping us out with
some of these codes. And some of that like deeper stuff that he has more experience with. – Dude, that wing is insane,
but we are not done yet. (Lawson laughs) We got more
presents baby, let’s go! (paper rips) Ah! Ooh, look at all that
area and all them fins for defusing that air, that turbulent air coming off the back. – [Lawson] Damn, this is going to– – Look at this gap, that is insane. This just clips in and this
hardware is for the under trays. So we should be able to
just pop this bad boy in. (cool, chill music) – [Lawson] Dude. Dude. – Dude. So the exterior like it’s actually done. Well, there’s a couple slight adjustments but that’s like done-done as
far as the visual stuff goes. We still go that airbag light but dude. I’m literally speechless, like to see what this looks like now, compared to what it looked like
when we first got it in here I didn’t think it’d
get even close to that. I literally don’t have
words for how everything kind of came together, I
never would have expected just an idea to end up
looking so damn perfect! (cool, upbeat music) – Alright guys, so there you guys have it! This thing looks insane
man, we could not be happier to finally see this
thing with that wing on, the diffuser, pretty
much the whole exterior just lookin’ so dang good, man. It feels so good, we’ve come a long way. If you guys have been
here from the get-go, thank you, you guys know where
we came from and everything. This was just a dream come true. I know I keep talking like this is over, we still have a couple button-up things, gotta make sure all the
body lines line up right. Next episode, we’re actually
taking this car to Josh at Auto Select and actually getting the codes figured out,
tour of his business, you guys met him in a previous episode. Getting the AC recharged,
some minor stuff, but we are gonna bring
you guys along for that. So if you guys are not subscribed, make sure you guys do subscribe. Like this video if you
guys enjoyed this video. Comment your thoughts down in
the comments section below. Man, let us know how that wing looks, if you like it, if you don’t like it. We actually ended up
getting the active aero to stay down, so that
was cool to see as well. Let us know about that. Also, that OEM diffuser man,
that thing looks so nasty for being factory, so
let us know your thoughts on that as well down below. And I think that’s it! (bell dings) See ya on the next one. (cool, upbeat music)

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  1. What do you think of our Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Wing and the overall final look of the R8?! Let us know in the comment section below!

  2. I havent used the new karbon stuff yet but the old back to black is awesome product and have a bunch of back to black left so spring time I'll have to order up some. R8 looks amazing

  3. Should throw the bronze wheels on the white R8 and get black or dark gunmetal on the blue one, would match the CF better.

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