The cloud connects Team Rubicon and volunteers to rebuild communities

>>Hurricane Harvey was the most horrible hurricane that we have ever been
through here in Houston. All of a sudden, you know my daughter
Danielle comes running from the back bedroom
“Mom dad, there’s water.” And I said “I know
sweetie, there’s water.” She says, “No Mom, there’s
water in the house.” Once we opened the door, It just came in full force.
We felt helpless. We couldn’t do anything
at that point. Looking back at your home
and not knowing if it was going to be here when you
returned that was the hardest.>>Houston is a one in
a thousand year disaster. It displaced thousands of people. It disrupted every element
of a society, from communications to energy to food and Team Rubicon
had their small part.>>Team Rubicon is
a disaster response organization that utilizes the skill sets of veterans and first-responders to rapidly deploy to disaster zones
all throughout the world.>>It started out after the Haiti earthquake
with eight individuals, and it’s grown to almost
83,000 volunteers.>>In order to be able to
consistently rely on volunteers, you have to provide
an amazing volunteer experience. If we take care of our volunteers, they’re going take
care of the mission.>>We had to create our own way of tracking and
managing all these volunteers.>>We were never satisfied and so, we’ve decided to build
something from the ground up really in an enterprise
capacity with Microsoft.>>Microsoft dynamics
365 is our heartbeat. Azure, Office 365, and Teams: every one of those pieces comes
together in an incredible manner.>>The Volunteer Management System
it’s like one stop shopping. It’s like one place where
you can see all volunteers, you can see how active they are, you can see what events
they’ve registered for.>>You start to build
a greater awareness and understanding of every component
of the operation. The people, the costs, the time it takes to do it task. Everything you do there, you can now start to measure and
understand in a greater manner.>>And now with the integration
that Microsoft presented to us, we are able to cut
out multiple steps. In fact, hours out of our day, and that equates to having
more families in their homes. I’ve had many volunteers that
have come to me in tears, realizing that some of
these people have lost everything. And that’s why they keep
coming back. For love. For that feeling inside that we
all seek. No greater feeling.>>Right now you’re sitting
in my home, my new, beautiful home Team Rubicon has rebuilt for us and I just
could not be more grateful.>>You have your hands and soul in a house that someone’s
going to live in for years, and you’ll always remember that.>>I was asking for some type of
hope that you’re not in it alone, and Team Rubicon gave me that hope. They said “We’re not going
to leave you like this, we’re going to get you back into your home,” And that’s why
I call them angels.

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