Rebuilding Our Houston Community #YourSuperStar #HoustonStrong- Codemark TV – Episode 36

Hey how’s it going everybody? It’s Mark
MacInerney President/CEO of Codemark Financial with the Par3 Realty team.
#yoursuperstar Yes we’re still your superstar and unfortunately in the
wake of a disastrous hurricane, tornadoes, all kinds of bad floods you guys have
seen this it’s all over here in Houston and the surrounding areas. We at Codemark Financial and the Par3 team, as well as our neighbors here in the
Township Square, we were so fortunate to not experience a lot of the floods that
much of Houston did, but yet guess what guys? We are Houston strong and we are
committed to helping rebuild the city with own bare hands. We have set up our
office as a donation site for toiletries, items for women, children and men of
course, and all this week the Township Square is going to be providing certain
services where proceeds from the sales of certain retail shops, restaurants
will be donating food, we are putting this together as a community because
that’s exactly what we are and when times are tough we stand behind each
other and we rally the troops, and we back each other up. So catch us at Ally
and Belle, Ally and Belle is going to be partnering with a lot of other certain civic groups
that are going to be coming in and selling other small little tchotchke
items 20% of their proceeds are going to be going to those families that are in
need that have been affected by the floods and the storms. Codemark
Financial and Par3 Realty Team are committed to matching dollar for dollar.
For that Paint and Party place, my good friend Bren she’s gonna be over there
offering essentially free daycare but it’s you know through painting classes
for children so all the moms and dads out there that need to take care of
things such as getting water out of their house, meeting with adjusters and
their insurance claims people, now you’ve got a place to go and put your kids
while you go and handle all of the necessary work. And as well, my good
friends at Capone’s Danny Barkas, Ted over at Old Hickory, these guys will be
providing lunch for those that are need as they come into our Township. So again
yes a horrible situation unfortunately we can’t control mother nature,
but what we can control is how we help one another.
We’ll see you, continue to watch us. We’re gonna be posting a lot of these
different details of what has been happening since the hurricane, who has
been affected, and who are the players that are stepping up to get things to
make things happen to help. Until then I’m Mark MacInerney President/
CEO Codemark Financial with the Par3 Realty Team. Catch us every Friday “Lunch
with Mark” Facebook, and you can catch us on YouTube all the time at Codemark TV.
We see you. Houston Strong

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