99 thoughts on “The Coziest Tiny Farmhouse That You Will No Doubt Want To Own

  1. On a link in a below comment by Beatrice Woods it said 1 bedroom,1 bathroom, 642 sq feet, and one was for sale at 195, 000 (with land) but it seems Le Tuan can't find the plans. Pity coz I love this.

  2. Are you out of your mind? $1.6 mil for that? For $1.6 mil I could build 50 of the exact same thing. I am a semi-retired general contractor and have built a lot of houses. What makes this one so special? Does it fly? Or sail? Reproduce other small houses with a flip of the switch? You guys are either delusional or just a bunch of crooks.

  3. cough 1.5m? For that footprint!?!
    It is BEAUTIFULLY designed, with the elegant farm house look👏👏👏

  4. This home is Adorable 😍 …
    I Love Everything about it ..
    Beautiful outside landscape, and such a Beautiful inside decor ..

  5. It’s beautiful, but I can’t imagine anyone paying one and a half million dollars for it. Surely, that’s a misprint.

  6. That is so adorable! But, I don't know how people live with no window coverings – people can see right in. Scary!

  7. These tiny homes are great for single people,.. Or career people who are always on the go but still want that house feel,.. It doesn't take any time to keep it clean!! And last but not least,.. for people who's children have grow up and are on their own, and you want to still have that home feel but don't want your big house any longer this would be great to settle down in, and retire!!!

  8. The Coziest Tiny Farmhouse That You Will No Doubt Want To Own
    Price: $1,595,000? Uh What? No thank you, what a Rip Off!!!!

  9. No i wont i hate the small tiny ass homes craz i got a home so i could enjoy space!!!

  10. 1.6 million!!!!
    Why in the world would anybody pay that much money for a tiny house that is so ridiculous they have to be making 80% profit off that!!!! Anybody that's stupid enough to buy something like that at that price deserves what they get…smh.

  11. $1.5m. Lol rofl. Are you guys out of your mind. Didn't you forget the point of a tiny homes.

  12. A peninsula sink is possibly the worst design idea ever! There's a reason why the wall behind a sink is called a "backsplash" . Otherwise- it's a darling place.

  13. This is a guest house on a 5b/5b estate… that is why the price is so high — not just for this house, but for a main house and a carriage house, too, on a lake with beautiful views/land. The neighborhood prices are similar…. BUT, the lister should have been more forthright or just simply lined it with gold. lol.

  14. If anybody pay that kind of money the IRS need to request a receipt from you with their tax number on it and gives you at least $5,000 for turning it in.


  16. Click on the links provided and you'll learn that this is simply the guest house on a $1.6m estate. Le Taun lifted the pics etc. right off Trulia.
    The actual tiny home can be constructed for less than $200/ft. or $125,000

  17. 50 grand mayyyyybe on a good day, but $1.6 mil. you're out of your ever loving fucking mind. That's just retarded.

  18. Wtf? There’s nothing special about this house. No one in their right mind would pay that for a house this size. Lol. Ridiculous…

  19. Whoever built that and gave that price is way too into themselves. The type i'd probably want to fight out in public. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit price.

  20. I could build my own from a garden shed and with some creativity fix it up to look 4x what this "tiny house" looks like. Price is ridiculous!

  21. $1.6 Million my big fat ass!!! That's so far past insane it came back around and slap crazy in the face! That's over $2300 a square foot. GTFO!!

  22. RIP OFF. You can get a 4 Bedroom Log home delivered at a cost of $108,000 before set up. But, pre fitted for construction.

  23. Well the new owner was either really stupid or its lined with gold…i need to start selling to succors too

  24. pricing turned me off must be on 70 acres…still wouldn't give you a dime of my hard earned money. The house is nice though..

  25. I believe the 1.6 mil asking price was for the entire compound that designer Lisa Furey put on the market in Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton SC, sold for 1,333,000 in March 2019. See it – here https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/22-Game-Land-Rd-Bluffton-SC-29910/89807627_zpid/?mmlb=g,32 The cottage, the main house, and carriage bunk house with two car garage that Lisa Furey and Court Atkins (architect) collaborated on.

  26. Insanity. !.5 million?!?!? When I saw that I thought, come on. They screwed up a decimal. You mean 150K, right? Even that is too much.

    The video sucks by the way. We hav no idea how things fit together, what the floor plan is. All the images are too close-up. Total fail.

  27. That much money for a 1 bedroom tiny house. I was thinking of downsizing to keep myself out of debt not put myself in dept.

  28. Lol, $1,595,000.00, Seriously!!! You would have to be a. Idiot to pay almost $1.6 Million Dollars for this place… Talk about Stupidity and agreed….

  29. Too plain and simple for the money asked. The house needs more life. The outside of the house looks better than the inside. I haven’t dis-liked a home from you till now. You have done way better.

  30. There is a so called "Castle " here in town 2700 sq ft completely original inside
    Ready to be lived in, beautiful turn of the century home,
    for 1 tenth that price. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/717-W-Stephenson-St_Freeport_IL_61032_M86357-26492?v

  31. 1.6 million are they high? It doesnt have a pool, Greenhouse, or even a cooking hobb! 1bedroom, no fireplace unless i missed it this is crazy!

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