#SmileForAlexs: Alex’s Month 2019 – Power Home Remodeling

It’s an important day for us to
be part of something that’s bigger than ourselves. Bigger
than even this company. It’s a month of the year that we
get to work together to make a real difference in assisting and
curing this terrible disease. Seven hundred fifty thousand
dollars is a big goal, but we need it. It’s really an opportunity for
us to make history this year. We got eight hundred
thousand dollars this year for our favorite partner Alex’s
Lemonade Stand that we couldn’t be more proud to be partnered
with every year. So we’re not done and we’re keeping going for
the month. Thank you thank you thank you. We are always amazed at what you
do, but every year exceed our expectations. Thank you so much. Employees with Power Home
Remodeling in Nashville held a kickball tournament for Alex’s
Lemonade Stand. People think of the treatment and
the hospital bills but no one thinks of the car rides, the
transportation, the parking. So we sponsor the transportation portion for the
families that are going through that. It would be amazing to live in a world where children did not get cancer. The reality though today is that
they do, and there are families in treatment right now who need
help right now. We heard a few weeks ago that
you guys went and had a car accident which left you without
a family vehicle. We wanted to do something
special. Let me get you the keys. Wow. That’s all I can say. By caring more, life will be better. If you care about things that are
bigger than yourself You will be happier. We’re asking you to care more,
and this is a perfect platform to do so. And this month we’re
just going to remember That we should smile more often. And we are smiling for Alex’s. And for this wonderful girl who started
this all 19 years ago.

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