36 thoughts on “The Building of a Garage in 6 Minutes

  1. hmm..Kinda sad really ;( Wanted a garage for so long,then got a cheesy contractor who missed so many basics it's truly not even funny. One silver lining, you have them on videotape. Taking them to court for missing so many important steps shouldn't be a problem..You know,when all of your wood is rotting and your roof is beginning to belly to the point of danger…unless of course,you never received any type of warranty(oops) obviously no inspection either. I feel for ya..

  2. there is none. This is an unheated garage. The company that put it in is "Garage For You" which I found on Angie's List.

  3. sorry I don't remember. At one time I did (like just after they built it) but it has been awhile! 🙂

  4. Hello Miss High-And-Mighty! I never said or meant to say that the problems I had because I did not have a garage were major problems. But having a garage has allowed me to save lots of time and energy. It is nice after a snow storm for a 50 year old man not to have to spend an hour or more clearing out the parking area and removing 8 to 12 inches of snow and ice of the cars (my mom's and my wife an I's car).

  5. It took 1 day to dig the foundation area, frame in the foundation mold, and pour it, and it took another day to build the actual garage which they did after the concrete had cured.

  6. About a week if you include the time between the pouring of the foundation and the construction of the garage. Garage For You build it… they are a company in the Chicagoland area that I found on Angie's List. It's been awhile so I do not remember how much it cost but it was very reasonable. And sorry for replying to you questions a year later! 😛

  7. The camera was a Canon HG10. But I did not do time lapse with it. It might do it, but if it does, I don't know how to use it. I "time-lapsed" it in Finalcut Express.

  8. Americans always make their homes out of wood, but always complain about those tornados blowing their homes away

  9. No wonder american houses fall like paper castles when some tornado arrives… In EU we use concrete and steel, not wood and nails

  10. no offense… but your garage was build incorrectly…. how did you tie the pressure treated 2×6 to the slab? no gable end vents…. no Tyvek…. weak sauce dude… weak

  11. Yikes… vertically laid plywood on the walls instead of offset rows of horizontal (like most codes require) and not even any offsets by half a panel when it came to sheathing the gable ends.  Then just throwing a window into a rough opening without not so much as even tar paper let alone BlueSkin peel-and-stick lapped at least 6" over a minimum of 15lb tar paper under the siding, never mind Tyvek or equivalent.  Either you live somewhere that it never rains or snows, or you constructed this entire thing with absolutely no permit.  And what is with constructing your ridge beam and rafters without the king post at either end in place first?  Gable ends should be fully framed with triple studs under the slot a roof beam is dropped into after the gable end framing is sheeted, only then should you mount your internal rafters.  This video has me questioning what (other than whatever nails are toe-nailed into the top of the walls at the bottom of each rafter) is holding your roof up and stopping it from flattening out?  The follow up to this video should be titled "The Collapse of a Garage in 6 seconds".  

  12. Great video. Only thing that would make it better is a shot of you pulling your car into it for the first time. Enjoy your garage!

  13. And since there is no vapor barrier, he is noticing mold on the walls right about now. Next time save a bit longer, or just ask around, and get a company that actually knows what they are doing.

  14. holy s*** does Billings got more violations and f**** stupidity on that than anything else please don't advertise when you build something like this you just looking like a big a***** no Tyvek no window wrap Gable end is not even walk down with sheeting sidings going right over the existing sheeting not even no protection s*** f**** work I build in Massachusetts it's not like f**** that I'll tell you I'd be out of business in the first week

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