52 thoughts on “Spaghetti bridge contest 2010 TU Delft – Team RVS

  1. @DanFrederiksen All spaghetti rods are glued together. The tubes are hollow to save weight and the connections are massive.

  2. @DanFrederiksen The epoxy is much stronger than the spaghetti so we want to use glue instead of cooked spaghetti.

  3. @DanFrederiksen There was only spaghetti and glue allowed, so epoxy glue was the best option. Without using glue you can never make a strong bridge.

  4. Tof! Ik had me destijds niet gerealiseerd dat jullie ook bij de teambouw de tweede prijs hadden gepakt.
    Is dat het beeldmateriaal dat de organisatie had gemaakt, of hebben jullie het zelf gefilmd?

  5. @cellophaan Zowel de foto's als de film is eigen beeldmateriaal! Maar we hebben het bezwijken van bijna alle bruggen gefilmd.

  6. @rowisj I ask because we have to build at school in grupos also a Spaghetti bridge
    and the group where I am think that your bridge is a real good one.But we have only 0,500 kg spaghetti we are allowed to use

  7. okay, so in my physics class we have to make a bridge out of any type of pasta and glue but the requirements are it must be longer than 12 inches, no heavier than 100 grams, and has to be able to withstand the weight of a bucket full of water hanging from it. Any advice?? Pleeease. 🙂

  8. @msHLC96 You can use a truss bridge (see the 4th picture in google images). The best shape is to use a triangle, a little bit like our bridge in the movie, but than with single spaghetti truss members.

  9. Beautiful bridge and near perfect form…great job! I predicted shear failure at the end–just too narrow. Bet it could have held 50% more otherwise. Re the above note though, carrying the conversion to .9003847 is meaningless. You can't weigh a dust particle to that precision! 1.9 lbs is close enough. 😉

  10. you're right! 1.9 lbs is close enough… it was just google calculator that gives that answer. It was not just shear failure, the end of the bar buckles due to the compression force in that bar.

  11. Maybe this could be your next challenge: 'Imtech promotes GreenTalent', a GreenTech ideas contest for a more sustainable world. As an ambassador I would like to invite you all to join! For more information check out the Imtech website.

  12. Hello!! I'd like to get more information about this project of yours… because I'm quite interesed in doing my own Spaghetti Structure. Can you answer me these questions?: Which is the lenght of the structure? Which spaghetti type did you use? (Eg. Penne, Rigatonni, etc) Any advices?

  13. Student did not make the road structure very supported at the edge. This was a roof truss roughly made to look like a bridge.

  14. You can make all models you now ………………………………… but the maximum force is in the first diagonal near the foot.Ever colaps are similars. Ft/ndiagonalsx sen45 = force in the diagonal; 460Kgf/cm2=f/area; area = ……x, find the Moment inercia.

  15. force in the worst diagonal = (fvA – force diagonal)x sen 45 ; fvA=fvB = ft/2; after find the area minimum, tesc flambagem <=460Kgf/cm2; after the find the area …………………. find the moment inercia minimum. In tresses we only have traccion and compression, only …………………..

  16. ah at finally tu delft have earn some money from tax box
    but weight + distance is more useful and same brand of spaghetti
    – and then some competition
    – anyone can participate how more how better
    found new constructions for steel bridges (shall be) (is meant)
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