– We decided what better way to hand it over to a group of professionals that have never finished an actual car in their entire life, Branded Title. Then you can have the top down, your beard flowing through the wind, slamming her through automatics, flappy paddles. (car knocking) (car crash) – All right what’s going on guys, welcome back to the channel on today’s video, we’re doing something completely different from anything that we have been doing. We’re working on Fitment Industries E30, that’s right guys Fitment Industries hit us up, they want us to take their E30 to the next level. (upbeat music) They have some spare time here and there but for the most part their making their own videos over on their channel and they actually hit us up and said, listen you guys rebuild cars, why don’t we collaborate with you guys and take the E30 to the next level? And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. So on today’s video its all about meeting with F.I. and seeing their plans and what they all want to do for the E30, so their actually on their way right now, we’re gonna meet with them and see just exactly what they want us to do with this car. Now what we want you guys to do down in the comment section below, is let us know what you guys would like to see done to the car. They kind
of already have a plan of what they want to see done to the car, what needs to be done to the car, but we wanna hear from you guys down in the comment section below, maybe F.I. Will see it, maybe we’ll throw it in, who knows. Comment your
thoughts down in the comment section below, lets hop to it. – Hello there neighbor. – Howdy. – You guys might be wondering what we’re doing here, with the E30. So here is really what’s going on. In all honesty the E30’s still alive, its here in case you guys didn’t remember last time you saw it, I whooped Dakota’s (beep) at the drag strip and I’m never gonna let it go, because it ran like a 17.45 second quarter mile, however we have not touched it in a hot minute and unfortunately we
have like what’s called, what is it called? (ding) A job. Right? – Yeah. – Yeah. – The thing that we sort of do. – Yeah we have a job, so we can’t actually work on this as much as we want to. So we decided what better way to hand it over to a group of professionals that have never finished an actual car in their entire lives, Branded Title, and here they are. – Hey guys. – [Guest] What an introduction? – I don’t know, what
do you want me to say, like here is our car, so here’s what we’re actually gonna do, we’re gonna be working with Branded Title for the next four episodes to help us out on getting some things fixed, is that right? – Yes. – Make it drivable again. – Yeah, what are we fixing? What are we looking at? – So, so we got some big plans for her , pretty much finish what we started, so we got some, we’re changing out the suspension a little bit, we got a nice little air system we’re gonna be installing. We got some custom wheels, that we’re gonna be throwing on. – One off. – One off. – Custom, custom baby – Custom. One of one wheels. We got some interior bits. – I gotta put this back on, its so cold in here. (laughs) Do they not
pay you to have heat in this building or what? Like you guys aren’t even good enough for the heat, geeze louis bro. (laughs) – [Sean] We haven’t fixed anything yet. (laughs) – We got some interior bits, so the interior has like door handles and things, you know so you don’t have to pull the little. – Oh yeah that’s right cause there’s no actual door handle, right now right? – People don’t know the struggle, cause I struggled with this so much when we were drag racing. – I suppose its hard for you to get your little teeny.
– Yeah my big old chompers. – Yeah little chompers in there. – Yeah you gotta get like the. (click clack) – That’s how you open the door. – Yep that makes sense. Yep so we’re gonna get that fixed, new differentials cause this one sounds like its about to like blow up. – Its a little funky isn’t it?
– Yeah. – And like I’m assuming
that we’re going for a little bit of weight reduction right? – Oh of course, yeah. – Yeah so like do we need any of this? Like what is this? We don’t need that, and I don’t want it anymore. – We probably need that. – We probably gonna need that. (car trunk closes) So yeah its gonna be very exciting time, Branded Titles going to be working on stuff and things to make the car actually proper and then, I think we’re gonna unveil it and we’re gonna put it in the
showroom for the winter time. That’ll be pretty exciting, we’ll actually have it we’re gonna drive it around, we’re gonna pretend that its fast. Sean why don’t you tell
me a little bit about yourself at Branded Title, Mr. Mechanic. (laughs) – I don’t know what to do with my hands. – What are you doing with
your hands? (laughs loudly) What is that? – I’m awkward, I don’t
know what to do with them. – Just put them down. You’re gonna work on it?
