Speedboat Rebuild #3 Building engineroom (Eng Sub)

Let’s take a look for the result! Not bad, I’m satisfied This is solid as a rock! I’m going to fill this in between This is good Some more over here.. Here I’m going to spread it out.. to get a nice smooth curve We’re going to grind..grind..grind Job finished..
filled the sides I did it roughly.. because it has to be grinded smooth.. so it’s no trouble that it is rough For now, this was me the most time
I had to spend on it.. I had a few days off
so I could go on every day The next vlog.. could take a while to go on YouTube.. but I try to film the most of it.. so be patience After a lot of grinding.. with a smooth surface as result.. It’s time to put on the sterndrive
and this transom.. to check the values.. to see what has to be changed.. to see what has to been done.. before I go on So I’m going to mount it as good as possible! It fits good.. Now I have to cut to angled holes.. so the steering bar can go all the way
from left to right nice! Got a bit of slack on it
because I didn’t mounted it all the way.. and there is an old sealant inside but it’s already looking good Going to take it off
so I can go on! Yeah, back again.. cleaned this surface and ready
to start with fibreglass.. on the edges So I start dipping epoxy again.. fibreglass on top.. I can do two layers.. and maybe I’m already going to fibreglass
this area’s.. as reinforcement for the hull So that’s the plan… To do the edges.. First dip a layer of epoxy.. fibreglass on it.. again dipping and roll out the epoxy.. I’ll make more than enough resin.. so I’ll go for.. 300 ml..
No let’s do 400 ml Better to much resin than to less Looking good,
Isn’t it? Yeah nice ! Job finished.. I’m happy with it
Let’s give it some time to harden.. Time for lunch
and a cup of Nici! Before the resin is harden.. Over here and here.. I’m going to make new wooden boxes.. The woodshop please..
Oh, they got now phone number.. I didn’t looked at the website.. I was thinking to give the measurement.. to saw,
than I’ll come to pick it up! Why not! Okay,
On my way! They’re only allowed to saw
when customer is at location! Change clothe and let’s go! (dutch joke) The boxes are finished I’m going to dip it completely.. After that.. also some fibreglass roll on the edges.. and than make it part of the hull.. so completely fibreglassing
the boxes Starts looking like something! Hmm, no! It’ll be fine! Also orderend a ship horn! and two automatic.. gas spring / pump.. What the F…?? Like an automatic car trunk.. to mount on the sun deck
on top of the engine! and make it automatically
go up and down Look at this,
I just fixed it with some fibreglass.. to make it more easy
to work with next time We’ll see,
let’s hard out See you next vlog!

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