The Indoor Generation – Let Nature Back Into Your Home

Do you remember where you come from? You are a product of nature. For thousands and thousands of years this has been our natural habitat. The light of the day.
The cool of the night. The flow of the seasons and
the sounds and sensations of the sun, the rain and the wind. A deep bond with nature
that is embedded in our genes. Affecting our bodies and our minds. But somehow, along the way,
we forgot about all of this. Slowly but surely, we left nature behind, and we went inside. Replaced nature with ceilings,
and walls, central heating and artificial light. We became The Indoor Generation. And we loved it. Today, we spend
90% of our lives indoors. And we are passing this new habit
on to our children. The coming generation will be indoors
from the moment they wake up and throughout most of the day. And they will spend most of their time
in closed-off environments. We try our best to replicate nature
everywhere because it somehow
makes us feel better. But it’s not the same. Living without daylight and fresh air
affects us. It affects our health
and our wellbeing. We pay a price for leaving
nature behind. To save The Indoor Generation, we must find ways
to let nature back into our lives. Our lungs, bodies and minds
are longing for it. We have to give the coming generation
a feeling for the outside. Of natural light and fresh air. We must nurture and value the connection
to mother nature that we are all born with. Just because we have gone inside doesn’t
mean that we have to leave her behind. Nature is still here for us.
It’s just waiting for an invitation.

100 thoughts on “The Indoor Generation – Let Nature Back Into Your Home

  1. Great Video with a great message behind.
    I hope, that the "indoor-generation" will not just simulate their "outdoor" in a VR environment

  2. awesome video, so so beautiful and soul touching, our dream is to be one again with nature.

  3. Wow I can relate so much tot this, came across as an Ad, first one ever I watched from beginning till end had me at the first sentence

  4. So true …finally god will never leave you behind if you look up and say thank you and I love you

  5. 50 dislikes? What people do such things?
    This is the best piece of 'advertising' in a long time. Loved it. Shared it. Saved it.

  6. Our outdoors is being poisoned with chemtrails to kill us off and chemicals to make us sterile.
    Who is doing this? Rothschild and the other conspiring Elites. It's called a slow-kill.
    They plan to depopulate the earth by killing off the vast majority of humans.
    We need to stop this before we can be in harmony with nature because our planet itself is sick.

  7. I fell in love with that, so true! I just moved to a house with garden and now i am decorating with flowers and trees I fee this message completely thanks for sharing it!

  8. Being one with nature love to be outside to walk in the city wish
    There was more green in the city
    All that stone technology is not good for u

  9. I'm sooo proud to work with a nusery along side a forest becoming a forest school leader's improved everything in mine and my children's lives. We refuse to live an indoor life. This vid actually makes me so emotional. We need to fight to keep our green belt!

  10. This is an ad that i did not mind watching. The tone of the video and message you put across really was inspiring, and i hope it comes across!

  11. The main problem is the population. We are too many in this space and we destroy everything to build houses, big buildings and shops. I believe if the population increasing we will disappear this type of living.

  12. Stunningly subtle, beautiful and apropos for Mothers Day, I'm sending it to every mother I know, and some fathers too.

  13. As a child I spent so much time outdoors. Ever since I got my first cell phone and laptop as a teenager I've been spending too much time in front of a screen. I love nature at heart so much, have lots of plants in my room, but I rarely spent time outside anymore; the city can be so depressing but seeing green trees and flowers always manages to uplift me. The cinematography here was so well done and the writers did a great job too, the ad caught my interest from the start.

  14. Veluv this advert πŸ˜‰ Next one to have Greta Thunberg doing the voiceover?! Like other comments, usually skip ads, unless they grip you from the beginning (as this does). Such a feel-good ad, mental health and nature; never comment on vids unless they inspire as this does, well done πŸ™‚

  15. I really hate ads but this ad really make me think in-depth of the fact that we are free yet how much we are chained everywhere. How much we have confined our own selves within this concrete lifeless world and are far away from the Endless Earth of Mother Nature. We are rushing slowly and slowly every time towards the jaws of death and destruction by abolishing Nature. We need to stop, take some rest and think whether we are taking one step ahead only to take two steps back or What?

  16. I've never watched an "ad" all the way through, and I've never been so truly touched by one. This is awesome. A huge great big well done to the creative team who made this πŸ”₯

  17. Thank you for this advert, really. It's such a meaningful message and a powerful wake up call to everyone. Seems odd to see it on YouTube, but its a 'skip and you miss it' gem

  18. Yeah! Let's go out into nature and let us get eatin by a grizzly!!! Whoop whoop! Nature is so nice and humans were soooo stupid going indoors. Now the animals can not enjoy human meat so often anymore. What a pitty. Lets throw our children into the woods! At night! This is just nature…

  19. I work in advertising.
    I make ads for a living, and watch them for inspiration (mostly for what not to do).

    This is beautiful.

    The insight, the tone and the craft are perfect.
    And having only kids as actors, and as VO, is a masterstroke.
    Most importantly of all, the final link to the product makes the ad better, not worse.

    A rare thing indeed.

  20. It is actually so sad that it's associated to an advertising campain, once again associated to our consumer society. Messages, images and souds are so great, first intent is also good, but the finality is always the same: make consumer buy something (windows or watever else). I enjoy this video but it would actually be awsome if it were funded by our governments as an action for the environment.

