100 thoughts on “Teen pushed off bridge reacts to reckless endangerment charge

  1. So why doesn't she take any responsibility for climbing on the ledge of the bridge in the first place. These young kids seem to have a death wish because they are bored with their suburban life. Now they are all pointing the finger at each other.How much time and money have been wasted because these poor kids are bored?Maybe they should all get jobs.They all seem like a waste of space

  2. She was stood on the side of the bridge with the intent to jump off it she probably wouldve still hurt herself no matter if she had been pushed or jumped herself. I dont think the friend intended for her to get hurt they were just a bunch of high school kids that were acting stupid and her friend even said she didnt mean to cause any harm. So..

  3. GenX Alpha
    YOU SAID : "Women never receive the same punishment as men because vagina. If this was a teen boy they would have more than likely given him attempted murder charges. This brat ( pusher ) will just get a slap on the wrist".

    No , not if the Judge is also a woman……a vagina Versus another vagina , especially an Old Vagina Versus a Young Vivacious Vagina , it's a Guarantee there Won't be Any Favortism there , based on Gender / Sex……

    And if the Judge happens to be an Old + UGLY woman and the Defendant is a young ( 19 ) and Busty Goddess , you can bet Your Farm + Your Ass on the Old Judge will "Throw–the–Book" and the Kitchen–Sink at the Defendant with everything in her ( Judge ) power……

  4. Lol she just wants fame know that she is on the news they were freinds and sitting in jail isn’t a way to think about pushing someone off a bridge, maybe jail time if she forced Jordan on the bridge but she didn’t

  5. She could have died. And if she would have died, Mag bitter truth still would call it fake and that she's transgender

  6. Taylor is a narcissist stay away from that girl she’s nothing but trouble and only thinks of herself and has 0 common sense. It doesn’t take a genius to know you don’t push people off cliffs or bridges. She should have been yelling at you NO Stop ✋ You’re going to get hurt !! That’s a true friend! Your life will be better without her a part of it.

  7. her friend is evil and probably is envious of this girl and it looks like she did in in malicious intent, but holy gees what the hell was this girl thinging even attempting to jump….

  8. Both girls have part of the blame… obviously the one who pushed deserves a greater punishment… but this one was also at the side of the bridge in the first place!!

  9. I heard Taylor confession and it didn't seem like she was lying for what she'd done. Her remorse for her actions was all to real to be a lie

  10. Her fake friend should’ve been charged with attempted murder, she knew what she was doing she’s not a little kid.

  11. Double betrayal, how gutting to have Ur friend say u asked for it and lie like that after nearly killing u, she's literally a danger to society and should get longer simply because she's trying to wriggle out of it and been a crap friend AGAIN!!! WTF!!!

  12. If my kid went on TV and acted so dumb after already doing something dumb enough to kill someone id be asking for from the police/courts/mental health institutes etc, something isn't right about her mentality

  13. Girl you are just as responsible. You were going to jump off. What your friend did was horrible but you are not innocent either

  14. Somebody with legal skills have told her exactly how and what to say to not only get her some cash but themselves as well

  15. I willingly jumped off a 50 foot cliff but didn't tuck my arms and broke my C4 vertebrae when I hit the water. I've been in pain for 30 years. I hope this gorgeous young girl recovers.

  16. I'm so glad you are alright. Not completely healed but eventually you will be. Stay away from that girl. It's hard when you are young because your kind of naive at that age to life and who your true friends are and even at my age 34, you still have to be careful. Even more careful. I'm glad you are making the right choices now. Move forward with your life and cherish those who do care and truly love you. Warm wishes girl! Xo

  17. Let God be the judge, only He knows the heart. There are plenty of people that get away with.murder, look at what happened to the American Indians, Africans and The Jewish people. No amount of money or jail time can correct that corrupt history.

  18. Look how gorgeous she is. I’m sure her friend was jealous with a grudge who released that anger by shoving her off

  19. I just love how everyone ignores the age group, The possible parent motive of pressing charges specifically those hospital bills, and the biggest thing she was standing on the ledge…

  20. This bitch is full of shit. I watched her friend and she seemed as if she didn't mean to do it in a vicious way it was all in fun and she seemed very remorsef for what happened to this bitch. She I just mad because she was virally humiliated and embarrassed on YouTube and national tv. Just seeking attention and money. Bitch you were gonna jump and now your mad because she playfully pushed you? Like for real you gonna cry because someone pushes you into a pool as well get a grip. It wasn't malicious it was in good humor and now your a attention seeking lil bitch get a grip girl your stupid the house!!!

  21. Why can't we see the video after she hit the water. I am curious about the rescue, how she got out of the water, how they knew she was hurt from way up on the bridge. She could have drown too. That smack when she hit the water was harsh. Smack my bitch up indeed.

  22. Honestly Taylor is an idiot. you don't push your friend off of a 60 foot bridge " playfully" when she's scared😠😠😟😒😒

  23. You at this point seem to be screaming for national attention and fame!!! Rise above the rest and FORGIVE!!! Know Christ Jesus and honor Him! Its sad that it happened, however God spared you for a reason! Teach the world forgiveness and then you will gain positive national fame if thats what you crave. You are trying to bury her and her reputation through this which truly makes YOU look like the bad one! Do the right thing! You will have to stand in front of God and give an account for every word, thought, and action you do…just as everyone will who is not saved! This message is harsh yet sent with love! You have this amazing opportunity – use it to benefit others and to bless this wretched sinful world!!! XOs and may God bless you and lead you to victory with this opportunity!!!

