100 thoughts on “Syria Pullout Gives ISIS The Chance To Rebuild, Says Admiral | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Stupid president… government is not just about money… it is about the people, economy, country anf the future of the country… it is not about trump. He must be impeached and all his cronies…

  2. In my neighborhood lives a Kurdish Refugee, a real nice guy. He often tells me about his younger sister who is fighting IS. And he tells me about Erdogan and his attacks on Kurds and about Erdogan´s secret support of the IS. How can anybody leave those folks alone against Erdogan? There must be something behind this decison.

  3. Am I the only one that suspects that the real reason Trump did this is because he is been blackmailed? What if Erdogan recorded Trump breaking the law, this time with explicit quid pro quo. He has a smoking gun that Trump will do anything to keep hidden.

  4. No concern. Trump said he wiped out ISIS, right? Don't forget, Mr. President, the Kurds didn't help us with us root out Noriega from Panama, either. Or the Bay of Pigs. They weren't there. And what about the Spanish-American War? Where were they then? Give me a break. Trump betrayed the Kurds and he again betrayed the principles of our country. No one will ever trust us again, and any person who would trust Trump would be a complete fool.

  5. The Kurds who were NOT there for us in Normandy, are no longer among living. The Kurds abandoned today have nothing to do with those Kurds’ decisions…

  6. Donald skunk will say I know more then the general! I'm the chosen one the anointed one I'm the only one who can fix the problem. only the devil talk like that! then he put children in cages and get Ukraine China and even Australia to investigate Biden and his son. trump truly is a (serpent) look what he's done to the Kurds who trusted the United States with their own lives and now he let them down. because he's doing business with turkey and russia! He needs to be impeached if the Republican Senate will just wake up! But here's the catch! they know what he is! and yet they look the other way because he's a Republican president.

  7. This moron keeps trying to talk about $$ as a backdrop to everything. Way to go with that having a "businessman" run things, all be it one who has failed at every business venture he indulged in.

  8. trump has no love in his heart 💙 My freezer can't compare. This is the cruelest kind of abandonment, to not defend your friends, over a spiff. Blood drips down American walls.

  9. I've said this before, trump is working towards a keltopracy. His dictator comrades are playing him like a clown to ensure their best interests are served. Please impeach this traitor.

  10. Trump is destroying the US inside and out. The presidency is too powerful of an office and needs to be curbed by the people's representatives.

  11. Trump wasn't "there" to fight with American soldiers in Vietnam,, the irony, the hypocrisy …that he is complaining about anyone or any country not being "there"

  12. 1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  13. FWIW the Kurds are stateless, so there were no armed forces of a Kurdish State in WWII, but many Kurds fought as part of Allied forces. Ten Kurdish companies were part of the British Iraqi Levies for instance, who fought in the Middle East. Kurds formed a significant proportion of 1st Parachute Company, part of Royal Marine Commando, and fought in Albania, Italy and Greece. And many Kurds found themselves assimilated into Soviet Union after WWi and as a result helped defeat the Nazis from the East. Sure, not many were in Normandy, but then that criticism is pretty rich coming from Bone Spur who's own father was notably absent for action during WWII.

  14. Donny has never been in the military and has never experienced the brotherhood of alliances and fighting a common enemy.

  15. What a disgusting excuse of a President and World leader you have America! He's out to only line his own pocket – Turkey (Trump Hotel) Russia (potemtial Trump Hotel) He cares nothing for anything else except his own finances.

  16. You almost have to feel sorry for Mark Meadows standing behind the dangerously demented and misinformed Trump. Meadow and the rest of his so-called Freedom Caucus are big POS's.

  17. Look at the guy behind trump. He looks embarrassed. Not only is trump stupid, but the only one he is loyal to is trump. Are you hearing Republicans? He will turn on you on a dime if it benefits him

  18. im kurdish… my father was in desert storm he offered his help when america came to fight sadam. we have always been a ally to america i hate trump he only cares about making money

  19. The Admiral should be President. Remove Trump before he gets us all killed. Trump has no idea what he's doing, he's weak and moody. Trump is ABSURD

  20. President Trump seems to be cumulatively, lighting one fire, just to distract us from the last fire he lit, using our allies as fire starter.

  21. Why are you all surprised ? Trump said if he was voted he would try to bring our troop home. You had over 2 years to be prepared. Not Trumps fault.

  22. The sniffing is back. Trump is on Drugs, daily and it shows. Talking a following stream of rubbish going off track and sniffing. Compare this to his UN speach, not flowing, reading words he doesn't really understand, almost asleep but not stuffing. It's so obvious and explains his ups and downs. It is DRUGS.

  23. "Alliances are very easy!"…"Trade wars are very easy!"…"Health reform is very easy!"
    The "stable genius with a large a brain".

  24. trump isnt americas biggest problem..

    its the fact he unvieled that half of americans think like him.

    once he is gone america still has the same problems.

  25. Says the orange clown who has spent nearly 200 million chasing his balls on the course in Fl. and N.J., had the air force stay at his property in Scotland paying tax dollars to his business and a premium for jet fuel, wants the G7 at his property, wants a space force to combat illegal aliens, wanted to spend major dollars on a moat with snakes and alligators, etc, etc, etc. He's worried about expenses…. the ones that don't benefit him illegally and directly.

