Ruby Bridges: 6 Years Old and Desegregating a School | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

I was told to go downstairs and then as
if sort of on signal those doors opened. And then in their midst was
this precious little child. And as I went over to greet her,
her brown eyes you know just rose up to meet mine and, oh mercy,
it was just love at first sight. Two days before, on a Friday
evening, I received a call from the superintendent of schools asking
me if I would like to take a first grade. And then to my surprise it
evolved quite differently. To drive up to the school that
morning and witness this crowd, people yelling, and there
were a lot of placards with all kinds of sayings,
some even from the Bible. I was so stunned by the reaction
to what was happening. I could not believe people would treat
anyone like that, particularly a child. By Nov.15, there were no
children left in the school. They were all gone. We joined hands and went
up to our lonely classroom where we began our
solitary adventure. We’d sit side by side because,
you know, I could fit into the desks then, I was skinny. And I often chuckle at the
fact that I had snowflakes to emphasize different ways
you could make the number four, you know, three and one, two and two. There was never a hand
offered the entire year to do a single thing
for Ruby and me. But that first day, I was, in
a way, being just a friend to her and she was taken home
by the federal marshals. But I think I told her I said
while there weren’t any children here now, there would be.
Some would join us later on.

10 thoughts on “Ruby Bridges: 6 Years Old and Desegregating a School | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

  1. Why is a little 6 year old child being forced to do the "heavy lifting" on race and segregation? This sweet little girl did not create this system. But she has to be the sacrificial lamb to solve the problem. If we left the children alone they would need zero help in playing and learning together they would do it automatically.

  2. You need to show the gauntlet of vile hate that child had to walk through every day. The videos still exist.

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