Sleight Of Hand Card Magic | Steven Bridges

– Everybody go wild
for Steven Bridges! (everybody cheers) We don’t have a
studio audience so I just did my own intro. Because I just wanted to
make it feel more profesh. Isn’t that nice? We’ve got Michael
Dean, we’ve got Toby. Toby has no last name. We’re gonna dive
right into this. Toby, I’m gonna do
this, you just say stop. – [Toby] Stop! – Very nice.
– Cool. – We use one, two, three,
four, four’s good actually. We use four. Michael Dean, you
have a different job. I’m gonna deal down my
single cards, like this. You just say stop. – [Michael] Stop. – Nice. Cool. – Let’s have a little look. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10. No way. That’s the same. ‘Cause you could’ve
gone for a couple more or a couple more. – Ten. – Yeah.
– Those four cards. – Are the four tens. Look. Diamonds, clubs, hearts.
– What? – What? – Four tens. – What? – Now what would have happened? – Toby, Toby, real
quick, just say stop. – [Toby] Stop. – Cool. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. No, that’s insane! – Why? – Those four tens? They’re now the four sevens. – No.
– Look. – [Toby] But you didn’t
change those cards! – No. No. No. Seven of
diamonds, seven of hearts, seven of clubs, seven of spades. (Michael laughs) – There we go. – You all right? – We’re just
getting started bae. – Oh! There’s more? – Oh yeah, there’s lots more. Yeah, okay. Let’s dive in. Mr Dean just reach
and just touch one. Sweet. Yeah touching its fine. It doesn’t really matter
what you’ve got… Except we’ll go for a new
card, seven of spades. We just had the sevens. Don’t do that to
me Michael Dean. Just reach and just touch one. Cool, flip it out, take it over,
show everybody what we got. Michael Dean! I said a new card, he’s going
for the seven of spades. Toby, just touch one. Yeah, take it out, flip
it over, what’ve we got? – Ha! – Toby, man, don’t you
let me down as well! Toby, all you have to
do is point to a card. Just, like, not the top
one, what you doing? That one there, flip it out,
turn it over, what’ve we got? – [Toby] Ha! – Seven of spades, Toby, you’re
breaking my little heart. You’re breaking my
little magiciany heart. Michael Dean, actually,
here’s what I want you to do. Could you just
scribble your name, nice and big, across there. Scribble it. What’s that? – The pressure
– What was that? That’s not even writing. – It says Mike Dean–
– Hieroglyphs. – The pressure was on. – Okay, that’s really terrible. But that’s fine,
that’s what we’ve got. Toby, I’m just gonna carve
little packets of cards now. Whenever you like just say stop. – [Toby] Stop. – Yeah, drop those? More or less, you happy? – More!
– More? – More!
– All the rest? – Yeah!
– How many? – Some.
– Too many? – Two, two more cards!
– Eighteen. – Two more cards? Fifty more cards.
Two. – Cool, yeah, good. – Happy?
– Yeah. – Okay, I’ll do– – What! (Michael laughs) – You’re ruining this,
you’re really ruining this! – No! (Michael laughs) – Here’s what we’re gonna do. Because this is
getting confusing. Oh, by the way, you
might realise the reason I got you to write your name
on the card, Michael Dean, is so that even if I had
more than one seven of spades that’s the only one with
your signature on, right? So we don’t have
another seven of spades, that’s also got
your signature on. Because, obviously,
you’ve signed this card. We can’t have more than
one seven of spades. (Michael laughs) That’s got your signature on. ‘Cause these are the
only cards in play. (Michael laughs) – Some people think
that there’s more than one seven of spades in the deck. And they think I’ve got
a cheeky ‘nother one hiding in the
middle of the deck. Or sometimes they think that
there’s one over here as well. But, obviously, that
can’t be the case because the only one we’ve got
is the one on the table, with your signature
on it, right? In fact, yeah, some cards– (Toby laughs) Some cards in the deck look
like the seven of spades. They look kinda similar. Eight of spades,
really close right? But there’s only
one seven of spades in the deck, with
your signature on it. And that’s Michael Dean’s
signed seven of spades. Say what, say what? – What? – What. No you don’t
have to say what. I’m just hyping my own tricks. I’m just going, what! We are gonna move
on from this now and whenever I move on from
this trick, people think “Oh! He’s gonna use it again!”