  24. As sad as this sounds, she may have been jealous of the Jordan and planned to push her. Taylor's behavior following the crime suggests that she didn't care. There is some jealously there and it is likely that the real reason she did it will come out at some point.

  25. You went up that bridge with the full intent to jump off. This girl is ridiculous and an embarrassment to herself. All I see is greedy parents and a legal team who have brain washed her.

  26. I feel like she should have more charges more time in jail this is so cruel. Werent these two friends to begin with? I understand she hurt herself but what was she doing in the other side of the bridge to even begin with , the video where she was shoved shows she wanted to jump

  27. The media is really making more of this then they should be. She never shouldve pushed her, true, but the girl never shouldve climbed on the ledge and said she wanted to jump either. They both need to take time and think about how their foolish acts were the cause of what happened , and be grateful no permanent damage was done.

  28. This girl is MILKING IT 😂😂 like ouch I get her injuries are BAD but damn this is just a stretch WHY THE HELL WAS SHE EVEN ON THE LEDGE WHEN IT CLEARLY SAID DO NOT JUMP? either way this bitch would’ve got injured whether or not she was pushed

  29. The one who push is lucky her friend did not die,other wise it would be a differnt charge.She needs to stop been a bully.

  30. jealous fat frenemy pushes prettier friend off bridge or cliff… wow what a shock! And for everyone saying it was her fault for being there in the first place… Please don't complain when your husband or boyfriend decides to poison you, strangle you, push you into a waterfall, out the airplane window, off the cliff while hiking…. It was your own fault for being stupid enough to date him!

  31. Yall are some judgemental witch hunters. You werent there you dont know what happened after the video you dont know the conversation privately between the two beforehand and you dont know what lines are being fed to them by their lawyers, their parents and even the news itself

  32. Wow,best friends !
    Imagine the outcome if they were enemies !
    A true testament to the depth of their relationship….a bitch and a witch, may you live happily ever after. 🤝

  33. Jordans pretty dumb not gunna lie, her friend literally pushed her in the spotlight and she has literally know social media accounts, when in this situation this is where tons of people follow u for no reason. Shes dumb as fuck and instead of crying about her hospital bills she could easily be capitalizing off of said event and get rich not have to go to college or nothing, ol girl need to stop cryin and get paid the money is right there, u dont get too many opportunities with it smh

  34. I wouldnt even be worried bout my friend if this happened to me id be getting PAID!! Period. This is ur chance to build ur following girl and ur ass is just crying because of the past, she and her family aint bout no money

  35. This is not interview worthy on a national level. Unbelievable. The people out there really have no lives for this to be an idea for views.

  36. They are both to blame. Her for standing on the edge of bridge preparing to jump and the friend for pushing her. You can tell by listening to her that she has been coached by an attorney who can't wait to get his cut from all the appearances she is doing. Two dumb teens . They were both wrong.

  37. Interesting! No one questions her why she was on the edge of the bridge to begin with. They were all dumb asses. Not just Taylor.

  38. This girl must take responsibility. She was breaking the law and she was going to jump. Yes this was unfortunate and careless. Jail does nothing. They should both be going to jail for their roles.

  39. What would have made her look so good if she was like "I'm not pressing charges but I hope she learns going forward that her actions could have killed someone." Instead of "I hope she goes to jail for a really long time."

  40. Question is who told her to get on the fucking bride in the first place 😂😂😂😂 oh wait she did that on her own but you wanna throw your day 1 in jail hell no idk where y’all or from but a couple Injuries is a lot better then jail time especially for a year

  41. If you didn’t wanna jump why were you the only one on the ledge ? Why did you have a bikini on in the first place ? Why were you even there ? Obviously other people did it before her she said it was fun and got on the ledge nobody told you to go it’s your fault her friend shouldn’t have to even go to court for this tbh

  42. shes a moron for standing outside the railings first off. clearly says no jumping off the bridge. so called victim could have avoided the situation by not breaking the law herself!

  43. I don’t believe this girl either tbh something very shady happened between these two that we don’t know about. Yet.

  44. God damn! Is that the same girl who was pushed by the fat girl?! Wtf happened to her? Was that the ugly fat river she was pushed into?! She's fat and ugly compared to the girl in the video who fell into the river…

  45. Her parents are angry that it happened and she’s scared and blaming her friend and she has to keep up this act for her parents. (I mean think about it she just don’t want to take responsibility for her part) 🤷🏼‍♀️

  46. All of you people calling her this and that, calling her a liar??. Are you all just stupid or what? How is it she can be responsible in any way for getting pushed of a bridge? Grow a brain and please don't vote. Ever.

  47. Lol, she still texted her even though their no longer friends?? 😂😂😂😂. Shes more hated than her friend who pushed her lol

  48. You people in the comments need to go find the original video. Jordan kept pleading "no dont push me. No no no!"
    And taylor told her to shut up 3 times. Then maliciously pushed her. The guy that was gonna jump with jordan was nice and was like "you dont have to if you dont want to".

  49. I think they both are probably stuck up, and all the kids were dumb for being up there, but Taylor is the one who made a mistake that could have killed someone. Look at her body after she I initially pushed; imagine if she had stayed in that position all the way down and landed on her head or back?
    A part from that, Her body wasn't prepared for the impact of landing which is why she sustained so many injuries.

  50. She should be held accountable too. She was actually getting ready to jump herself. She brought it onto herself. She should grow up and take some time to think about her actions as well.

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