Shopping For Homeware With A Top Hong Kong Interior Designer

hello today I have a very exciting video
hopefully it’s exciting to you it’s exciting for me because I love this
stuff but today I’m going to finally put the final touches on my home so as you
know we’ve moved into this place about two months ago now I don’t know but
pretty recently and if you look around you’ll notice it’s kind of a blank
canvas it’s white and black and grey basically and it’s quite cold feeling
and that’s because we don’t have any personal touches or color things like
photo frames with memories and vases with flowers and plants and art any pops
of color or warmth are totally missing and that is what we’re gonna do today
this is the last part of the journey and my opinion it’s the most fun but it’s
also one that I am NOT the best at today I am gonna be joined by my interior
designer whose name is Peggy Bels and she is a French interior designer that
is based here in Hong Kong in Paris and she worked with me from the ground up of
this apartment not not the apartment building but my specific apartment she
helped with the design of everything. I love her because you can really see her
characteristics and things she does like you can tell us some things of Peggy
Bels’ thing I just I just love her vision and her style of decor is exactly
what I love and what I wanted to do here so I hope to learn more today about
interior design and I want to take you guys along with me so you can see her
favorite places to shop both offline and online as well as how she does it and
maybe any tips or tricks she wants to share with us along the way. Natalie? oh
where are you are you? are you excited for today? no. do you like home decorations? did you say no?
really?! ya I thought you don’t want any colour? no I definitely want pops of colour. oh. we’re
gonna go blues, like your hat basically and maybe some yellow my hate isn’t a pop of colour. It is. You’ve got some neutrals and pops of colour, you
represent my house okay we’re excited don’t listen to her
we’re excited with doing this we’re gonna make my house amazing
yeah spend money is spend money I love to see Taylor spend money but it’s gonna be investment pieces that last forever I’m
gonna learn how to do it properly but I thought you’re just going to buy vases and stuff? Ya but vases that are classic. Because I’m going with a French woman, it’s going to be trés chic and classique Horizon Plaza they have like Pottery Barn kind of stuff. We’re going to 3 places, get out of here! What, what 3 places? 3! where? I don’t know we’re gonna
find out keep watching you hear me you hear me so right now we’re on the way to Horizon
Plaza which is our first stop and the place that we’re meeting
Peggy at and horizon Plaza is a converted factory building which has 25
floors of over a hundred shops of all kinds of different furniture shops
Natalie didn’t realize this because she thought we were going to a shopping mall
but it’s actually not a shopping mall it’s one of the coolest furniture shops
here in Hong Kong so you’re excited now right? yes. we’re all on board hello I’m Peggy Bels, I’m an interior designer. I’ve been working in Hong Kong for more than 10 years and before in Paris Those are really nice plates. Ya, for your dining table, it will be very nice. Those are beautiful. For the end of the bed will be nice, ya. If you’re ok to stay with the navy blue for the… ya I was thinking to do navy blue in the bedroom and then yellow in the guest bedroom maybe. yes could be as well ya. so the first thing you decide is what colour you want to do? though when you’re adding the final
touches yes the color is a first but your place
we know we want some blue from blue and yellow that’s the colour we are looking for and navy blue it’s it’s always very elegant in your place. For the cushion I like to put
4 white cushion with a duvet cover in white and just 2 strong colour
on top of it and you can add one more in between. okay. so we could buy 2 of this, 1 of this one for the bedroom is there any way to predict
the next decorating trends and do trends come and go like fashion? ya if you go to the fair, there’s some big fair in Paris in Milan, if you go to the fairs you can see the next trends but basically it’s almost the same for a few years; a lot of velvet, marble, and brass Do you get inspiration from any specific place from
I like to go to Paris to the big fair there’s 2 per year as well and the press. and Pinterest right? I see you on Pinterest sometimes. Pinterest as well.
Pinterest and all the press from everywhere in the world. Like magazines and stuff? Interior press, yup. okay so you keep up to date and you’re
checking what’s trending in what’s new do you follow the trends or do you stick..
because I noticed when I found you there is a specific characteristic that you
can tell like oh that’s Peggy Bels I like to use metal, I used a lot of metal in my place, so that’s not something that is really a trend or I follow It’s something I really like, for a few years. And if you match it with something like a nice elegant texture, it looks much more elegant, so it’s not too much industrial and the cement is something like a trend but I like to use this kind of pattern on the wall
because very well it’s warm as well and it adds something to the flat.
yeah I noticed that with ours it’s not really exact cement-looking, It’s very complicated to do but yes
it really adds something. It gives character to the place. yeah. I know
that some people think that it is not finished but.. it is what we are looking for. we were confused at first
and we weren’t sure if we liked it but then the more you look at it and like
when you actually live in the home and you feel the feelings. Every wall is
different and every wall has a different pattern so it’s it’s what we are looking for, yeah. and that’s
we’re looking for today and home pieces too, things that are unique. exactly yeah.
and different. and all these stuff are handmade so you can’t find even if you
have two of them, they are all a bit different in colour. yeah yeah okay so
we are looking at walnut colour stuff American walnut to put on your
marble because you will brighten up the marble mm-hmm so I would choose
like a this kind of darker walnut it’s a good one. It’s a good match continue what were you doing
did you find something? nothing happened. you were looking at these and said “I want to buy one for my home” I just want to document this moment because you’re now a believer, I changed you. ya but just for the bread and cheese plate we’re not done yet. Let’s see. There’s no marble here but we can try to put it on a white. On the white coffee
table or island top it would be very nice hmm
and you just what type of stuff would you put in these? Even nothing. I like it
if you keep it clean as well and you can also use it when you come back okay to put your, your key for example you if you put it on the island, it could be on
the side and use it every day. That’s very Japanese too because they have a
container for everything like when you pay with your card for example there’s a
little thing there for it when you come back you always have some stuff to put
on the table and you would be nice to have this kind of container so this one will be super nice as well. super heavy. ya, it will be perfect.
