The MAJOR Change To Building Epic May Be Hiding… (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be talking about somewhat of a current fortnite controversy so to speak. If you guys remember back towards the beginning
to middle of season X, Fortnite implemented a patch into the game which totally changed
turbo building. And that was done by changing the speed at
which building pieces were turbo built from .05 seconds to .15 seconds. Now what people probably remember most about
that patch, is that for about a day or two it pretty much totally ruined building in
Fortnite. Now luckily that was reversed a few days later,
and it’s been fine since then. However the less popular yet still super important
impact of that same update, was actually what it did to breaking and replacing walls or
just structures in general. Before the update, breaking and replacing
an enemies’ structure was almost entirely ping based. Timing and quickness definitely played a slight
factor, but if you had really low ping that was definitely more important than the timing. Since ping is something that’s almost impossible
to change, a lot of players were rightfully angry that it was so important for breaking
and replacing structures, which is obviously a fundamental part of playing fortnite. So the way they tried to change this was by
making breaking and replacing structures revolved around a conflip, instead of being so ping
based. The way it worked was: If two players tried
to place a structure in the same spot within a certain amount of time, the game would randomize
whose structure would actually be placed. And even though some people complained that
it made wall replacing way too luck and RNG based, but I would say that the majority of
people were actually in favor of the change. However, sometime around the beginning of
chapter 2, players started to claim that the coin flip mechanic was either straight up
removed from the game, or just not working properly. Here’s a clip from Tfue’s stream a few weeks
ago that kinda showcases why people would believe that. So what you saw right there may be a tad bit
confusing so let me just quickly break it down. At first, Tfue had his building menu out just
holding down the button to turbo build walls. But the player that he was playing with was
still able to break and replace his wall every single time. So then they flipped sides with tfue trying
to break and replace and the other player trying to hold, and tfue wasn’t able to do
it at all. So if coinflip was still in the game the same
way it was before, there would only really be 2 potential explanations of how that would
happen. The first would be that tfue just had incredibly
terrible RNG/luck in that one example. Theoretically if coin flip were in the game,
it would still be possible for someone to get the replace 5 or 6 times in a row like
you saw there, but obviously the chance of he events in that clip actually happening
would be incredibly low. The second potential explanation would be
if tfue simply didn’t have good timing. One thing that a lot of people didn’t really
understand or realize about the coin flip mechanic, was that you had to break and replace
almost perfectly for it to even trigger. But based on the fact that tfue is literally
a professional fortnite player, and it seemed like he was doing it perfectly, I don’t think
him having bad timing is the case there. And you gotta keep one thing in mind here
with this whole controversy. As I mentioned towards the beginning of this
video, the theories about coin flip being removed really started almost immediately
after the beginning of chapter 2. And as we’ve talked about before on this channel,
one of the most odd parts of this new season, is the fact that we haven’t gotten any patch
notes to explain anything that’s changed in battle royale. So there have already been a few changes to
the core mechanics of the game that were only really discovered because of the community. The most similar example to what people think
happened to wall replacing would be happened to bloom. It was clearly changed at the beginning of
the season, a ton of people noticed it, but since we never got patch notes we never heard
it directly from Epic. However, the wall replace and coin flip controversy
became so popular over the last 1-2 weeks, that Epic actually directly responded to on
reddit. It all started with a post titled “Wall taking
is ping dependent again instead of a coin flip. This needs to be addressed.” And the short text in the post basically said
what we’ve been talking about in this video so far: “As a high ping player, taking walls
before chapter 2 was fair and created opportunities for box fights. But now wall taking is back to being ping
dependent and people are taking my walls on their first try. I can’t even take another player’s wall after
20 tries. I hope this gets addressed ASAP and gets reverted
back to coin flipping.” At first the Fortnite developer simply responded
back with “Hey thanks for the report, do you happen to have a video you could share with
us that I could send over to the team to look at?” And then after a few people responded with
their versions of proof, he came back a few days later with the following response: “Apologies
for the delay in responding to this, our team has been actively looking into this and testing
wall replacing. After investigating I can confirm that no
values in how this feature works have been changed. Our team took into consideration high vs low
ping and a few other factors while testing and we can confirm that this feature is working
as intended. While our testing has found no issues, your
feedback is still valuable in how this is working.” So depending on how much you trust Fortnite
there’s basically 2 different ways you can look at this response. The first is basically “Well they said nothing
has changed so there ya go what more evidence do you need? Coin flip must still be in the game, and everybody
who thinks it isn’t is just wrong.” But at the same time lot of people saw this
and kinda read between the lines a little. The specific part of that response that a
lot of people looked at skeptically was the statement at the end of “this feature is working
as intended.” I saw a bunch of responses saying something
along the lines of “well can you be more specific, what does working as intended actually mean”
but sadly the developer never said anything back. So now it’s time for me to give my opinion
on this whole debacle. I don’t wanna sound like some crazy conspiracy
theorist here so I want to preface this by saying that it could all just be a placebo,
but I really do feel like since the beginning of chapter 2 SOMETHING has changed. I typically play on very good ping, sometimes
as low as 0, most of the time in the 5-10 range or so. When we know for a fact that coin flipping
was active towards the middle and end of season x, I would actually get my walls taken pretty
frequently within the first 2 or 3 attempts by the opponent, and a lot of times even on
their first try. And when I was the one trying to take the
wall, it really did seem random, sometimes I would get in on the first or second try,
sometimes it would take 4 or 5. But ever since right around the beginning
of the new season, it feels much more like it did before the coin flip update. There are obviously still times where I get
my wall replaced fairly quickly, or struggle to take somebody else’s wall, but it just
feels like my low ping is having more of an impact now than it did in season x. But again that’s just my opinion that could
easily be influences by some kind of confirmation bias so don’t treat it like fact. And there are definitely players out there
that think coin flip is still in the game and was never removed or tampered with in
the first place. I believe sypherPK early in the season talked
about how he thought something had changed, but then as he played more and more he said
that he had changed his mind and he no longer believed that. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you
watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment section
below. Do you believe that the general mechanics
of structure replacing were some changed at the beginning of chapter 2, or do you think
that coin flip is still in the game and the same as it was before? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
yous next time.

