REBUILDING MARUTI 800 Old Car Restoration india

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Subtitles in your language Lets Begin Maruti 800 Restoration
i will explain everything in detail in 5 Stages Stage 1
Stripping down the Stock car Lifting car on Jacks to Strip down everything this is how it looks before Restoration We are going to install Race Seats, K&N filter,
Aluminium High Strength Sheets for interiors the car has gone through 2 decades it has faced different harsh weather and this is what the nature has done to this car Spare Wheel well Side lining with dents
obviously it has faced harsh traffic conditions also The car all jacked up in the workshop!!! The engine dropped and suspension and steering components semi rebuilt!! The F8B set for a rebuild!!! The Gearbox opened up as 3rd just wouldn’t stick, kept popping out whenever it felt like it!!! The Suzuki Tokico disc brakes!! OVERHAUL!!!! The insides… rusty……
of course, it has seen 20 monsoons…..!!!!! Almost no insulation!!! T
hats ok, no engine now, that means no heat……..!!!! The fiberglass leafspring
Gabriel shock absorber setup!! Time to build Custom Race Seats Test fitting the fiberglass bucket seats before upholstery on the inhouse design rails! Checking the rear legroom, seats are adjustable laterally, fore and aft. Don’t worry about the headroom,
the roof lining is sagging and there’s plenty anyway!! There’s plenty of room under the seat…… what?…… Did someone say put a NOS can there???!!!!! Hahahahahah Getting the contours……. The under thigh support….. The foam lining…….. The art leather going on……. here are some pics of the one that is done…….. The under thigh support………… Comment down how seats are looking Rebuilding Cars is a passion they are non recliner
wait there is more to come… they are Ready to go….
lets get the car done Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel Time for Paint job first layer of primer body detailing……. Just getting the surfaces perfect……………. The hood and doors sidelined!!! More Cars in Lineup Thats gonna be one sweet rear
that’ll fill up peoples windscreens!!! Some primer to prevent rusting……
for the years to come…. The engine bay…………. Another layer of primer went
after the last one was sanded down when the car was being prepared for paint! Rear Angle The car getting prepped for the job! The booth….. The Paint! The colour…..
Nissan 2003 Blue PM Effect B17, P6755 – DuPont The gun……… DeVilbiss Engine bay gets sprayed first…… The Doors get their fair share of blue too………… The front fenders are next in line……. Then the entire car’s coated…….. Still in the base coat stage…… Again…the engine bay is the first to get the clear!!!! The roof with exactly half laquered!! Note the difference!! That’s me doin some ogling…….!!! The old surfaces would never reflect me …………
and now here we are!!! The buffing of the car!!! The car……the old wheels look damn sad but keeping them was a very smart idea, in the whole process a set of alloys can easily get screwed!! The rear bumper!!! aaargh!!! One more shot from when it was getting buffed!!!! Time to get Engine back in place hows the music??
Comment down The new driveshafts……. K&N crankcase filter Insert Headers here!!!! Puttin the engine in again after fixing the gearbox!!! The headers from a Suzuki Mightyboy in Oz land, custom made……. for the 796cc F8B Interiors
what you expect this has never done before this aluminum diamond checker sheet
as my door panels, because the new door panels are of real sad quality
and i like the look!! You might have seen this in old buses Rear Seats also gets Sporty look This is how it looks will match with my alloys Alloys!!!
Yes i will get Alloys on it Comment down
What you think about this Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel But wait there is more things to do on Exterior Like the video
it really motivates me Lets quickly roll into the exterior ok here we are The old tint comes off…….. The new Llumar tint goes on…….. Those tires………
Falken Ziex ZE-512 on these wheels……. Nissan Skyline GTR fan have them Falken ZE-326 175/60 R13 77H shod on
League J-007 13×5.5J Lets Checkout Different Angles Rear Glass got Tinted in Z-black Lets Checkout Differnt Angles Comment down if you want to see any other car rebuild . I will try my best to get it. if you like this video
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