The Road to Rebuilding Detroit – Leading with a Purpose

(Background Music) William F. Jones, Jr. (Narration on and off screen): Detroit has gone through a very public bankruptcy over the past year. It has shifted the dynamic quite a bit. I think that we sort of reached
that point. I mean, we gotta do it; we gotta make this work.
Our vision for this community is not one that we’re gonna get it fixed tomorrow or the
next day, but within twenty years that everyone in this community should be well-educated, economically self-sufficient, and living in a safe and supportive community. Peter Scher (Narration on and off screen): Detroit needs more than just charity. Detroit needs genuine investment, investment that
believes in its future. And so we teamed up with partners, in Detroit, to understand where
Detroit really needed some help and where we could bring value to help the non-profit
community, particularly in Detroit, build its capacity, build its ability to deliver
the types of programs and services that Detroit needs. Jamie Dimon (Narration on and off screen): So our value has always been to support your clients, support your communities; we don’t see any conflict whatsoever in terms of doing both. Detroit is critical to us. We’ve been
there, we want to see it thrive, we want to see it grow. We happen to be a very big company,
but we take it very personally that way. Here what we’re doing is not just philanthropy,
it includes philanthropy. And that’s helpful because sometimes philanthropy is needed, but it also includes things like community development. William F. Jones, Jr. (Narration on and off screen): The revitalization of Detroit is very dependent to bringing the right kinds of jobs back into the city of Detroit. In order to make that a reality for a lot of companies, they’re
going to need high-skilled workers. So we’ve got a pretty sophisticated operation here
for training to uh, go into the manufacturing industry and teaching them how to make things. What JP Morgan’s investment in Focus: HOPE allows us to do, is to train more students.
And to make sure that there’s a birth to college pipeline for people. And then that
leverage is tremendous because you’re not just changing the trajectory of an individual’s life, you’re changing the trajectory for an entire family. Jamie Dimon (Narration on and off screen): The bankruptcy is over. The street lights are being turned back on. Businesses are coming back in. Peter Scher (Narration on and off screen): If Detroit can overcome its challenges, then any city can do it. Jamie Dimon (Narration on and off screen): It will eventually be an example of great, American resilience.

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