Rockhurst engineering students put bridge-building skills to the test

okay so the way this is gonna work y’all is uh we have I have a scale up here at the front that is has a bunch of waiting I so basically I built a bridge of toothpicks and not toothpicks popsicle sticks and it’s supposed to put 75 pounds or hopefully somebody’s five pounds hopefully this hold 75 pounds and we’ll see you soon yeah anything you add on there is gonna show up so now you have 2.4 pounds here hi I’m Lillian I’m a chemistry major we are in statics physics of engineering so we built bridges out of popsicle sticks and wood glue and now we’re gonna be weighing it down with at least 75 pounds and see if it holds [Applause] I don’t know man I mean this was a lot of blood sweat and tears but I can’t want to see how much it can hold now the rules say that people feel safe [Music] I say I was surprised that it actually held 75 pounds even though I put like a lot of layers of popsicle sticks I know I could hold 25 or 75 pounds I’m really happy because I didn’t think I was gonna survive yeah he said it didn’t break where you thought it would break yeah so actually I had a little a little issue with one of my members and the fact that it was like slightly too short look right here so I kind of had to like jerry-rigged it and put like some I broke a popsicle stick and like put in half so I was thinking that would probably be where it broke just cuz that’s like a weaker link but it ended up breaking I’m just watching like people do it like this entire time has been kind of really impressive because ours did not turn out how we wanted it to in any way shape form or so to watch other people succeed you’re proud of them it’s a weird it’s a weird feeling

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