100 thoughts on “Spider-Man Far From Home Review

  1. Just saw it, great movie. MCU is stronger than ever! The end-credits are so shocking, couldn't believe it.

  2. So is it set 5 years in the future after Thanos’ click of the fingers?? Has Pete had to repeat his final years of High School??

  3. Even when I'm at work when Grace uploads a video I watch 🙂 I was already excited for this movie but now after I saw this review I cannot wait!!!

  4. Graces childhood must be miserableb childhood. Spiderman far from is a good movie, but second good in mcu? And don't just be a Majority movie lover, try to find some really good stuff by your own

  5. I’m going to try to hold off on far from home until SDCC just to make it that much more special.

  6. grace 2019…………..no spoilers……………..posts a spider man comic with Mysterio on it that says "the madness of mysterio"………..literally a spoiler

  7. Its brilliant how they set up phase 4. None of us including myself were given any hint about phase 4 and we all assumed Far from home would serve more as slow intro to phase 4. I personally wasn't going to go see it opening weekends………. then they get the press in everyone cant shut up about the end credit scene, and now everyone and their parents are intrigued. Masterful marketing.

  8. Question; Does Far From Home address the reason why everyone is still in highschool if Endgame took place 5 years after Infinity War?

  9. I got so hyped for this movie with ur video thanks grace! But i still have to w8 for a week or so to see it “bcuz im going on vacation!” With school

    But ik just gonna leave the bus to see it and when im in the cinema “ aahhh i should have stayed on the bus”

  10. I have no excitement for this and it doesn’t sound like it is doing anything to pull me back in. Infinity War was the end of MCU for me

  11. Just watched the leaked version and it still is a mediocre interpretation of Spider-Man, looks like a Disney production TV show

    Mysterio sequences and New York web swinging are top notch though, post credit scene is overwhelming!

  12. You should know by now that most of the comments in EVERY Grace Randolph video are..phony.
    That is..if you have an eye for propaganda

  13. 1:33 the word you're looking for is 'perplexity'.
    Anywho, FFH is super good and enjoyable and all that 😀 Definitely in the top quarter of the MCU on most people's lists, I would figure.

  14. Okay- honest review from an MCU fan! Far From Home wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. If you liked Homecoming- you’ll probably love this movie! If you didn’t like Homecoming- like me- you will enjoy FFH more, but not by much.

    It wasn’t as cheesy or cringey, however there were some truly horrible moments. The end credits scenes were amazing though- I’ll be interested to see where Marvel takes the Spidey character.

    I do like how they are slowly moving Spidey away from the Iron Man shadow, but I hope they keep Spidey’s identity more hidden (somehow) and use that cameo’d character in the first end credits scene!

  15. Just watched it in Australia and it's forgettable CGI festival with no heart. Sam Rami still rains surpreme.

  16. I stopped the video 2 minutes in when it's first posted becuase grace got me hyped and I had to go in the movie blank.
    Just saw it here in Melbourne, the hype is real!

  17. Just a heads up, you're about get some downvotes because you posted spoiler videos before the movie's even opened up not only in the US but several countries around the world. Shame!

  18. Just watched this… Maybe I was just in a mood, but I didn't love it. It's fine, but no way would I rank this second.

  19. Dunno if I’m gonna see the movie after this review. I don’t want my superhero movies to be “realistic”. I go to superhero movies to get away from reality and turn my brain off for a couple hours.

  20. am i the only one who really didn’t enjoy this movie? out of every mcu movie far from home is currently sitting at the 3rd worst on my ranking 💀

  21. I don’t know why you call Ned a bad friend? Friends are supposed to do what he does, make fun of you, dickeat, etc. but they’ll be there when u need them. Idk why everything is mean in your eyes.

  22. Watched it yesterday so finally catching up on all your Spiderman videos!!! 😀 loved the movie so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The end credit of the movie nick fury on the ship in outer space.
    It seems like their setting up S.W.O.R.D.
    the outer space version of SHIELD!

  24. In my opinion I think the first end credit doesn't just affect Spider-Man but the entire MCU as a whole. I would even go as far to say that it does more to affect the MCU in the short term whereas the second one affects the MCU more long term.

  25. Ok Grace, I LOVED the movie, but the 2nd favorite MCU movie? No, it is overstating it I would say. There other great MCU movies that deserve to be 2nd favorite after Endgame, such as Winter Soldier, Civil War, Ragnarok and Dr. Strange.

  26. It was decent but Jake's acting was not that brilliant the last fight scenes were good and Betty scene was good

  27. I am still pissed they turned MJ into a nappy haired obnoxious mexican that really is not all that attractive from a VERY attractive redhead white woman of SCOTTISH descent that is very loving and adores Peter over everything else. Everybody bitches about white washing characters in movies but nobody bats a fucking eye when there is white erasing in movies.

  28. Yeah, I think spiderverse ruined my POV of the MCU spiderman. I was disappointed with this film. It’s not the huge Feige game changer that Grace is making it out to be until the very end.

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