Renovation in ARCHICAD – Show on current renovation filter only

In this movie we will demonstrate how we can set elements
to be visible only on a particular Renovation Filter. For this, we define the selected elements
as specific to the current Renovation Filter. These elements are visible only on that single
Renovation Filter, and will not exist in any other Filters. Let’s see a quick example. We have dimensioned the build in equipment and also
the interior walls using the same settings and layer. These dimensions have the New Renovation Status,
so in default they are shown in the New Construction and also on the Planned Filter. However we wish to show the dimensions of the
Equipment only on the New Construction filter. For this let’s select the affected dimension line and
choose the New Construction renovation filter. Let’s click the “Show On Current Renovation Filter Only” button,
in the top right corner of the Renovation palette. Alternatively we can use the Element Settings as well. Let’s Activate the Settings dialog and
switch to the Tags and Categories Panel. We use the “Show on Renovation Filter control”
to choose the Renovation Filter where we want to restrict the selected dimension line. Let’s switch to the planned filter. As we can see the affected dimensions disappeared. Only the wall dimensions are visible. To place elements continuously only on
a particular Renovation filter, we activate the “Show On Current
Renovation Filter Only” button. In this way all newly placed elements will be visible
only on the topically active Renovation Filter.

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