The Centenary Building | University of Southampton

The building is called the Centenary Building and it’s building 100. That is to mark 100 years of teaching here at Highfield campus which is obviously a great achievement
for Southampton University! I think the brand new building is
a really nice place to be. You have bookable rooms,
you have informal study space, you have the flat lecture rooms
that students can use. The fact that you can book rooms which is kind of nice because you
can’t do it in every building across campus. Also the views, so on the 8th floor
you can see pretty much into town but also across the beautiful
campus that we have here. I think students will benefit
from the enclosed pod spaces because it’s comfortable and also closed off.
Obviously they’re very popular in library already so having more to use is great! I think that students will take advantage
of the quiet study spaces here especially around exam time when it’s really hard
to find a free seat in the library even though there’s 5 floors but now we have 8 floors that you can go to in the Centenary Building. The advantages of having bookable rooms
is the fact that anyone can book it so clubs and societies can use it so it means that if you’re panicking about where you can use space, you can just book it, turn up and use it! The flat floored lecture spaces I think students
will enjoy it because it means that lecturers can engage more so it’s much more informal instead of being talked at, you can use videos but also I think it’s the accessible points
which are really important. So students actually can feel much more involved in that learning environment and community. I think students will take full advantage of the
catering offer, once is gets here. Obviously it means that there are more places
to go on campus to eat If you’re here late at night you can get snacks,
drinks and refuel your whole time here. Student complain about study spaces, now it’s answered in the Centenary Building.

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