100 thoughts on “Restoration destroyed phone | Restore Oppo A3s | Rebuild broken phone

  1. আমি Md Sayed সিলেট থেকে আপনার প্রতিটি ভিডিও দেখে থাকি অনেক উপকারী ভিডিও গোলা অনেক ভালো লাগে।

  2. Hi can you help me ? Restore my iPhone 5 its a gift from my ante…. I try to go somewhere where i can fix my phone but nobody wants to do it..

  3. Phone care center:Give us 10 days ro fix this phone

    Jai Phone:Just give me 10 minutes
    People:Why you don’t open a phone care center?

  4. Что нужно делать с телефоном, чтобы он до такой степени расхерачился??? Машина грузовая по нему проехалась раз 5 минимум

  5. Hey man I have a question for you I have an 8 plus that quit on me screen busted I bought q new screen plugged it in nothing happened so I thought the battery was bad also bought a new battery and new screen and it wont power on or if you plug a charger into it I dont do anything what do you think that might be?

  6. Can you help me fix my phone oppo the screen is destroyed i really need my phone so can you fix it where are you from?

  7. The blired labele in the video is telling the sender's name and who it's sent too the priveve picture is a facke one

  8. Love from india , I have several damaged phones can you help me
    1 ) honour holy its screen is cracked but it still responds and it does not start but when a good charger is connected it works

    2 ) lenevo k3 screen is cracked but respons and it wont start until I keep a new battery but the battery gets spoilt in a week or less

    3 ) lenevo k8 note no physical damage but it just show lenevo logo continously if you try to start it

    4) samsung galaxy grank neo I wrote this comment form this phone no physical damage, its only issue is if you try to put a sim card in it it just shows samsung logo until you remove the sim card ,

    5 ) Samsung GT 1960 the part where you insert the battery is broken thers 3 pins but one broke , the place where the battery should be there is rust .

    6 ) a old micromax which is perfect except the frame of the speaker is broken

    7 ) a lenevo tablet which does not switch on and screen is cracked

    8 ) a reliance tab which does not switch on

    My name is rudrasimha agarwal from India please reply if you can help me please .Please don't ask me how I broke so many phones , if thew can be repaired tell me how much it will cost I am willing to pay please reply jaiphone

  9. Hello, can you help with my data in broken one plus 6 or you can tell me how to restore data. It would be really helpful…

  10. For those asking for him to fix your phone

    I Suggest to learn to do it yourself

    I give you some tips

    Read ifixit guides about your phone model

    Watch other YouTuber Eg Hugh Jeffreys,he repair iPhone

    Most importantly

    Keep all screws organized

    Make sure it go to the right place otherwise you will damage the phone logic board

    Use a paper or a screw mat that can be written or draw on using the marker that came with and draw out the layout of the screw of each part Eg logic board, screen bracket and battery bracket

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