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I’m Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute, and our website,, is one of the most highly visited economics web sites on earth with more than 6 million visitors every
year. That’s about four times the amount of traffic that mainstream sites like that of the American Economics
Association, received. But is much more than just a website, it’s the intellectual home for millions of committed libertarians
around the world and it’s the epicenter of the growing
Austrian movement. Perhaps most importantly, it’s home to the greatest free
libertarian library on earth. For the Mises Institute, is our calling card and our doorstep; it’s our single greatest tool for
outreach. It connects us to the world and connects the world with the greatest
libertarian scholarship all completely free of charge. But we
need your financial help. The current site is outdated, the basic architecture is more than 15 years old. The site needs
world-class design, aesthetics, and functionality. It needs an easily searchable database of our enormous library. In short, we need to make sure our technology is worthy of our message. We’ve committed more than $100,000 to rebuilding, and we’ve hired top web design people to
make sure that the site is world class, but we need your help to make sure this effort is a success. Please go to today and click on the ‘Rebuild’ banner at the top of the page. Gifts of one hundred dollars or more, or
recurring monthly gifts of fifteen dollars more, will receive our new limited edition, t-shirt in grey, but your gift of even five or ten dollars makes a big difference. Thank you, and as always, thank you for your support.

11 thoughts on “Rebuilding | Jeff Deist

  1. Please don't 'rebuild' the site! It will only become slow and less useful. But if you absolutely have to do it, try to emulate Amazon which was rewritten to optimize the website and make it faster. Updating usually means adding dozens of Java and other scripting languages that do little to help the site while making it very slow and in some cases, unusable to anyone without the newest hardware.

  2. I can help you with hiring web developers… If their resume shows that they had anything to do with building the Obamacare website, skip that one.

  3. Did you know there was an admin password in that code you showed in the video? Haha, just kidding. Scared ya, didnt I. 😉

  4. I really dont see anything wrong on the surface with Its design is great, very professional, the info is well organized, its fast. Whats the problem your having with it?

  5. Hey Mises!

    There's no BTC, LTC or DRK address on the donation page!

    never mind, I found it on a separate page:

  6. Hey, real web developer here.  I'm seeing a lot of poorly informed comments but I can give you one resson why the need for a redo should examined critically.  Your current site is lived in.  I know you think that is a bad thing but that means that there may be functionality present in the old site that you don't even know is a priority.  The other is that a new site may be more attractive to new users without an already set flow of use but your current ones are already visitors.  Basically an over haul will require extensive marketing of the site because you will have to redevelop your user base.  If you have the money allocated for that great but don't go ahead while over looking it.  You have to remember that even if the old visitors like the changes visiting is a habit and you will remove that habit and it can die.

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