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  1. I have to admit, the 1st one was creepy as Fuck!! I have been a Paranormal Investigator/researcher for about 20 years. And I've come across some utterly terrifying stuff. This one here is no less terrifying.

  2. There are two exploreres in UK that run and scream like children every time they hear a noise. Such things are hard to believe because they dont seem real.

  3. Danny's one is obviously fake – the guy has been back there and made so many other videos with the nun that isn't not even funny anymore.

  4. That #1 is obviously fake, the figure is filmed with a movie camera with nothing around it and then it cuts to a poor cell camera running away.

  5. That's me as a ghost…"Ooooooo booooo….aaaw #$*!?" (trip on curtain, face plant on carpet). "Ow, ugh, sorry, ANYWAY, ooooooo."

  6. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is. The video of the nun and "Bert Death" on the placard looked intentionally staged. The EVP of the child I am not sure.

  7. The woman being grabbed (5.00): what happened to her afterwards? She must have had some sort of sensation to report. It leaves us a bit up in the air. I am always puzzled because these apparitions are nearly always of the scary sort – are there no benign spirits around? – that is not my experience.

  8. Kent from Ghosts of Carmel Maine is a fecking legend, I've seen some scary shit over the years related to the Paranormal but his Shadow Dude is a huge Nope for me, and I love ghost hunts, had one shadow person who got in to my house and it took me a month to get him out again, it was so bad that my neice was terrified of just being in my Mums car outside the house. I don't scare easily and I do see spirits everywhere I go, I actually have a ghost kitten, who lived here way before I moved in, she sleeps behind my knees in bed, I don't want anything else to be here with me and my furry overlady.

  9. Does anyone else think the way he does his intro is creepy in it's self like something isn't right about it. The way he says slapped hhhhaaaaaammmmm

  10. He’s got a nerve going in there alone a bit dumb I think maybe he didn’t really expect to see a ghost but if he didn’t really want to see one what the heck was he doing in there!

  11. Ok also when the first video is showing the thing on the roof if you look at the top left window as it's focused in on the roof you can see what looks like a man and white face standing in the top left window and as the video is still u can see what ever it is turn to it's left and move out of the window

  12. Damn I would run out too!!! Looked like she wanted Danny's soul. Or mad because he was in her space. If I was a ghost I would probably feel the same way.

  13. Nun in the chapel: fake. Fake scream.
    Oh come on! Grandpa’s house??? What a joke- I nearly laughed out loud for the robed plastic mannequin in the forest. Hooey! A load of it!

  14. The woman being taken away the scream is steady and still it should have been way far by the time she started screaming this one is staged

  15. Kent's videos are 100% real he has a group on Facebook that I follow The Ghosts Of Carmel Maine.
    All of these videos are disturbing to watch.

  16. Kent from the Ghosts of Carmel Maine channel didn't just let out a scream, he let out a string of obscenities.
    His channel is f'ing awesome! And REAL!!
    His vids are long (usually over an hour long), but they are legit.
    He has caught sooooo much creepy shit in his home! Disembodied voices, EVP's, shadow dude, strange movements, etc.
    It used to be a funeral home in the late 1800s, early 1900s.
    Theres no way in hell id be able to sleep in that house!
    I don't know HOW he's able to live there!
    But if you watch his vids, you'll see there's no shady cuts, or edits. In fact, he's tech illiterate lol. You can see he's not tech savvy.
    He's literally just a guy, being haunted by ghosts, trying to document it with what equipment he has, the best way he can.
    I've bugged him for awhile to get a better camera, maybe one day he will.
    But still….the footage is absolutely incredible.
    Scary as hell, but also fascinating and entertaining.

  17. It irritates me when people are supposedly looking for ghosts, scream and run away when they think they’ve seen one.

    We shared our 1907 house with members of the original family for the 40-some years we owned the house.
    When my daughter was about 2 1/2 she had a conversation with a “fuzzy” blue man on our main stairway. After he disappeared, she ran in the kitchen to tell my mom and me about it. She said that he said “everything is all right.”
    When she became more articulate she described clothes that would have been in style at the turn of the century.

    Many other people witnessed and experienced things over the years and bless my friends’ and relatives’ hearts, none of them screamed or ran away.
    Some wouldn’t go in certain rooms or spend the night again, but they neither screamed nor scrambled out of the house to their car.

