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  1. Do you prefer your Skrulls good or evil?
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    – Grace

  2. Lately the end credit scenes have been simply inconsequential jokes. I suspect this one may also be inconsequential, leading to nothing more than Fury and Hill coming back from a short vacation after Tony Stark's funeral. The problem with that theory is that Fury doesn't seem to be the kind of person who would take a vacation immediately after being out of the picture for five years. Or maybe he would, if he sees his job now as essentially starting all over to create a new Avenger's group.

  3. You’re a Skrull and you’re a Skrull and you’re a Skrull!
    Seems like a really cheap way to Retcon the existing MCU in order to force the narrative in a new direction, since they never planned to go this far. Not really a good sign that they’re forcing the bad writing of “Captain Marvel” to become the baseline for the MCU going forward.

  4. The blip PSA from the beginning of far from home rules out black widow coming back as a skrull tho,
    Feige wouldn’t want to cheapen her sacrifice

  5. When I first saw Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones I thought she looks like Spider Woman from the 1980s cartoon.

  6. Captain Marvel and Spider-Man potentially working together? This sounds interesting.

    I only hope that Brie Larson has cleaned up her act from the last nine months…

  7. Speaks to Sam L and his acting ability and range. To play the dude, disguised as another dude and not make it obvious, but subtle is grade A acting. As I watched, I started noticing Fury, change, from scene to scene

  8. I'm guessing we're going to see the Kree/Skrull war explode onto Earth with the quick little dialogue 'Nick' and 'Maria' had early in the film when they mentioned the Kree sleeper agents. With multiple alien races converging on Earth, it may just act as a beacon for an even greater menace from space, like Galactus.

  9. Fury not being empathetic to peter and just pushed him to work as a superhero, is also a hint that fury's a skrull

  10. They cut corners on the skrull costumes and the cheap looking teeth gave Mendelson a weird lisp stronger than the one he had in Captain Marvel

  11. My friends and the people in our cinema had so much fun during the movie, im so looking forward to the next

  12. It's obvious foreshadowing in Captain Marvel that they stressed Talos' daughter to look away when they were boarding the escape ship and she saw a Kree shoot and almost kill her father. That will have her grow up to be a Skrull Queen with violent extremist point of view.


  14. In the intro montage they showed that Black Widow was dead so i'm not sure the skrull replacement would work there

  15. Didn't they show that Black Widow died though? It was on the montage shown at the highschool. Her, Tony, Cap and Vision.

  16. post credit ruins an ok movie to shitty, just like the last one, so many bad things is this spider-man movie, just like in spectre last bond movie its up and down, some funny things, and som verry bad things. i hate the spider outfits

  17. Black Widow's death is publicly known as seen in the opening video of Far from Home, so a skrull portraying her would only raise more questions.

  18. Throughout the whole movie I kept saying to myself “Why is Fury acting like this? That’s not Nick Fury.” End credits role and surely enough I was right. I didn’t guess he was the skrull Talos cuz honestly I forgot all about the Captain Marvel movie.

  19. During the whole movie, I kept saying "what's up with Nick Fury" "that's not Nick Fury". Turns out I right, he was a skrull. So my buddy punched me in the arm and asked me "how the hell I do this". I really do this all the time during movies, so I guess this is my superpower.

  20. The Jeph Loeb comment was unnecesary. Agents of Shield handled LMDs brilliantly and it doesn't contradict anything from the movies. If you had actually watched the series you would know.

    Also, the purpose of LMDs is for them to take the place of an agent in dangerous situations to protect their life. They are androids so they are disposable. But Skrulls are not disposable. They are alive. So I see this more like an army of spies that can infiltrate any situation, as you put it "an army of mystiques" but not a replacement for LMDs. An analogue at besy

  21. Well, the problem with having skrulls is that the character’s internal conflicts would be lost, so it would work much better in “ensemble” movies than in the ones focusing on specific characters. For example, Far from Home couldn’t have existed if Peter was a skrull since so much of the movie is him struggling with the responsibilities of being a hero and balancing that with his high school student life.

  22. Do you think the reason they had the Skrulls and introduced chameleon in Far From Home was somehow he'll get their powers to become chameleon

  23. Does this mean that the idea that it was Ben Mendelsohn/Talos pretending to be the school principal at the end of endgame is confirmed? It looked a whole lot like him all 3 times I saw it.