– I’m gonna work on it. I have high confidence. – We’re gonna make it drivable. – Okay and? – That’s what we do. That’s the main goal. – Are you gonna make it fast? – I don’t believe so. (laughs) – Its still gonna be,
– [Guest] That’s not the goal Its still gonna be slow as (beep). (laughs) – [Guest] You have to
walk before you can run. – Yeah I mean sure, what else? – Well we’re doing the diff, the diff’s all messed up. – There is so much
wrong with this car that we don’t even know,
what’s wrong with the car. So as you dive in. – There’s more? – Maybe (laughs) Do you, you noticed that it looks really good standing still. – [Guest] You drove the car right? – Have you driven it? – No, never. – Oh! – [Guest] Before you do anything you should go whip it
around the block real quick. – Yeah go give her a
quick two, three turns there bud and see what happens. – Okay so this is why I’m not on the same page right now, all right, got it. – Yeah, yeah, uh huh, but it looks really good. – It looks super good. – Yeah, just doesn’t move, turn, drive, go fast. – It doesn’t turn? – Have a proper diff. Rubs everywhere. It’d be fun. – We’ll get it sorted,
we’ll get it figured out. – Yeah, I mean technically if you fix this car that makes, this your first fully restored vehicle for Branded Title. (laughs) – Yeah you’re probably right. – See its awesome its
gone be a great time, plus you guys always
want to know what’s up with the E30 and we actually wanna keep doing stuff like this, so once we actually finish up the E30, we’re gonna leave it up to you as to what you guys want us to do with the E30. Now, we might be trying to figure out if its legal for us to do some sort of like giveaway with it, do a
donation or something like that, or if you
guys want us to sell it and try a different build for 2020, which will actually be coming up shortly. Halloween, spooky
season, my favorite month of the year.
– Its coming up real fast. – I know. – Yep. – Or if you guys want us to keep it, but honestly you guys control that. You’re the ones that
told us to buy an E30, and here it is, so that’s where we’re at. – Are you putting this on them? – Yeah. – Oh okay. – 100%, this is like. – And Corey? – And Corey. – 100% Corey, like I take zero responsibility, for most things in my life, but especially this one. – Got it. – You ready? – Absolutely. – Cody, you ready? – Yep. – You just gotta film it, super easy, the good news is its only 5% tints inside, so you literally can’t
see (beep) while he’s working on it. – I gotta keep the special wheels up. – The special wheels? Oh yeah, the special wheels, that are right there. I can see em, they’re pretty neat. Curtis you ready? – Oh yeah. – All right cool. Good luck, god speed, I wish you the best, not my problem. (laughs) – Like out of all the
cars you could’ve fixed, you fixed the automatic? – No that was the easiest, that was the easiest. – Automatic convertible. – Its still 600 horsepower almost. – It doesn’t matter if its 600 horsepower, – It matters. – Have you seen it?
– Have you looked at it? – That’s the best part. – What? That you can have the top down and your beard flowing through the wind, slamming her through automatics, flappy paddles. – Its got paddles. – Yeah, uh huh. Its really cool though cause you have the R8 V10 that smells like it looks, especially the gray seats. Are you gonna keep those? – Its real Buick like. – Well, its gray. – We like to do some inserts, change the color on the inserts, maybe do alcantara or something to kind of split the gray up a little bit. – Alcantara oh okay, uh huh. – But we’ll see how it goes. – Yeah its terrible, like its rough, I didn’t know Audi would like make such a decision in the color of the seats. – I don’t know if they
made that one or not. – Its so weird. – How come the other one looks so fancy, and this one looks like TT. (laughs) – $50,000 extra dollars. – Why are you guys spending
so much money on cars? Why don’t you just go get like an FRS and buy it off, and build it using like wish parts or something. – We pay the same amount as the blue ones, its just that’s retail governed. – Its got the light up door seals. – Damn! Which means does it run? – [Guest] No. – [Guest] No. – I bet it looks really good for Instagram though, and how is the Tacoma doing? – [Sean] Well its in half. – Where did the rest of it go? Is there something wrong with
it? Or is it gonna be easy? – [Sean] Uh, frame is bent. – I don’t know what that means. – [Guest] Its not good. – Its not good? Is that why they totaled it? Its almost like insurance companies know. – Yes. – That its not worth the repairs. – If you look at that frame, don’t look at this, but look at there that ones kind of straight and
this ones kind of not, its a little boop boop,
little, little crease right here. – How’d you manage to do that? – How are you going to fix this? – You just put it on a frame rack, and hook some chains up and go boop boop and it’ll pull it straight. – Have you done that before? – [Sean] Nope. – [Sean] There’s probably a YouTube video on it though. – And this? How is this going? – [Guest] Oh my God! – It looks like its going very not well. So does that mean you’re going to part it out so that we can take the motor? So you don’t think, is this gonna get fixed? – Yes. We will get it done, we are 130% gonna go over the budget because, well look at it. And that part specifically. – You could just go full Bammer and Jerr and cut the whole thing. – [Guest] Uh we are. – Gotta take the glass out, gotta cut that roof out. – And then your putting a new roof in and welding it or what? – Yeah, never done that before either. (laughs) – How did you start here? So you got everything where’s the blue R8? – That is at paint. Yeah. So that’s exciting. – What? Really? – Yeah. (laughs) – Why are the (beep), yeah see there’s a few electrical problems. In case you didn’t know. (upbeat music) – It rolled already? – That’s what being part of the scene is like all right, look it up. Yeah go to, type in how to get proper fitment and then look at a picture of this car. – Does it pop it? – Can you pop the hood so that I can just do the most exciting part of owning a car like this? If we still have the button. – Oh! – Where’s the hood popper? – Down to the left. – Uh huh! – That, nope to far, there you go. There you go. Wham! Boom! – The best part of the whole car. – Let me out. – 92 horsepower or there about, give or take, ten to twenty horsepower deterioration over the years. You know if you did manage to sneak a turbo on to it. – Well. – Or you know one of the motors there from a car that you’re not gonna finish. – See. – I’m just saying. – That is a full swap
kit, sitting right there. – I know, I mean I’m not telling you what to do, its just. – [Guest] I am, do it. (laughs) – It needs something, that’s the 97 crank horsepower or what? – Yeah. – 88? – Yeah. But it looks good, and technically it is running better than one, two, three, 75% of the vehicles that you have in the shop right now. – Those three run. – And drive? – So 25%. Well does this drive? – Yeah, ish. – Barely. – It won’t make it down that street, I will tell you that. That is a rough road. – Nice smooth road. – That’s specifically where
you told me to drive it. – That goes downhill. (laughs) (car knocks) – It just, the whole thing as a unit. Yeah I would say that this is gonna be an area of opportunity for improvement. (car clanks) – Its not completely broken off. – The good news is we can only hear it scraping as we were going down the drag strip. – And then like on the little driving road like back to pickup your slip its like (banging sound) the whole (beep) way back. (laughs) you pull up like, taking their like looking at the car like. – Should be easy. – Right. – Well I thought it was gonna be easy and now I’m a little worried.