so I’m actually, genuinely… We don’t need that sugar,
we got loads of cards. We’re on a budget. Oh, actually, hold on, sorry. I do need that one. (Michael laughs) We’ll get back to
that in a minute. This is a new card
trick, I’m getting confused with where we’re going. We need that for
the end of the show. For the end of the show,
nice and exciting, alright? Toby– – Yeah – Would you just reach
and just touch one. Cool, take it out, look
at it, don’t show me. It doesn’t matter, it’s
not the seven of spades. That would be wild, but
we’re not that wild. Michael Dean,
similar kind of deal. I’m gonna flip through
the cards, like this. You just point to
one, I don’t mind. Take it out, have a look at
it, show the guys at home. It doesn’t really
matter if I see but let’s just keep it
hidden and a nice surprise. Yeah, and then hold
the cards face down. Happy? Good. Yeah, so this trick is
based on making mistakes. ‘Cause one of the things
I found being a magician, especially when I was younger, I would drop cards all the time. Oh, by the way, I should
probably show you guys that the cards are
actually all different. I never really
established that when we had all the seven of
spades stuff going on. As a magician I’d
often drop cards on the playground and
people would laugh at me. Because I’m a fool,
I drop the cards. And I found an
interesting thing. One time, I didn’t
pick up the cards. I just let them hit the ground. And people didn’t
make fun of me. It’s a weird thing
when the cards hit the ground and you’ve
dropped them and you’ve lost control,
people laugh. But when you haven’t
lost control, you’re kinda like “No, it’s
part of the plan!”, you’re okay. And sometimes I would drop
more cards on the floor and just be like
“Oh! I don’t care!”. You’ve kinda regained
control of the situation. So from this weird
little thing I learnt that sometimes, with
mistakes, it’s better to just go with it
and make it worse. And then find a solution
within the mistake. I don’t know if
that makes sense. – So I’m gonna
illustrate this with a lovely little card trick. Because that’s what
we’re doing today. Cheeky little shuffle,
like this, boom! So in this case, this
represents the mistake. And we’re dropping the
cards on the floor, right? And you remember your card? – Yeah. – Yeah, happy days. We’ll stick you,
badger, in there. Michael Dean, we’ll
put yours in there too. So, do you have a phone? – Yeah. – Can you get out your phone. And can you put it
on the camera mode? But not the selfie-mode,
the other mode. So, yeah, cards a bit of a mess. And I found that if
you take the cards and kinda make them worse,
like in this case, shuffle them up more. I kind of can help the
situation in a weird way. So, in this case, we’ll
give them one more little, cheeky, shuffle. Yeah, just pop it down on
the table, that’s great. We’re gonna get a lovely
photograph with you guys. It’s gonna be really nice,
a memento of this occasion. Look at that, nice and messy. You can kind of hop
up for a second and just kinda crouch down
there, and scooch together, so that you’re facing me. No, that’s wrong, that’s wrong. – Where? – You stand over there,
Toby, you stand over there. – Oh, Oh! – Now face me. – Okay. – Yeah but kinda
crouch together more. Yeah this is great! (everyone laughs) Loving everything about this. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll do a nice little
thing like that. Michael Dean, could you hold
out your hand, like this? You’re gonna grab
all those cards but keep that real
still, keep that still. Have you got that? – Yeah. – Cool, and I’m gonna
grab this thing. Toby, you wanna get in there? Just move a little
bit to the side. It’s a bit blurry. Oh that is absolutely… Are you waving in the
background there Tom Mack? I wondered why you
waved your hand. (Michael laughs) That’s perfect, we’ll
leave that there for now. Great, you can go sit
back on your chair. Alright, nice, lock that. Okay, so as we’re on about,
cards being in a mess. I really want you to see
