Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Aarons Astrology Standoff

*festive music* *festive music* I always hear the horror stories about executives throwing shit Oh my, I know I have many stories about.. (Really?) Well, this guy was an absolute madman And he like you know – he may or may not have had a drug problem at one point that made him very excitable, but his office space was this size of the studio and all that was there was one desk and a ping-pong table and whenever he got pissed off He’d throw the ping-pong table!(Heheh) And like I think he bought them just ’cause he know he would break them. You know? (Really?) So one time he threw, I-I was on the other side of the room, and he’s like “Did you uhh call that client about that thing?” and I go “I’m about to you know.. This- about to hap-” and he’s like “Well here maybe you should send an email. Let me help you with that” He grabs my laptop throws it at least from across the room, (Holy shit!) and it shatters against the wall behind me and I was like “I’ll get o- I’ll get on that right now I guess.” and this guy was also the kind of guy who in my interview He had told me to show up at this Mexican food restaurant at 2:00 p.m. Sharp. So I show up there It’s closed and I’m like what the fuck and then the manager comes down goes “Are you Aaron?” “Yeah?” And he goes “Bob is in the back.” I go “Okay” This guy sitting at this 10 person table at this booth, but he’s in the back of it. He goes “Aaron I’ve been reading about you.” “I know everything about you because you want to see?” he opens up his tomb of this huge book He slides it over across the table me and I look at it And it’s an astrology book and it’s turned to my birthday look and he goes “I know everything” (Good Lord) “Read that passage right there.” He goes “You read that passage right there” so I start reading it And he goes “Out loud!” and I go “Aquarius are sometimes known for their pretty-” He’s like “No no! Get to the weaknesses!” and I go “Defiance something something” and he goes “Ooh” “Ooh T-that’s not that’s not good for our business. That’s not good at all!” He already read them so, he knew like he was making sure I knew and he goes “Why would I hire someone with these weaknesses?” Im uhh and like before I could even answer He said “Turn July 28th”, so I turned to it, and he goes “Read it out loud!”(okay) And he goes “No no skip to the weaknesses!” so i get to the weaknesses, and it says “panicked, disturbed volatile” and I read it and i was like “ehh” He goes “Oh man panic, disturbed, volatile? That guy sounds like a real fucking nut right?!” (Hohohoh my god!) *festive music*

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Aarons Astrology Standoff

  1. He couldnt have remembered the guys birthday right? Like he just picked a random date and thats not actually what they say for July 28 babies right? RIGHT? 💀

  2. This is by far my favorite RTAA. The story on its own is amazing enough, but the animation compliments it perfectly!

  3. Someone should mesh a video of this and Burnie freaking out at the RT production productions studio video and a few times he yelled on the podcast at Gavin, Gus, and some people offscreen that were making noise while they were trying to do the podcast.

  4. Better response to him throwing the laptop:
    "Well, now I can't til I get a new laptop. Now, you can either pay for it, or I call the police. Your choice."

  5. I had a boss like this once….for a job i'm %90 percent sure in hindsight was some kind of front for an illegal operation involving identity theft.

  6. Sounds like some girl I met on Tinder. I met her at a cafe and she asked me what my zodiac sign was and she pulled out this large paper filled with zodiac stuff and she is like "I see. We might not be compatible, but let's see how this goes".

  7. This is the kind of guy who is the result of what would happen if Malcom Tucker kept his frustrations to himself for years…

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