The 4-hour van build (seriously) | 2019 RAM Promaster camper kit by Wayfarer Vans

My friends. The time has finally come. We are going to build
this van out tomorrow. I’m in Wyoming, on my way to
Colorado Springs and uh, yeah. I just want to show you guys
how far I’ve gotten on the van. So far there hasn’t been that much
progress made, but I’ve got a couple of cool little things to show you. So most of this stuff
is my dad’s handiwork. He’s been playing with the van over
the past few months while I’ve been out traveling. The first completed
project is swivel seats. I’ve got the driver’s swivel seat. I got the passenger swivel seat. Pretty easy process, even though
I didn’t do it, my dad did it. I think it was easy. You take the seats off. You put this little spacer thing on,
but uh, it really opens this place up. It gives you a lot more
room, more seating. It’s a nice, nice addition. Must have. The next project completed was
getting the roof rack started. My dad was able to find
mounts at the local RV store. The great thing about this van, which is a
2019 RAM Promaster 136″ wheelbase high top is that you don’t have
to drill into the roof. The mounts are already there. You just need mounts for the mounts. And then my dad started building a
custom rack out of extruded aluminum. It’s called 80/20 or that’s the brand name
80/20 and Oh man, it’s really cool to work with. It’s easy to cut. It’s easy to like match up with other
pieces and I think we’re going to be using this stuff for a lot of other stuff
inside the van, outside the van. Lot more to come with the roof rack. We will have a solar panel. We’ll have a few things up there, but
right now we’ve just got the bars and that’s it. And now one of the coolest ad-ons in the
history of van add-ons: an air compressor. Seriously, how cool is this? If you need to seat a tubeless tire, if
your tires get low in your car, if you need to fill up an inflatable raft, if you
want to blow stuff off, if you want to dry stuff off. If you want to, I don’t know. There’s just a million cool uses for it
and I’m super stoked that I’ve got it. The next piece of awesome equipment that
I’ve got for this thing is a rear view mirror camera, so it’s
not a backup camera. It’s a camera that shoots
off the back of the van. That is my rear view mirror. So this thing just hooks
on your normal mirror. I have it all unhooked. So it’s kind of floppy right now. You’ve got the wires, one for the camera
in the back, one for the power, one for the GPS thing. So it actually has your GPS overlay. You know, if you get in an accident, it
has the proper time and the date and the place and how fast you were going. And hopefully you were in the right so you
can use the footage to, you know, help you out. It also has a forward
facing a dash cam as well. So you can actually
switch between those two. Wow. While you’re, while you’re driving, we
mounted the camera right next to the rear license plate and then yes, you have to
fish a wire through the door, through the panels, through the front, through the
top, and kind of make it all look good. Luckily, it wasn’t too hard to do. Oh my God, this is such a weight
off my shoulders to have this thing. Now I can block out all the
windows and still see out the back. It gives me a very, very
wide angle out the back too. So with my mirrors on the side
and the camera in the back. I feel super safe driving this van around. And just to go off on a bit of a rant
about this van, I really liked the way it drives. It has plenty of pep. It has plenty of get up. It’s really nice and comfortable. I’ve been on, you know,
10 hour drive yesterday. It’ll be a nine hour drive
today and, uh, I’m enjoying it. Yeah. Feels like a big car. When you pass a semi, you got a big gust
of wind and it kind of scares the crap out of you, but otherwise you can park it
in a pretty good normal parking spot. You don’t feel like it’s
this big unwieldy thing. I’m very, very happy with the size
of the van and the way it drives. So this is the last time this
van is going to look like this. It’s a complete and utter mess right now. I’ve got my security system. All the walls are bare. It’s going to look a lot different. Very, very soon. This is it. The day has come. I’m here at Wayfarer
Vans, Colorado Springs. The van is going in the shop. We got a one day build. This is going to take four hours
and we’re going to be done. It’s going to be super smooth. We’ll see. We have event planning guy coming in. He’s going to install
the vent fan for you. I’m not cutting the fence. The vent fan, which is so cool. Yeah, so we’ll install that. That’s going to take
about an hour and a half. Um, and then as soon as
he’s done, then we jump in. We’ll have a team of two or three
guys and they’ll get to work on it. And total installation time for that will
be about two and a half, three hours. So pretty good. We’ll probably be done by, by one o’clock. Yeah. And see, this is, this is the whole
thing about this, choosing this. So my buddy Alex, The Singletrack sampler,
researched and researched and did it himself. It took him months and months and he had
two friends, Seth from Seth’s Bike Hacks and Johnny from the Crafted Workshop who
are like the most handy people of all time and it still took him months and
months and I was like, I can’t do it. I can’t do the months and months build. Knowing Ian was doing these, I bought this
van because of that, just to be able to get it done in a day. And yes, I know you could do, do this
dumpster dive everything for $5 and just be done. You know in a day too, but for me, this
was like, it checked all the boxes to get me about 80% of the way. Awesome. Let’s get to building. Yeah, let’s get to watching them build it,
and we know exactly where this is going to go. You get pretty proficient
after you do something 50 times . Tin can and this stuff sets up. It is waterproof. So this space or is cut into the
corrugations with the CNC machine and fits perfect so that the fan
insert goes right in. I don’t know if it’s overkill, but it’s
definitely nice knowing that you can go into the rain forest of Africa and
not have to worry about a week. So over in the install area, poly has
got the fan going, but this is like the manufacturing area where they’re doing all
the different inserts in the floors and the panels, and. This is an amazing shop, and
they’ve even got a CNC machine. That’s really how they
make all this happen. It’s just being able to have one design
and crank out a bunch of them and let’s see how this thing goes. One of my mottos is, no dings,
no dance, no scratches, okay? The install has begun. We’ve got Tyler inside. We’ve got Chris running the show. It’s happening. Because they use Merino
wool for installation. We were trying to guess how many
sheep were sheered to outfit my van. We didn’t really, uh, figure
out a good number though. I’d say half a herd. Yes. The worst part about buying a van straight
off the lot is that it comes with options. You have no control over. These lights were $400 and I really
thought we were just going to have to toss him out when we did this van build, but
the Wayfarer guys actually wired them up perfectly and now it’s like
the best feature in the van. I love it. I keep pretty low profile. The build even comes
with a free jug of water. The water is in there
already straight from Colorado. Okay. This is a Wayfair ban the bed platform,
which could be held up like this, so you can have an angle. There’s one on both sides, and then the
best way to get down, it’s just going to flip it go flat. Then we go over to our galley. Cool. This is usually where you pay like a, your
kitchen stove, any capstone or something like that. And then here we have our
fresh water and gray water. Gray water goes straight down. And so this is a pretty
much is a hand pump sink. Yeah. You just go for a little while
and it gets pretty consistent. Yeah. Barely have to fill that thing up in a
way that you get this water tank out. It’s a, it’s just a button nowadays. We just updated this, so it’s going to
be hard to see like little candle back release, bow 100% that. So you just hit that button right there. Jack comes straight out. The last thing is last would be
the window covers all magnets. So. This goes on like that. It’s really fun while you’re driving and
if you like take it off, you can feel the cold air pressure come through. It’s like crazy. Yeah, stuff works. It’s quick. It’s easy. I think I’m most excited about that. It’s dumb. I’m so stoked. It went so easy. It was only a couple
hours went in super good. I got the bike storage. I got so much. I got all this room now. Many, many adventures to come. Thanks for watching you guys. I’ll see you on the trail.