that this is legit, right? So you got some cards face up, you got some cards face down. The important
thing, too, is that there’s no sort of
cheeky patterns, right? It’s not like I’ve
got every other card is face up or face down. They are just in
a mess and there’s no real sort of
specific order to it. Some face down, some
face up, some face down. – Sure. – If you see your
card, by the way, don’t say anything, I
don’t wanna hear it. – Okay. – Michael Dean, I
want you to see and you can even touch
the cards, feel that? You feel that they’re
face up, face down? I know it’s weird but they’re
all a bit of a mess, right? So here’s what I’m on
about with problems and solving them
and going further. If you take a trick and you
build it out of a mistake. You can do something a
little bit different, watch. What was your card? – You want me to–
– Yeah, yeah tell me. – King of diamonds. – King of diamonds. Every single card, in
the deck, sorted out. Every single one, look, except– – [Toby] Oh! – King, of diamonds! What? – Oh! – There we go. Michael Dean, sorry, your
card wasn’t there was it? What was your card Michael? – It was clubs… – Clubs? (Michael laughs) – Was it? It was the eight. – Did you see it? – I didn’t see it– – These guys at home will see. Oh this is great. – Tom Mack? – [Tom] Eight of spades, yeah. – Eight? Yeah? Eight. Five? Five! – Whatever you want,
you want a five? It was either the
eight or the five. – Okay
– Sorry I got distracted – This is–
– Open up your phone. – [Tom] I think it
might’ve been a five. – Five?
– Five? – Yeah. Five. – Look at the
photograph that we took. – Okay. – Oh! – Show Michael. – Oh! – Wait but when I was holding
it, there were so many– – Yeah, they were messy.
– More– – That’s the trick Michael Dean. – Show the guys at home.
– No! What? – Give a little bit
of a cheeky closeup. – What is happening there? The other cards were
the other way around. – I know right? – That’s so weird! – I like that you can
see Tom Mack in there. (laughs) – I know, yeah,
that’s what we want. Okay, let’s move
on, let’s move on. – So weird. – There’s your little
souvenir for the Instagrams. – Should we use… ’cause yours was a five,
yours was a king, right? King of diamonds. Kings or fives? – Kings! – Kings? Sweet, kings it is, alright. (cards shuffling) There we go, there’s
the four kings. – What? – I know, right? Let’s do something… Toby–
– Yeah – How are your powers
of observation? – Oh! – It’s a really easy
observation test. – Okay.
– Toby. – All you’ve gotta do is worry about the suits,
right, or the colours. What’s this, black? – [Toby] Black. – [Steven] Spade? – [Toby] Yeah.
– You got that? Nice. Put your finger on top. And what’s this? – Black, club. – Yeah, nice, good.
– Cool – We’ll slide that in there too. And we’re gonna
take the red ones so that they’re face-to-face,
like this, watch. (silence) And now we get the blacks here. (Toby sighs) – What was under my
hand was the reds. – Two red kings. – What? – Michael Dean, I
feel like you’re gonna give this trick a try, alright? So you’re gonna hold the
cards just how I did. So give it like a
little pinch motion. I’m gonna take the two
black kings like this and we’re sort of gonna
line them up like that. Pinch them, hold
that real still. Perfect, that’s perfect. And, look, we’ll do
this with the red kings. Okay, when I say, I
want you to sort of rub. When I say, not too early, okay? Here we go. Slowly start to rub. And we get out. Sorry these are the fives. Actually, let’s have a look. (participants laugh) And now we’ve got the fives. – How is he doing this? (Michael laughs) – Too much free time and
sad, alone in my bedroom. – You’re a wizard, Steven. – Michael Dean, how is your
shuffling? It doesn’t have to– – Mediocre. – Mediocre? Mediocre is good, that’s
what we’re aiming for. Shall we use… Yeah
we’ll use the fives. Can you do the overhand shuffle? That’s like the standard
kind of shuffle. – Yeah – You give them a little bit
of cheeky overhand shuffle. You gonna judge
your talent on it? That’s perfect, not too
much, it makes it hard. – Okay.