  21. Even though this is an advert for windows, the underlying message is so profound that I think it should be shown to everyone. A lot of the health problems faced by people these days are generated from this type of indoor living. And indeed homo sapiens are a part of nature but modern society has drifted away from that. We've lost contact with our roots which is an awful thing for us in so many ways. Perhaps one day, people in power will realise this and change, return to nature and embrace it once again and then things will get better.

  22. I love this video! I saw it when playing another video, it came up as an ad. I most always skip ads but this one grabbed my attention from the start and held it to the end. It so eloquently portrays the message I try to send to friends, family and clients to get outside and climb a tree, swim in the ocean, go for a walk in the woods, plant flowers, etc, etc, etc!

  23. Not just a like or a thumbs up but a BIG Love and Wow! seeing those kids do "grown up" "adult things" was eye opening and funny (to laugh at myself). Totally want the Frank Lloyd Wright installed now! Let Nature Back In!!!

  24. Fucking appalling to me that there are a 100 people who disliked this and have a problem with it, disconnected lost drones.

  25. I stay silent, I stay calm and I wait.I follow our society rules. But everything is wrong and YOU KNOW THAT. Wait with me, soon everything will change.

  26. I just seriously loved this video, a real and important message..But is this only for windows ? (Check their channel)

  27. I am being honest normally I skip most ads but this affected me the most and is by far the most Pure intectioned ad I have ever seen

  28. that was my childhood right there we didn't have expensive toys gadgets and computers we just went outside to the woods by the river that's where all the kids went great times I still love the outdoors ill die outdoors ime not dying indoors that's for Shure

  29. 7 MILLION+ Views and only 1200 likes??? This is an awesome production. Show some LOVE and THUMB UP this video!!!

  30. Amazing video I love it πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜

  31. Wow! this is absolutely beautiful. Please, Gods of the internet, send me more advertisements like this!

  32. Ich habe zwar keinen Naturkontakt aber – wenn ich bei "Reichen" mit eig.Haus sein sollte, obwohl ich keine kenne – kann ich wenigstens noch ΓΌber eure gr. Fenster und TΓΌren die Umwelt ansehen, danke.
    Wer will noch auf den Zug πŸ€—πŸ˜š

  33. One of the most powerful adverts I've ever seen. Whoever had the vision for this….. I thank you. It is incredible and so beautifully filmed, narrated and compelling. The artistry is stunning and the message…. So impactful. We all need to remember our innate connection to this incredible earth but children especially. This was a gift and I hope millions see it and are moved to invite their children to step out into nature and meet its wonder.

  34. Automatically I had my mouse hoover over the skip add part, but I was hypnoticed. Beautiful add!! And not the environmental crap we get usually, this is just a beautiful message to get kids outside <3 carry onnnnn!!!

  35. Wow! I'm a kid and I saw this ad. I don't usually watch ad. But now I'm going to help save the planet and go outisde! πŸ˜€

  36. You know, even though you can't deny the corporation-infused dramatization, I kinda like this ad:
    No jumping on the SJW bandwagon, no racebaiting, no feminist drivel, no Western selfhate.
    But nice visuals, nice choice of music, …
    Way to go Velux! I'll remember this for future renovations.

  37. This ad is misleading, its not about going outside, its about staying inside with your expensive windows…

  38. awe inspiring, I really need to buy some fucking blinds to keep this infernal sunlight and heat from this oven of a room

  39. Dude, when we colonize Mars we will spend 100% of our time indoors. What's your point. Just because our ancestors lived in the woods doesn't mean we have to do the same.

  40. πŸπŸ‡πŸ“πŸ’πŸŠπŸ‹β€οΈπŸ‰πŸ‘πŸπŸŽπŸ‘Œβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘

  41. What an amazing ad! Gotta share this everywhere!
    Congrats for the team that explored this topic and created such a masterpiece.

  42. wrong message !!! our children should take them more often out of the house and not to keep them indoors in the semi-virtual and expensive nature among other things. Outside it's free …
    * do not connect with their site because you will be trapped …

  43. This was an ad? I completely missed that lol. Thought it was a call of hope a message to all that speaks to our heart to show compassion for the earth for the world that has given us all. Its time we pay back with same love and show caring by removing garbage we come across and generally treat the world we live in better so our next generations can enjoy it as much as we did 😊😊

  44. I have watched this stunning add " The Indoor Generation " and I'm very impressed. I've involved with a business and social movement concerning this problem with modern life and I believe there is some good synergy to be had between us. I would like to contact whoever is responsible for forthis marketing and advertising. ?

  45. By far the most stupid add on yt.. we are not living in roman empire days anymore.. more than half of the people on earth are now better off staying at home with their windows closed..πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  46. Dear VELUX Group,

    I'm currently preparing a speak for a conference in Germany, which will take place in January next year. The conference topics are related to the Great Transformation. It has a sociological and scientific background. The conference is hosted by the M.A. Transformationsstudies degree course of the EUF (Europa-UniversitΓ€t Flensburg). I would like to use this video in my presentation as an opener, as well as the other very well done video with the girl talking about indoor polution and its implications. My presentation will be about the alienation of humans from the nature and how to overcome it. A big part will be about the Dome of Visions project in Denmark (Aarhus). I hope you can help me with this and will allow me to use the videos during the conference.

    I'm looking forward to your response.

    Thank you!

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