– The budget is $42. (laughs) And you have six days. – Yeah about that. – That’s actually not to
far from the truth. (laughs) – That was actually pretty accurate. – Oh its gonna be a great time, I have the utmost faith. – Well it should be its a cool car, I’m excited to work on it. – You know if you find a turbo for $200, go on wish. – You know what (beep) it, force deduction, a little (whistle). – For cheap. – I am telling you that
in terms of officially, you must stay on budget, and you can only buy the parts associated with the build. However, if something comes along and you find it for a relatively good price. Just let us know. – I will, I’ll do that. – Just letting everybody know. – I am excited to see this thing actually look nice, be done up, drivable, not have to fit my sausage fingers into the little door thing to pull the lever. – It sucks. – Its just, she’s been a trip. – Yeah I’m super pumped. (lift raises) (upbeat music) – Oh, that would explain the noise, the smell. – Yeah. – The sound. – The everything. That it makes when it moves around. – So you said you threw
this up on the lift the other day and this
was making some noises. – Yes. – Its not in gear so I
can’t really show you, but we had it running on the
lift we put it, we ended up getting fifth gear and just kind of running it, and once it gets under so load it whines pretty loud. – Okay. – So I think like the
bearings and stuff are shot in there. – Sure. – There cheap enough to
just get a rebuilt unit versus repairing it yourself. – Are we welding this diff or what? – If it gets welded will you be mad? – If it happens it happens I guess. – See if we can make that work. (laughs) – I don’t have a welder here but you know. – Is that the battery head? – Probably. – Making a race car. – The 1.8 liter, 97 horsepower. – She’s gotta go bud we need that LS. (laughs) – I don’t think this is going sideways. – I think it can go
sideways if you had more of a winning attitude. – Whoa! – Wow! – I need more like, I
need that winning budget. – Oh! (laughs) – [Guest] So I think what the first step is what figuring out the suspension? – Yeah, that’s the first step I guess, you know the major issue we have with it is getting the suspension
all figured out so. – With that being said we are passing the E30 on to Branded
Title we will be involved, and when everything goes well we’re gonna take joint credit. And when everything goes
poorly, its your fault, so is there anything else you wanna add to that Dakota or no? – No that’s about it,
just try to save her, try to. – Yeah. – Do your best. – And if you guys haven’t subscribed to Branded Title Co, yet, be sure to do so and if you’re on Branded Title you’re probably subscribed to Fitment Industries, but if you’re not do
that too and of course be sure to have fun. Drop some comments, get
some engagement going, I don’t know ask, if you
guys want us to change something on the car let us know. – Yes. – After all this is your car, this isn’t even our car. Good luck. – Thank you. – God speed, I wish you the best. (laughs) – All right guys so there guys have it. We are so excited to be working with F.I. on this project, its going to be a four part project, we’re gonna try to tackle some things here and there, but definitely stay tuned for this series. Like I said I think its gonna be a ton of fun, they have a lot
of great personalities on their channel in
Dakota, Jells, Alex, so I feel like it is gonna be a ton of fun. If you guys don’t know
who Fitment Industries is, definitely go check them out, link to their channel will be
down in the description. Comment your thoughts down below in the comment section, let us know what you guys wanna see done to the E30. Subscribe if you’re
not already subscribed, like this video, pick up a dang hot Branded Title Co t-shirt, if you guys don’t have one, link to that is also down in the description. Follow us on all other social media, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, we just got on Tik Tok, so definitely
go do that as well, and I think that’s it. Sean is that it? – I think that’s it. I’m
done talking, we’ll see you on the next one, peace. (upbeat music)


  1. Im in wisconsin. Why dont you guys buy my S52 for that E30… EDIT: One of the easiest engines to swap into an E30. The s52 is out of an e36 m3

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