100 thoughts on “The 4-hour van build (seriously) | 2019 RAM Promaster camper kit by Wayfarer Vans

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    With TASTE THE DREAM written on it and hand out
    “ice pops” maybe even a refreshing beverage with BKXC written in CokeCola style 😀😀🎄🎄🎄🎄🛸⚡️🔥🔥🔥

  2. This is my kind of build. I am just a little handy, but only do handy stuff that I absolutely have to do. I just don't enjoy it much.

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  5. Was the little seat by the sliding door a toilet too? I like how easy it was, unfortunately, I’m a cheap ass and as soon as I saw the price I’d talk myself into doing it myself. Then I’d take way longer and end up spending way more. LOL

  6. I have a 136" high roof also, I absolutely love the way it drives. I actually like long trips now. I drive Transits at work all the time and I really prefer the PM. Get the Fiat Ducato Tablet Holder for the dash… FOR REAL. Get it on ebay don't be bothered by the cost. Your dad can install it in about 10 mins and there is a youtube install tut;)

  7. its cool be be more creative next time Brian dont just copy everything alexander did that just lame. I wanna see something out of the world and i know that u can do that.

    I have one with a 2.5 gal tank. I've filled so many tubeless tires.

  9. Wow, that's awesome. It's actually really good to see other options than just build it yourself for months. I'm pretty capable and have all the tools, but sometimes you just want it done! Can't wait to see it 100%.🤘

  10. It's nice to see installation options other than diy. I don't have the skill, tools, time, patience to diy. Keep up the good work .

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  13. I ordered a 2020 promaster 159 about 4 weeks ago. I am planning on ordering a van kit from Ian @ wayfarer they seem like the best affordable option for me. I just gotta figure out where I am going to make my second bed for my kids!

  14. Pauly P didnt paint the bare metal. He also used an angle grinder to cut the metal which sprays shrapnel all over the roof. Any moisture will rust the metal shavings onto your paint surface permanently. I found out the hard way.

  15. Great fan install! Just the right amount of self levelling sealant, with the amount the dark grey roof will move around in the heat, more it's better. He knows his vents!

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  17. Grew up on a Marino farm in Australia. AVG sheep will produce 5-8kg and are shorn (not "sheared") every 12 months.

    I live in Switzerland, drive a Fiat Ducato. I did my entire build with Bosch Rexroth (like 8020) I love my build and have seen 2 things in your build that get me excited. •Those windows covers look great!
    •Those rack mounts, my next plan is a Bosch Rexroth roof rack with 270° awning.

    Can't wait to see the next installment. I also used to live in Malaga Spain and loved that series.

    Thanks so much for the great content.

  18. Super stoked for you, Brian! I completely understand why you took this route. For me, I've never really been a "trip is half the fun" type of guy. I'd rather take advantage of the benefits sooner rather than later. So I'd totally go in for a kit install like this.

    I haven't been able to watch some of your longer videos, lately. It's been hard to find the time for 20- to 30-minute long videos. But I'm happy to be one of your patrons none the less! I hope you get a chance to head to Florida, soon! I know Alex is going to be out here for the holidays (not sure when). If I ever get a chance to ride with you guys, it will be awesome!

    Stay upright and keep the rubber side down!


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