100 thoughts on “The MAJOR Change To Building Epic May Be Hiding… (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. For me I changed my binds from circle build to L stick so I wasn't sure if it was my muscle memory or turbo building but even when u felt I was getting used to it I still couldn't take walls but now I barely go through that, I'm so confused 🤷‍♂️

  2. I notice you don’t edit the way you suggested people edit by editing down up. It’s okay I find editing like that uncomfortable. It’s much easier to move my cross hair over to my opponent editing up down in a circular motion.

  3. Maybe it is because of skill based matchmaking across platforms. You are going against console players now and most consoles don’t get under like 20 ping so yours would feel better

  4. Believe it or not epic also added a delay to editing on console. It’s not instant anymore. This has been a thing since the beginning of the season.

  5. I think ping has a affect on the amount of shots go through a wall also building still feels really funky in battle royal mode for me it feels like I’m playing on high ping or low fps but I run at 240 and 35-50 ping

  6. Hey, Gronky. I once again watched the entire thing and I'm making sure to leave a like and comment in the comment section below.

    Was I a good boe?

  7. hard to tell im on ps4 and i get in lobbys with lots of pc players so they take my walls 1st try every time. matchmaking is a joke tho

  8. The way u can tell it ain’t working is have ur opponent in a box and try to put a stair in his box after breaking the wall. If you can do it, you’re successfully able to replace within the 150 ms. If you can do it 90+ percent of the time and ur never able to talk walls that’s how u know.

  9. Yo I’m a small you tuber can some of u take a minute and just look at my content and let me know if it’s good and what I need to work on

  10. Epic don't don't give tow shit about community pub or pro.. I mean if they f over pros on money winnings they aren't going give two shits about wall takes. Lets be honest the lack of patch notes allows epic to run amuck with out being questioned..

