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  1. Het zijn prachtige beelden die tijdens de filmopnames van de bekende oorlogsfilm "a bridge too far " die vanaf april tot oktober in het jaar 1976 zijn opgenomen.
    Vind het echt super dat je deze beelden via youtube met de hele wereld wil delen.

  2. Thanks for posing this,glad this movie and others like 633 squadron were made when "real" aircraft could still be used. Nothe fake CGI crap used nowadays!


  3. Only Bogarde got it right ."there always will be war there always has been " What none of them realized is if there is no war there can be no civilization, well not as we know it. War is the price pay  to be as we are.

  4. I remember this film being the last large scale WW II war film until of course Saving Private Ryan. I thought it was well done.

  5. Great film – not sure if its intentional but at 423 Joseph E Levine appears to have Arnhem Bridge engraved into his walking stick. I am so glad he got this film made.

  6. Stunning, and an allegory to a generation that's almost faded away. I was already working with such people in 1976 and that year seems to be the best one that captured the memories of those who were there, all in the same state of reflection.
    My father-in-law is the same age as Hardy Kruger and (only recently) reflects his memories as a 'Flakhelfer'.
    Also liked the comment below that Holland, like England, is not a nation.

  7. I'll never forget. I was in Nijmegen in 1974 when they were making this movie. We handed out Bronze Stars to the locals. Had about thirty of them.

  8. The Dutch were awesome! I've always said there's never a place I'd rather live in besides the United States, except, Holland. The nicest, most appreciative people I've ever known.

  9. The first movie I ever saw in a movie theater. My older brother brought me (a big deal-I was 10 and my parents would freak if they knew I went to a war movie) and I was amazed. I had read the Cornelius Ryan book even that young. It was fascinating watching this.

  10. What, no acknowledgement of Attenborough's role as Roger Bartlett 'Big X' in The Great Escape?

    I had a friend/co-worker who fought at Remagen in the Hitler Youth.

  11. Sir Richard was may be the only one who could pull off such a feat(ure). Back then cameras had only 10 min worth of film in.Old "making of" are so amazing compared to the most recent ones.I am referring to the overall feel of real cinema making and the comments of stars, coming from real people' s experiences seem honest and relaxed.They don' t say all the same words,as " it was great to play with the others","never before such an experience","how sad when was over","looking forward to work with them again" . Thanks for posting.Ik woon niet ver van deze locatie

  12. Man, to think that the release of this movie is now further in the past than Market Garden was when they made the movie.

  13. 28:52 a nice hint of Gavin…(though it may be hindsighting "the youngest US general" but "i have a lot experience in taking bridges"):
    "A bridge has to be taken from both sides , coz attacking FROM ONE SIDE only piles up bodies, and in the end the BRIDGE GETS BLOWN UP anyway".
    You may think of the scene on day 4, but this is a VALID statement for why he did not and should not assault the Nijmegen bridge with most of his first day drop paras on the 17th/18th.
    Especially when the other bridges and drop zone for consecutive drops were not secured.
    (In fact it is criticism on the planners..why the hell didn't they para drop 82nd men on the NORTH side of the nijmegen ramp ??? nice , clear, clean fields!?).

  14. A brilliant film, and often underrated in my opinion. It no doubt made uncomfortable viewing
    for many of those who were still alive when it was made. Refusing to acknowledge their mistakes.

  15. At 50:47 there's my grandfather playing as the german captain talking to Richard Attenborough, Fred Williams, which his real name is Friedrich Locherer and he also enjoyed working with jess franco playing in his movies

  16. I've jumped onto Ghinkel Heath in 2004 from a Dak on a round & it was a bastard, the heath was like Dartmoor & it was a hard landing & hurt like hell..But I did it for fun, no one was firing at us & we could get pissed after in the Ghinkel Café!!!

  17. Amazing the time and effort that goes in, even this long after, to try to rewrite history……
    Carrington explained politely that Captain Burriss surely didn’t expect him to obey orders of a foreign officer, but then, Burriss says, Carrington “ducked into his tank and locked the hatch” so, as Burriss recalls, “I couldn’t get at him.”
    Over the subsequent hour-and-a-half in-between the Nijmegen bridge and the little town of Lent that evening, a succession of ever higher-ranking American Airborne officers turned up to have a word with Captain Carrington in his tank. “Why aren’t you going?” demanded Capt. Burriss’ CO, Major Cook. Half an hour later 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment’s Colonel Tucker arrived, telling Carrington: “Your boys are hurting up there at Arnhem. You’d better go. It’s only 11 miles.” Just before dark, around 8pm, the top US officer, General Gavin himself, arrived and told Carrington: “If they were my men in Arnhem we would move tanks at night, we would move anything at night to get there.”

  18. Lt Colonel Frost was very gracious to acknowledge the chivalry of the Germans.Nice ,brave man.

  19. Monty, Patton, Zhukov, Guderian just like so many other land warfare apostles have always dreamed about "decisive final push forward to win the war". However more carefully study of military history are suggesting that war is won by production, strategic resources and global dominance. No wonder why those who control sea , air, raw material and production are winners. Land warfare was biggest loser of WW2. Even Germany gave it just some 30% of munition production. Stalin believed in it and Red Army had to pay horrific price of that stupidity. Hitler too tried to wage another WW1 war in east.

  20. Thanks for uploading this, been watching the movie since i have known about it, the operation itself is edged deep in my family as my grandmother was in Nijmegen at the time of when it happened, she was about the age of Anne Frank back than, she barely talks about the war, but sometime she still has clear moments and starts to talk how she survived back than.

  21. 0:35 he plays as rommel in 1988 film called war and remembrance it's also got robert mitchum in it aswell

  22. It was a hugely ambitious plan. It relied on several crucial missions being accomplished. Above all blame the Germans for this mess, not allied commanders and troops assigned the grim task of clearing land the Germans invaded and occupied. Having read a lot of reliable sources (ignoring the film Bridge Too Far as a factual source) i think the tanks could not get through to Arnhem as the road was not open, simple, they had already done a great job getting through and those narrow Dutch roads were easily defended by the Germans, who had fully occupied this area for years, had time after the battle started to prepare their defences and were reinforced quickly. the tanks saw some bitter fighting and did achieve much of their mission. the Germans had reinforcements from France and from Germany which made a huge difference. Radio communication was a big problem. The drop zones were far from the objectives. The infantry fighting was very intense and without relief it was impossible to indefinitely hold on to ground taken. Again, the germans reacted quite quickly. All-in-all it was incredibly bold and complex. Perhaps there was pressure from the allied command to stop an organised German retreat, stop the V1 and V2 bombing of England etc etc. Above all my respects to the allied troops and their bravery. Also respect to the local people of the Arnhem area. To the German people I hope you will keep to your own borders in future and not invade any neighbours. Peace to all. Lest we forget.

  23. My uncle was in the 504PIR “I” Company 82nd Airborne and was in the first wave crossing the Waal River. Half didn’t make it across the river and those that did captured the north side of the bridge. Were’t many left by the time they did. Two companies “H” & “I” made the initial crossing. I attended the 60th anniversary of the drop and the crossing and was fortunate enough to meet his company commander Moffatt Burriss and four other troopers. Very special men. Moffatt’s book “Strike & Hold” is a very good read.

  24. Fantastic documentary about a great movie about a major event in WW2. Imagine if it had succeeded fully. Germany would have surrendered much earlier. The soviets were still in the Soviet Union. Eastern Europe would not have fallen behind the Iron Curtain. Would there have been a Cold War??

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