Suitable for Most Sleepers? | Helix Midnight Mattress Review 2019

– Hey sleepers. – Keith here, from Tuck. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Helix Midnight Mattress. Now Helix has a bit of a
different business model. They actually want you to take a quiz where they match you with
one of their many beds. The Midnight being their
middle-of-the-road mattress meant to suit a majority of sleepers. But how does it stack up to Tuck’s tests? Keep watching to find out. (Upbeat music) Testing the mattress today we have lightweight sleeper Rachel, average-weight sleeper Charles, and heavyweight sleeper Neil. To unbox the Helix Midnight
Mattress, grab a friend and move the mattress to
its final destination. Remove the roll-pack
mattress from the cardboard, and cut open the plastic. Give the mattress about 24 to 48 hours to recover to its full height. The Midnight is a 10.5
inch hybrid mattress. The cover is a dual
layer stretch polyester. The comfort layer consists
of 2.5 PCF polyfoam. Support core consists of a
medium IFD transitional polyfoam on top of pocketed coils, that sit on top of a high density polyfoam base. The Midnight is about a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale,
making it a medium mattress. It has a hybrid feel so you
do feel some conforming, and it’s a bit more responsive than a traditional memory foam mattress. To test support, we look at
spinal alignment across each of our sleepers when
sleeping on their sides. We found that the Helix Midnight supported our average-weight sleeper better than our light and heavyweight sleepers. To illustrate motion isolation, we put our heavyweight sleeper
Neil on one side of the bed, and a glass filled with
water on the other. As you can see, when Neil moves
around his side of the bed, the water glass on the other barely moves. Looking at edge support
on the Helix Midnight, we found that all three of our sleepers did experience some sinkage when sitting on the edge of the bed. When sleeping close to
the edge of the bed, pocketed coil support core
did provide some edge support, but not quite as much as we experienced when testing other hybrid beds. Using our 2D and 3D
pressure mapping tools, we’re able to tell how much
pressure a mattress can relieve. Looking at all three
of our sleeper weights, the Helix Midnight did a
good job relieving pressure. You’ll notice that each of
our sleepers did experience some pressure on their hips and shoulders when sleeping on their side,
but it’s only yellow and green. So a moderate amount and no peaking. When looking at temperature neutrality, we found that the Helix
Midnight Mattress does a decent job staying temperature neutral throughout the night. Being a hybrid, the Midnight does a decent job promoting airflow
throughout the mattress. Now let’s take a minute to
check in with our sleepers. All right, Neil, what did you think of the Helix Midnight Mattress? – You know, I think this
is a pretty comfy mattress but it would probably be more comfy for somebody who is a little bit smaller. – I like some aspects of it. I thought it did have some
support, which was good. But it’s a little too firm for me. – Foam is like decently
soft, it’s just kinda thin. After five seconds you get all
of the sink you’re gonna get and then you just feel the support underneath
pushing back a little. – Great, so if you had to
pick a position, side, back or stomach, which was the
most comfortable for you? – For me, on this one,
it was actually my back. I did like the support
it did give on my back. – Probably back. With the side, the firmness of
it was just too predominant. I could just feel the fact I wasn’t sinking in the way I like. – Okay, great, thanks. Now let’s take a look at how the Helix Midnight stacked
up in our mattress test. The mattress has a hybrid feel, so it won’t be as conforming
as a memory foam mattress but will be a bit more responsive and have a little more bounce. For support, the mattress
scored good for light and heavyweight sleepers, and very good for average-weight sleepers. Motion isolation was good, and edge support was also good. For pressure relief, the
mattress scored very good across all three sleeper weights. And lastly, temperature
neutrality was good. Couple takeaways from
our mattress testing. The Helix Midnight Mattress is actually a little
firmer than advertised. This is meant to be their middle-of-the-road
medium firm mattress, and we actually found it
a little firmer than that. If you prefer an all-foam or a
traditional memory foam feel, the Midnight’s probably
not gonna be for you as you really can feel the
coils when you sink down through the initial layer of foam. We recommend Helix for those sleepers that aren’t sure what firmness they need. Helix offers a wide range of beds and a sleep quiz on the site. We highly recommend you
take that sleep quiz and they’ll direct you to the right one. We recommend this mattress
for back sleepers. It performed better on back than side and stomach
across all of our testers. Light and average-weight sleepers are ideal for the Midnight. We found our heavier sleeper, Neil, just didn’t quite get the support that he needed from this mattress. Also couples are a great fit for this bed. The motion isolation was great, and you’re really not
gonna feel your partner as you move around the bed at night. Here’s some additional
information you’ll want to know when looking at purchasing
the Helix Midnight. The mattress comes with a 100
night sleep trial, ships free, and comes with a lifetime warranty. For the latest discounts
and pricing information, check the description below or visit the full written
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