  24. Hope You All Are Well 🙂

    Did anyone else noticed when Fury ( Talos ) & Maria ( Soren ) were talking about pockets/groups of Skrull's landing on earth, like they didn't know why it was happening?

    Since they are Skrull's obviously there is another faction opperationg without their knowledge.

  25. I want Black Widow back, but even the high school's morning show knows she's dead. They put her picture in the little memorial video. Everyone clearly knows that she died, so sending out a Skrull that looks like her would only expose the Skrulls to the public.

  26. What if a scrawl was Tony Stark in End Game? I do not think this happened. But, you never know. lol

  27. Marvel can't do "Secret Invasion" because it's too politically charged. With America currently trying to secure its border, the plot would seem like anti-immigrant propaganda.

  28. Damn missed this sequence didn’t stay until very end. Thinking mid credit sequence was the last coming.

  29. These developments could be genius or blow up in their face. Let’s hope they have phase 4 fully planned and not do a Star Wars and make things up as they go along. With this level of complexity a fully planned phase is needed.

  30. How much is Feige paying you to mindlessly cheer on all his choices? Or is it a much larger Disney check being cashed?

  31. If dark reign is coming, I wouldn't be surprised if a certaint fishbowl head baddie isn't really dead and joins in the fun… Maybe the sinister six are no more… Maybe there are only avengers sized events…. FOR THE DARK AVENGERS!!!

  32. Kinda getting bored of this superheroes stuff now … i mean they should hv a bit of gap now after spiderman far from home … feeling fatigued watching too much cgi stuff 😂
    Maybe Warner bros doing right thing by going slow

  33. Maybe this could be a way to bring back Tony. That the person that did the snap was actually a Skrull and not Tony and Tony is actually away on the space station working on galactic technology for future space peace keeping

  34. If they wanted to go real mad
    They could do two things
    A) Have an integrated shapeshifter populace ala "The Zygon Invasion/Inversion" of Doctor Who
    B) Introduce the Super-Skrull, and whatever event gives them powers (a good way to introduce F4 at the same time)
    Then, you have a recipe for mutants to be introduced in a way that doesn't rely on too many new concepts.

  35. Maybe we Will finally get an introduction to The Sentry In the MCU since he’s basically a crazy version of superman as Moon Knight is A insane version of Batman in the Marvel universe.

  36. Well a Skrull can easily shoot down Mysterio's broadcast that Spiderman is Peter Parker. Just have a Skrull impersonate Peter at some large live event and then the real Peter aka Spiderman comes web slinging in to show both on stage for the world to see. End of conspiracy theory for JJ.

  37. Grace,
    You went on 16 different tangents to talk about what ifs like crazy to a 2 minute post credit scene. Just explain the scene and be done with it. GEEZ!!!

  38. I think it’s building up to Secret Invasion like the skrulls like working with the humans and eventually get tired of being bossed around and start a secret up rising

  39. this video – A Face cam of a girl talking and a slideshow
    XD thats the image and also the movie is literally not what it seems like

  40. SWORD is not a replacement for SHIELD, they serve different purposes. SHIELD handles any problem within the earth itself and SWORD handles anything off-world, you basically need both to be active all the time, not one replacing the other

  41. Well In the End Credit scene of Inifinty War. MARIA HILL B4 THE Snap. Called Fury… Nick. Nick. Before Turning to dust..


  43. When r they gonna intro felicia? We need to see peter get saved by the chick this time n have that chick KNOW n LOVE him

  44. Grace, your theory about black widow doesn't make sense given that she was part of the memorial montage at the beginning of Spiderman far from home. So the world clearly knows she is dead.

  45. I think,and it is just a passing thought, that this may leave everything open for the introduction of the 'Thunderbolts'.

  46. The LMDs arc on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was really well done, I hope once the series ends, that Kevin Feige will use the characters and some of the concepts introduced there.

  47. Started a new job so I didn’t have time to see Spider-man Far From Home until this week. Now that I finally saw it I can go back and watch all the Beyond The Trailer reviews I was avoiding (spoiler or not). Everything makes sense in your videos now. I missed you Grace!!! 😂

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