  11. Controller building got nerfed at the beginning of season 11 thay made the turbo building slower and that makes it so controller player cant block much

  12. Maybe it has to do with SBMM. Players who have more skill will have a harder time replacing. The RNG constant changes from 50 50 to something in favor of the lower skilled player.

  13. I believe epic just doesn’t care about fortnite anymore. And they are on autopilot with it as it rakes in the money. Little effort high profit from here on out.

  14. this is by far the most boring season ever… no mobility, no new guns, no patch notes… you just run the whole game.. epic either has way too much mobility or none at all.. its like they are too stupid to balance it out lol I mean can we please have pads and rift to go's back? the game is so awful right now.. just runnin

  15. Talk about how unfair it is to have console players in PC lobbies in regular pubs, I’m ok with matchmaking as long as it’s people on same platform, not having me playing against people with K&M and 4 times better FPS and lower ping.

  16. Iv no idea what my ping is, I’m on Xbox. My walls always get taken. I find it very hard to take walls, I wasn’t sure if I was just doing it wrong.

  17. This is EXACTLY why patch notes is gone , An EPIC EMPLOYEE literally Told y’all nothing has change & Y’all still THINK whatever you want & still complain .. But wonder why patch notes are gone lol … Regardless of what epic say you people will still have ideas & conspiracies even after Epic Confirm something .

  18. Has anyone else had a issue with a internet lag on there games? I hadn't played in three weeks played a few games today and the game was unplayable so much stutter anyone else have this problem

  19. Honestly if you and the other guy are holding the wall at the same time dont go for it he knows your gonna edit it. Just go for a diffrent wall or roof and let him have his dam wall

  20. I feel like it’s the same. When I play on NAE I get 95 ping and still take walls pretty easy. Maybe they change it from a coin flip to a dice roll.

  21. The 50 chance thing for walls never worked, did it help? Yes. But it never made a HUGE difference, and it was kinda obvious

  22. This is why they got rid of patch notes. So they can make major changes to crucial game play mechanics and hope most people don't notice.

  23. the coin flip being taken away is bad but im more worried about what they did to the bloom. i swear i aim right at people and still dont hit them.

  24. I play on my nintendo switch and ps4 …every time i encounter a pc player ..even i turbo build it replaces my wall every time…
    I play at 100-130 ping its so unfair
    Box fight is so unfair

    Remove the forced mixed lobby
    20-30fps vs 144fps is so unfair

  25. Yea now i can take sometime walls but i rather take no walls than everybody else steal my wall first try before this coinflip shit i could not steal walls but only 0 ping players could take my walls and now every bullshit player thinks he is benijfishy and wants to boxfight me in stacked lobby because he hit me for 30 blue with an ar
    I would be ok with this bullshit if there would be a PUMP gun meta and not tac shotgun meta

  26. I noticed when coinflip was added I could take walls, but yeah since chapter 2 I literally asked myself if it had been removed before ever hearing anyone else say that. 100% not working as it did in season X

  27. Gronky can you make another video on us Console players being matched with PC players it's so unfair and we need to keep making noise about it until they atleast give us a statement…… I feel like I have no chance alot of the time because eventually during the match no matter how I'm doing I just know I'm gonna run into a PC player and get absolutely demolished…. I'm in favor of SBMM but not being force Queued with PC Players

  28. It has definitely been changed I play on 200 ping and sometimes I used to be able to steal walls now I never can even if I try until I die

  29. Coin flip has be in the game still because if it wasn’t we would have read about it in the patch no- oooooh nevermind.

  30. I play on 50-60 ping in Hawaii and when i shoot the wall with a shot gun or smg and replace it most of the time it works but not with a pickaxe so maybe they changed the timing on replacing the wall when you pickaxe it compared to if you shoot it 🤔

  31. This is true because I joined and wanted to randomly change my setting cause it felt weird and I was doing all types of building like a god Before this

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