Rebuilding Manchester United | FIFA 20 EP3 Pre Season

taking on the opposition and the
them AR rissalah’s our WrestleMania expect it to continue in that faith as
these players get that a little bit fitter and sharp up this is then the
Manchester United lineup having to hire starts in gold
Harry Maguire it’s alongside Axl to and say be at the back
Marcus Rushford starts with Antony Maciel on the flanks only one up front
in terms of a out-and-out forward Fred but he is young mata one or two options now in forward areas
for them bilbao’s Lana yet I plays with Inigo
Martinez as the center-backs Benny are placed alongside Danny Garcia in
midfield and the last player on the team she is the one main forward it’s good play this the opposition can’t
get at them when they’re keeping the pool this game really is a chance for
him to express himself two goals in his previous match and two really good ones
as well manchester United have won the ball back here Wamba sucker in my lifetime mallilie
Club of course has been rebuilt Manchester United from the horror of the
Munich air crash back in 1958 is a great credit to those at that time who got the
club going again and the the legacy that it’s left in the style and here’s the
shot the shot gets blocked back out into play shielded it well that’s good skill Russia that’s into the gloves of the
goalkeeper the hardest thing he’ll have to do today by any means well defended
not just getting across he might be through just to keep a
debate the rats head taking on the opposition and the
responsibility as well she’s blocked here
with an interception can put them in front here and he’s done just that really good finish for that goal and
that has opened the scoring one nil here now Antony Marcial and opponents around
and that’s good screening of the football prey
anticipated the direction of the person was able to intervene
maybe the counter-attack is on here working the opposition over a little bit
here with their passing good possession play but now it’s been
taken away from them just going back to Manchester United and the way the club
developed from tragedy really they were a good club before 1958 in the air
accident in Munich but somehow in a positive way they’ve turned that into
the kind of club that they are today yeah it’s a very important part and an
emotional part of this club’s history one that they’ll never forget Ashley young
good screening and he’s kept the ball matter
very good attack broken up in the end by good defensive play Mooney aye really get at the opposition here worked hard to get it here better the
pressure has told and they take their digit do nothing to stop it happening
out there just widen the margin here two to nil he’s got possession back for his team reshma now or denis Marcial excellent
attacking play here it could open up the opposition now
here they are still probing away that’s the shirt got to it and made the save
comfortably yet he would have got some sticky better defender net United corner
it’s a good one Marcial very very good defending at a
critical moment here trying to catch the other team out with
a quick break here sweep me up pal
and story and style one is beat Bartek wonderful
it’s turning out to be an embarrassing scoreline really watching the Atalanta game
in here because it’s been a goal for how long to bring us right up to date about
it’s a golfer Atalanta 59 minutes play one one great tap threading it through is this the moment Marta Franco well you have to ask questions of the
defend in here it was slack if this sloppy was
unprofessional 3 1 the score line as we restart the game the goal for Atalanta
alle McAnally was in full cry telling us about that when we had to cut across him
apologies open the score is now 1 1 promising build up until challenge Fred mata treads it through we go store pound away plastic for once
already and now he’s knocked in his second and the hat trick is definitely
on for it an amazing first half in this game have a look at that score like it
just lost the ball United well we wonder if the second house is
gonna be like the first one-sided sloppy work really now Antony Marcial is a dangerous neon rush time though
yeah he’s a nightmare for defenders you can see them a little bit twitchy trying
to keep him quiet and here’s young hits masse out Fred it goes out wide again here’s matter
that is a cheap piece of play to give the ball away like that coming up for
you on EA Sports don’t forget don’t miss this the coverage of the Premier League
fixture for Manchester United will be hosting Chelsea yeah I’ve heard a lot of
supporters get excited about it and I am as well a transfer that has been
confirmed from Tottenham Hotspur they got a new signing here it’s a statement
of intent isn’t it around 35 million pounds for this lad but he’s got good
talent good credentials stare truth put off his accuracy by that defend this
challenge well he can control himself in the fact he did get there first
very confident even in his own defensive third to keep the ball returned to us moody I mr. tossing probing very much in free-kick territory to the
game and we’re just going to rest them for the last few minutes as I think they
get beaten but nevertheless had to keep his eye on the ball corner swung in he
could trust it now Grandia won games in the middle not a
great cross really for the goalkeeper an easy piece of work really trying to use the full width of
the pitch here to make some progress now Marcus Rochefort chance to get forward from the wig portunities across it now when to the
cross the defender made the block frame its Jesse lingard now Marcos Russia you need to be strong to do this and a
good touch they couldn’t keep possession and giving it away lost the ball excellent attacking play here that could
open up the opposition now read that well with the interception Mooney ie by Goins now can they make this count keeping the
ball well in the dangerous area now gone in with a header Paul and some
movement but God McGuire young red to play well now this could be dangerous in a wide
position at a race coming in saw the pass and
dealt with it is it
having to hire nice outside just over quarter an hour left on my
watch and he’s comfortable in wide areas is Ashley young he might be thrown across his long who
was the back post it couldn’t have hit that bad a difficult technique yeah and
you’ve been of confidence to twist that from the right wing that was a perfect
delivery and they got their reward for it
prospect of even more goals for to is the score it’s lovely passing this and knocking
the ball around with such confidence he makes the understanding between those
players down there that was catching practice for the goalkeeper ten minutes left of regular time it’s
Jesse lingard intercepted here stared true
able to make a good interception very difficult for the Manchester United
supporters this one Allen tough to stomach they’re getting beaten quite
comfortably and their team hasn’t turned up
now Linga Rushford back with lingard shreds it through well that was pressure
for the goalkeeper from that through ball trying to catch the player in possession
it’s gonna be a yellow card well that’s the least surprising thing I’ve seen out
there today so far if I go mooney ie plays up in support if he
needs them Murphy has blown and he’s given the free kick talkback McGuire good night he couldn’t keep it
and the added time will amount to three minutes at least trying to find the
opening which would be so crucial be by government’s moony-eyed they’re coming in at the back his
teammates he’s good at his knee he really just connect well with those neck
muscles carbonyls do you know that what was the result
Sreenu Serena do you know what this means
three but also mean three premierships and I want more friendships alone than
the other 19 managers to get all three for me and two for them

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