  18. I've seen the Maine ghost several times and I've noticed the shadow dude seems to be in an alternate reality. Especially where he is in the window. A strange aura seems to surround him. 🤔😱

  19. The last clip on this video looks fake. Looks like just some older man with a bit of scary make up. The face turn is easily done by anyone.

  20. the last guy kind of looks like a normal person but with facial scarring from a burn or something, still odd though

  21. i do not believe danny didnt see the thing on the roof. Reason is his camera hovered in that area longer than the rest of the building

  22. Why is it that almost all clips of aliens or paranormal are out of focus, very dark or in a controlled location that can easily be manipulated? Show me an alien landing, getting out and greeting or vaporizing someone that can be seriously documented. Anyways, i still enjoy watching your vids, Callen. Have a great weekend, dude. Shlapp them ham vids

  23. the last one was from movie that was being made or something idk for sure but ik itwas from a movie or a short film or something but yeah its not real i read about it somewhere

  24. When people say there's voices in a video, am I the only one who can hardly or never hear it? I mean, I heard the child very faintly, but the other "voices" are silent.

  25. First video is fake. His Channel is for kids, one of his YouTube frinds (Proving Demons) said it when i said his videos are fake.

  26. on the very last clip i say it's b.s. why i say this is i find it very odd how he records the fell staring at his house from the woods and then closer a bit later and buddy never say's a word to him like… what are you doing here, excuse me why are you here, or anything else but nope just records a complete stranger a few feet away and staring at hid house. nope not right no way is that real.

  27. The quality of videos you post get worse and worse by the video. Some are even so well known to be fake but you still try to pass them off as real lol

  28. Huff Paranormal is the worst. He sells some bullshit boxes for thousands of dollars, preying on emotional people that have lost loved ones. I despise him and all his content should be presumed as fake.

  29. I think the ghost sightings of the nun are true there three to four sighting. That I believe are 3 to 4 sightings that are real I think Danny has then turned a sighting into mini series it is unfortunate that people don’t understand this and wipe it of as being fake when this is true to about 4 sightings.

  30. What a bunch of great, scary videos!!! Even if that Nun is fake, there was something on top of the building unaccounted for. But his reaction seems truly scared. And whatever that was that grabbed the woman was hunched over looking and super fast. I loved all these awesomely extra servings of creepy stuff!!! Great job finding these Kallen!!!!

  31. Hey guys no experts baffled here the fake attention seeking is that clear you can even see the absence of the parents

  32. This is the BEST channel for ghost videos. I know that not all are real, but it's always presented in such professional ways & clearly let's the viewer believe if the clips are real or not without trying to persuade anyone in either direction. Keep up the fantastic job for for real.😘👍😇👌😍

  33. Danny is sure scared of a little nun. Shadow dude very suspicious that he never hold camera still when shadow dude appears. He should be use to shadow dude by now..Bet he will never hold it still when he appears they are cuts in video

  34. I subbed to Exploring With Danny a while ago thinking it was a joke after seeing that nun clip.
    I watched a video called "We Caught Slenderman On Film." Slenderman is a fictional character so no, you caught "someone" dressed up as Slenderman.
    Then came the video where he was just walking through the woods and a random guy hit him, in the head, with an ax. He was all bloody in the video, screaming that he was being attacked.
    Next, he uploads a picture of himself in a hospital room.
    His head had no bandages, there were no IVs in him, he looked like a healthy man.
    All of his fans were sending him well wishes and sending prayers and all that junk.
    I unsubbed right there. That man fakes his videos horribly, as you saw in the nun video, and if he can put his fans through something like that just for views sickens me.
    I have no respect for that channel or for Danny. Adding him to this list is an insult.

  35. The nun is obviously this: http://nerdinc.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/1494190638-the-nun-678×381.jpg (or something very similar) cut out and affixed to the window.

  36. 4:40 is fake in my opinion, when she screams if she was being pulled away that quick her scream would quickly get more quiet but it stays the same volume the entire time.

  37. Danny's nun: I think this is really stupid. He goes into a place to seek out something scary or a spirit or ghost, and when he finds one (allegedly) he screams and runs out. That is really a cop out. …. if he did not have the stomach to do the job he went in there to do he should give up ghost hunting. Personally I think its totally fake.

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