what do you think is the most important part of the home? like if you have to invest your
money in one area would it be the lighting the bathtub, the couch? It would be the kitchen. Ya the kitchen I love to have the open kitchen open on the living room and I’d
like to make it a part of the living so it’s just a very sleek look. I never show the
fridge. That’s why you hid my fridge. I always hide the fridge A built in fridge with a nice top always in stone in the natural stone
okay for me is the most important part. The kitchen, And the terrace or the rooftop yes that’s something important as well. mmm that makes sense cuz that’s actually where you spend the most time and when people come
over that’s where you gather. Ya after everything is important as well, but yes. This one will be really nice on the counter top as well to put some fruits uh-huh not to use for
every day you can put it out sometime bring it inside okay and when you do
that you need one specific color like I see the Kardashians, for example
just putting lemons because they want a pop of yellow. Yes. Don’t put tons of fruit an colours? Yes course it more practical to put a few
fruits but yes just lemons would be nice this collection would be very nice for the bathroom with a bit of brass on the edge as well. And there’s the box which matches as well. so this one with the box will be nice for the bathroom or your makeup table these lights are so cool. So I really like this shop because it’s bit more special in the building. They have a nice mix of walnut and velvet and brass yeah this actually looks like what my
husband loves. perfect. It looks a little bit vintage, a little bit 60s/70s.
I love using this one what would you say is your favorite
online shops for homeware that deliver internationally? for plates first
there is one nice shop in Paris That can deliver to Hong Kong very quickly which is Three Seven Paris they have some very nice ceramics, all is handmade, all made in Paris
and beautiful and very very elegant cuts for candles I use a shop, a French shop and they deliver to Hong Kong in few days and very convenient
which is and the smell is so nice and they have like a kind
of metal boxes and they have pot pourri but it’s super nice because it’s like a black stone, which smell very good. you
like the white company? For all the bed sheets because it’s quite complicated
find some nice bed sheets and in the big size in Hong Kong classic white I like
to always white with a bit of piping so very simple
but the material is very nice For lighting I like to use Bert/Frank from
UK or Gong from UK nice okay thank you very much
they have a lot of nice wood pieces! It’s nice ya! You will see this one and another one as well. I wanna take a picture of this
this is really cute so the whole point of today is mixing
high and low right yep this is our highest point?
oh yeah, let’s see at Lane Crawford..maybe not Then we’re gonna go to H&M home and
you’re gonna teach us how to make something look really good on a budget
yes how to add in some key points. Actually you can really make something nice with a few stuff. You mentioned they have some amazing vases that look really expensive. Vases, cushions, throws, some accessories, you have plenty. Looking forward to that because when I go to things like
H&M home or Zara I just look at whatever is in the window and I buy all those
items and re-do it in my home because I don’t know how to piece things
together and then I get sick of it because it’s too much at once and then I
want something new so finding those key items that really work. I will show you how to shop in H&M. show me how to shop in H&M.
but I prefer H&M more than Zara for home for home. I got a ton of questions on how you can make a small space look big? any tips?
I do a lot of spaces in Hong Kong because ya in Hong Kong it’s not a big flat,
so I work on a 300 square feet 350 square feet flat. yep. you can make it like a
one-bedroom flat try to open the bedroom and the living like a sliding window or
like a kind of atelier window. Like you did for your guest room ya.. you really don’t like walls. At least for a small space so the light can go through the light can go through the flat and it makes the full living much bigger you can
use it.sofa and bed are facing each other and it makes the full space much
bigger mm-hmm of course an open kitchen so everything is open together
so to open the space maximum then I don’t use too many furniture, I try more about
accessories. so one nice sofa coffee table and always use a rug to mark the space
..for the living room always what about any storage tips because in
Hong Kong it’s hard to find storage so always make the bed with a storage
under. this one really works well, it’s a huge space for storage its 2 meters by 160 so
you can put those suitcases bedsheets we made it to our last stop oh it’s so empty yeah. There’s not anybody in this shop, so it’s good. even so if your dinner at night you set up the table with the gray
plates that you bought and you put like a few different height of this one
with black candles, it will be very nice this one..either this or this, both will go very well for you place. this vase I really like it! This one is nice. It’s much is this one? HKD$200 I really like this pink color. Your decor is very masculine as well so I wouldn’t be afraid to use some pink tone
in the guest room so you could put two like that on the white bed sheets
so four pillows white and two of this one pink. This one would be nice. And the blanket would be pink too? let’s see what we can find. we could even
mix with a grey one, that could work as well. another Natalie purchase, she got something else. Ya I’m the on budget kind of interior I also love.. these are really cute For the pink colour in the guest room I would use this one as an accessory. They’r really nice. That’s really nice! there’s a big one small oh that’s really nice okay I’m sold
because of this They have the nice black plates and these. But this one are handmade, but this price this one is normal price but this one very cheap, this one is much more expensive for H&M this is only thirty Hong Kong dollars. These bowls are cute too. They’re heavy. yeah so everything is grey and you have
this one and the white one and the 2 cushions, it will look good. But not this pink so try to hide this part the dark one.. just show the light one just setting up things that we got that
I brought home with me did you get something? I’m gonna make
your space nice too! this one’s for Rosie Do you like it?

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