  26. What's up with this guy and hundreds and billions and trillions of dollars……Sick! Money freak!…..More than life..

  27. Joe, Mark Meadow couldn’t have been too humiliated because I didn’t see him walk away from Trump after his ignorant remarks. I was humiliated watching him staying right next to Trump supporting him!

  28. Erdogen promised Trump he could build a personally owned hotel and high end residences in Istambul after leaving office, so Trump doesn’t care at all about all those thousands Kurds who are, and will be killed to defeat ISIS and now they will be right back.

  29. These people in Morning Joe had scrambled constantly to get Trump on their show for interviews during the 2016 election. They gave him free advertising. They made him a real candidate. Now Trump has fallen into Putin’s trap. Putin wanted to destroy nato. By allowing Turkey to devastate the Kurds he has accomplished everything he wanted.

    The Turks are being reviled in the western press. The Turks will become more bitter about this reception. They will move further into Russia and chinas orbit.

    The Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad is going to be able to convince the Kurds to join in an alliance with him.

    The Iranians will be able to shore up Assad and will be able to forge a closer relationship with Turkey.

    This will allow ISIS to reconstitute as the Kurds are now facing a two front war. On one side is Turkey and the other is ISIS.

    This is what the world will become as the US starts to lose its ability and leverage in these conflicts.

  30. turkeys is rescuing isis prisoners. they have openly said once they rescue them that Europe has to take them back. I guess if they dont they will open their borders for them just like they threaten to open borders for 3.5 million syians to go to Europe just because there being called on there actions.they say its not an invasion but are setting up Turkish flags on every town they go through.

  31. 13 people where killed in northern Syria yesterday, the first day of Turkey’s air strikes. In an area populated mostly with Kurdish and Christian people.

  32. I wonder as to what Americans expect us in the rest of the developed/ western planet… to say🤔🤔? I wonder if Americas need us to say “all good mate.., it’s ok”…. well we can’t because it’s not ok……., we have been loyal n helpful to the US…., we flew into Rabaul harbour to escort a US Catalina to land in the middle of a Japanese naval base… and pick up your airmen.., we lost a entire squadron (par 2 men) in that act of brotherhood….. we as allies to the US can and will not look past what the US is doing to the Kurds….

  33. I.Q.45, when I think you couldn't possibly sink any lower, you surprise me. Know this "God don't like ugly", and you sir, are the ugliest.

  34. How did the majority allow a person with a family history of draft dodging and the inability to read to run our country?

  35. TRUMP TO BASE. I have Three options over Turkey’s Military offensive against the Kurds in Syria.
    1. Blame Obama for withdrawing our Troops.
    2. Ask Putin what to do.
    3. Make a Tee time for tomorrow.
    All three look good to me, I know my Base and the GOP CONGRESS are with me. 2020.

  36. Yeah, my father TENS of thousands of minority tribes (like the Kurds in the Mid East) fought with the CIA, against the Communists in SE Asia, from the early 1960 to the early 1970s —- Kennedy's "containment" policy in Southeast Asia —- but he didn't do much, either, since he wasn't there on Normandy in 1945. This babbling idiotic fool makes the GOP & Republicans look like he is: a whole bunch of babbling idiotic fools in the eye of the world.

  37. "Alliances are very easy" Like a healthcare system is very easy? Like winning a trade war is very easy? Omg…
    Oh, and here are some other real estate terms: Corrupt, Bankrupt, Money Laundering…

  38. draft deferring
    spurring dodger
    pin the tail on
    the donkey
    clown also
    doubling as
    the orange
    to finally
    fish in the
    barrel each
    foot taking
    its turn

  39. Time to harken to the call. Minute Men your duty is clear. Defend your freedom. It is not freedom to be a tyrant, to utter falsehoods and to slaughter innocents. The freedom you must defend as you stand in ranks is the freedom to allow your fellow man a place in the sun, to prosper fairly and to live in Christian harmony in the garden of god.

  40. Faked News with war mongers exposing themselves finally.
    We got no business in any other country unless we open our borders as they were opened in 1492 …

  41. How long would former President Obama have lasted as President if he talked and handle things the way Trump does?

  42. Please help these people, someone. trump is a monster and a war criminal!!! He does not care about anyone but himself and he smiles while he leaves our allies to be slaughter!

  43. All Trump cares about is Trump Tower. “I have a little conflict of interest ’cause I have a major, major building in Istanbul,” Trump boasted in response. “It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers — two towers, instead of one, not the usual one; it’s two. And I’ve gotten to know Turkey very well. They’re amazing people, they’re incredible people. They have a strong leader.” Donald Trump

  44. You guys are talking like Kurds were sacrificing their lives protecting American soil. It was their house that was on fire. It was USA who helped them and saved them from that slaughter from ISIS, not the other way around. And now in return Kurds want USA to stay there and help them to resolve their centuries old arguments with Turks and Arabs? Are you that stupid?

  45. the countries prolonging this war are never discussed – saudi / israel / usa / uk / norway. jordan etc. This typical MSNBC piece is produced for an ignorant public that doesn't read or look deeper into these foreign policiy games

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