We’re Hannah and Chad, full-time RVers who
love to travel, and are in the midst of paying off $153,000 in debt. This is Our Debt Free
Journey. Alright, so we’re starting to rebuild. I have all my damaged wood, or most of it
anyway, out. So I just took the table saw and made some art. It took me a little bit,
but I hatched out this pattern, because of this corner here I can only get so much of
the old wood out. So I made this guy to sit in there like that so I can attach a 2×4 here,
and a 2×3 down here, and my corner is reinforced then. I also need to bring in, once I have
these boards in, I’ll have a 2×4 running flat along the seam line here. This is above the
cab, above the windshield outside. Alright I got my staples pounded in so now I should
be able to put this in flush. [Noisy drill sounds] Now that I have my board up I can
take my measurements. It looks to be seven and three eighths, or three fourths, sorry.
And then down here, looks like sixteen. We’ll just cut it right on the sixteen inch line
and it should give me the right length. [Music] So we got one, two, three, four, five, and
six junction boxes up and ready for wire. Hannah’s finishing up the cleaning. We’re
just about ready for spray foam. I’m just going to get my wires loosely ran, and into
my junction boxes. Then, I’ll be able to spray foam those into place, basically. [Music]
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  1. I just started watching your videos and like what I've seen so far. 😀 What kind of carpentry/electronic background do you have?

    I live in an RV full time although I'm stationary in a Mobil home park. I know there is some water damage, but am reluctant to tear out walls.

    I'm also wondering how the spray foam insulation is working for you.

    Great job with the videos and the remodel!

  2. I would have suggested using a story board instead of a tape measure to get a precise measurements or to mark the actual board itself and cut it at the mark.

  3. Good job, Chad! I love to see people keeping things in use. A lot of life left in a lot of things, just a bit of good old TLC.

  4. Are you concerned that the cab. is now MUCH HEAVIER with the new plywood. Is there a way to keep the cab from sagging?

  5. You realize you detempered your screws by cutting off the excess rather than using the right tools for the job… right?

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