– Now it’s fine. – Alright, thanks man. – Told you it was mediocre. – Yeah, yeah, okay chuck ’em
back on the table face down. And Michael Dean, just say stop. – Stop. – Yeah, one, two,
three, four, five. That was nice, all the fives. Toby, I feel like you
wanna try this as well? – Yeah.
– How is your shuffling? – I play a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! – You play a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh!? Can you do a riffle shuffle or– – No I just– – So just a boring one?
– Yeah just a boring one. – Yeah do the boring
one, it’s fine. – Give them a shuffle. Pop them down here. There we go, nice. Ready? Watch. Say stop. – Stop! – [Steven] Underneath the box. – [Toby] What? How
did they… What? – One, two, three, four, Five! (Steven cheers) If there was a crowd here, we’d
have a little bit of a clap. But that’s fine. (observer claps) – We have one anyway. – Thank you, one person in
the background there. Hey Bry! Right, we’re gonna do the
big finish now, the finale. – Hey that was nice, I
liked that anticipation. We have a seven of spades, with Michael Dean’s
signature on it. We’re gonna get back
to that in a moment. But we’ll use.. Toby. Just point to one. Maybe one with a bit
more white space, go on. Cool, that’s fine. Here’s what we’ll do. Could you just… How is the best
way of doing this? Yeah, alright, here’s
what we’re gonna do. Sort of making this
up as I go along. Actually, could you grab the
Sharpie and click the Sharpie? Now write your name, nice
and big, across that card. I love giving people… When I hold the cards it
makes it hard to write. That is absolutely terrible,
it’s more like Tubby. – Yeah, a little bit. – Okay, here’s what
we’re gonna do. Right, this is the gimp. Could you hold out a hand,
like this, for me Toby? Like that, perfect. We’re gonna hold
these so that they’re sort of facing back-to-back. Could you hold out a
hand, too, Michael Dean. Like this. Let’s line these up
perfectly, like this. So we keep them perfectly
square and neat. Turn your hand over. Okay, don’t put it down yet. You wanna hold that square. Put your hand down but try
not to spread the cards out. Perfect, keep that
still there, nice. Alright guys, I just wanna say thanks very much
for watching this and being a part of this. Thank you guys, very
much, for watching. If you wanna subscribe,
I do videos, do that. Like this video if you liked it. And thank you, that’s
pretty much the end. I’m just gonna go get coffee,
I will see you guys later. Thanks very much for
being a part of it. I really enjoyed that. – Oh! – [Steven] But, yeah, just
thank you very much and I’ll… – Bye! – [Steven] See you. – What do I do? – I’m still holding on
to your hand, to be fair. – Yeah, it’s quite nice. – It’s good. – Tom Mack, do you
know what we do? – Do we just look? Do we just have a look and see
what we’ve got in our hand? Is that the.. – I think so. – Go on then. Let’s see what we’ve… We’ve got the exact same– (Michael shouts) – It’s one card! It’s one card! It is.
– Yeah – He turned it into
one bit of card! (observer clapping)

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  1. For the magicians asking… 😀

    The opening routine is by a magician called Dani Daortiz (In his Utopia)
    The 'keep choosing the card routine' is a based on a Gregory Wilson routine (Card Stunts)
    The 'woah there's loads of signed 7's trick' is from Dani Daortiz again
    The tearing the card up and throwing it away trick is from Dani Daortiz (Can you tell I've been studying Dani lately!)
    The phone card trick is by Asi Wind
    The triumph is Kostya Kimlat's
    The way the 4 cards are found is by Lennart Green
    The shuffling the deck are grabbing out the cards is also by Lennart Green
    The finale trick is my own handling but the presentational touch of leaving the cards in their hands and then leaving is by Kostya Kimlat

    Thank youUUuuuUUUUU

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