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They destroyed it all, Simmons. Those damn stupid bastards. They blew it all up! Damn them! Damn them to Hell! Those damn dirty apes! Calm down, Grif. We don’t know that the whole world is like this. Yes it is, they destroyed it all. I guess the society of Men just wasn’t meant to survive. Hey, how about this? How about we explore more than 2 square miles before we jump to any conclusions? It was definitely nuclear weapons. That’s what did it. And the explosions caused massive power-outages which caused the fail-safes to fail, which released the super-bacteria from a secret lab! Oh, come on! That caused a huge plague, and as the victims died, they rose from the dead 12 hours later… … to roam the Earth and feed on human flesh. What?! A handful of gritty survivors from all walks of life… … were able to keep the legions of the infected radioactive undead at bay, Using only their wits and their inexplicable comprehension of agricultural science and engineering Everything was looking good… … and THAT’S when the meteor hit! I think you just quoted every crappy Hollywood apocalypse movie ever. Nah… Hollywood doesn’t understand apocalypse. They think that just one thing from everyday life goes away, and that changes everything. Like in Road Warrior it was gas, and in Water World it was land. What went away in The Matrix? Sunlight. I thought the missing element was plot. I’m talking about Matrix 1 Oh, right. Face it Simmons, the age of Man is done. If all that happened, then where are the zombies? Why aren’t they still around? The meteor killed them! And what about the super-bacteria? It was infected by Alien bacteria brought by the meteor… … and it was wiped out in a massive bacteria-on-bacteria plague Very ironic. OK, then why haven’t we been infected by the new alien bacteria? It only infects other bacteria. Are you even listening to me? D’you guys ever get anything done or do you just stand around and talk all day? We don’t get paid enough to do stuff. But what about Church, idiots? How are we going to get him from the past to the future? I guess he can just wait. That’s how it usually works. But when he gets to the present, it’ll just be destroyed like everything else Well, he’ll just have to fix it on his own, then And if he’s successful, he’ll get to live through the coolest apocalypse of all time! Simmons, Grif, get your keisters over here! Look what I found. I found it! Look at what I took credit for finding. Aaa-mazing that these two actually accomplished something. It looks like some kind of an alien transport mechanism for that can be used to — Or, it’s a Jeep. You have no imagination. Hmm, let me see if I can get this thing working. How? There’s no parts. And what are you gonna use for fuel? Grif is right, Simmons, you don’t have any imagination. Thank you, sir. Shut up, scum bag, we’re not having a moment. Hey, we need to find Church. He’s dead, son. Why haven’t you given up hope yet and just moved on? It’s only been a couple of hours! Well this should make you feel better. When his body blasted into smithereens, At least he took all our enemies with him. Mu ha ha ha ha! Don’t worry, my metallic friend, you’ll be up and about in no time! Mu ha ha ha! Ha ha ha – *coughs!* *chokes!* Ah-ha! Aah… Ha ha Uhhhhh *coughs* Ha!

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  1. i thought that was "British" english i think both are correct in "English" because as a culture we learned to accept one another's weird spellings of the same words and moved on with our lives.

  2. "No puedo tocar mi cuerpo" translates to "I can't TOUCH my body" right? Did they mean to get that sentence wrong or can "tocar" mean "to feel" also?

  3. if standing in front of church made you go to the future and standing behind sent you into the past… what if you stood right next to him?? o.o

  4. but the present was destroyed, yet they are living in the present moment which is the future which is the present that dosent exist

  5. So if they got sent into the future, then how did the director, carolina, washington, and C.T. survive all of those years. I'm not trying to be a critic, I am just wondering.

  6. during the time when they were in the Freelancer facility they look at the files and find out that's scenario #3, so they weren't actually sent to the future

  7. I thought it was usually the fault of other humans? And I don't think Mexico is into voodoo shit either…

  8. wtf happened to Cabose?? his voice is different in every episode and somehow manages to get dumber in every episode, don't get me wrong. it's hilarious, just confusing

  9. Have you also noticed that Sarge's voice got progressively better over time? It's because the more they got into RvB the more they changed their characters and the story, just like a good TV show.

  10. "What was the missing element in the Matrix?"
    "I thought the missing element was plot"

  11. 1:21 "Like in War Warrior it was gas and in Water World it was land."
    "What went away in the Matrix?"
    "I thought the missing element was plot."

  12. Are you using halo original or halo 3 because I can't customize my armor in halo original and halo 3 didn't exist when this was originally created.

  13. Caboose: Look what I found
    Donut: I found it!
    Caboose: Look what I took credit for finding.
    Oh how I love your idiocy Caboose.

  14. Wait…isn't Church already dead? He's a ghost or whatever. So how could he be "dead" and sent to the past? Wouldn't the bomb explode Robot Number 2, so Church would just be a ghost without a body?

  15. I agree with Simons they would be infected by that alien bacteria because they have bacteria in them ect. Saliva, digestion

  16. To be fair, since the world is so dependent on oil for transportation, power, and commerce, it could experience a small-ish apocalypse if the oil reserves run dry. And we'd probably be stuck on this planet.

  17. Hi guys, I added the subtitles for this yesterday but couldn't on the high-def version. Today the high-def version's subs can be edited but I don't want to type the entire thing out again! Is there an easy way to transfer the subtitle track over to the other video for re-timing?

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