This 6 CORE Ivy Bridge Xeon only Costs $24…! (Worldwide Deal)

– [Bryan] So every time
I do use PC Parts Hounds here on the channel, people complain that
they can’t get the deals that I can get. But right here on the table we’ve got something that
is readily available. And hopes to be some of the best value I’ve seen in a long time. For instance, I got a motherboard here, and yes that is how the
motherboard came in the mail. I guess the postman had a
little bit too much fun here. We got this for $49. Now, it’s LGA 1156. That’s right, not 1366 which is X58. It’s actually a special
breed of motherboard that supports Sandy Bridge
and Ivy Bridge chips which were made specifically
for this motherboard. They were mainly intended for
small businesses and servers that only needed one computer, and didn’t need to link
up more than one CPU since they are limited
to a QPI link of one. And then besides that, the benefit of this is that
it supports registered memory which can be had for very cheap. I picked up two sticks of 8GB each for a total of 16GB of
DDR3 memory for $35. And the CPU itself is the E5-2620 v2 which is a 6-core 12 Threaded Xeon on the Ivy Bridge architecture
that also supports PCI-E 3. Then for the CPU core that 12 box has a fan on it, and it
has two little towers, and hopefully it can keep
this thing under wraps but I don’t think it should be a problem since it is non-overclockable and it is pretty efficient already. But then we’re going to
couple that with a GTX 1660, which is one of the better
value cards from NVIDIA on their new series. And see how that compares then, at 1080p gaming, versus a 9900K. So with all that aside, let’s get our $121 barebones
kit on the test bench and see how it performs. (upbeat techno music) So there’s a little bit of
trouble here in paradise. And one of these two sticks is faulty, and I thought at first
it was the motherboard, when I tried booting up the motherboard it just kept giving me an error
upon Windows installation. But then I changed the
memory around finally, and everything is working absolutely fine. We’re just getting games
installed right now. But one thing about this motherboard, is it doesn’t look too bad so far, I mean, in the BIOS you can even set the RAM
speeds up to 1866 MHz, which isn’t too bad. And also this cooler seems to have a bit of
RGB bling going on inside so let’s get on with the gaming results, and then come back to some other tests on this system directly. ♪ That makes my heart run wild ♪ ♪ I wanna turn you on ♪ ♪ ’cause lately I been feeling like ♪ ♪ there’s somebody around your heart ♪ ♪ don’t wanna lose ya ♪ ♪ lose ya ♪ ♪ I wanna be the one ♪ ♪ don’t wanna lose ya ♪ ♪ lose ya ♪ ♪ I wanna be the one ♪ ♪ that makes your heart run wild ♪ (electronic drum beat) – So we just finished up the testing and I’m gonna say before
we move into the numbers, I am super impressed. This is a new meta going into 2019 for people who want budget
builds or budget gaming, and it’s readily available and they live anywhere in the world this is definitely going
to deliver LGA 1356 plus this 2420 v2 Xeon and 16GB or 8GB of DDR3 memory whether it’s registered or not, is going to be kickin’ hard for the money. Now, the motherboard itself, it costs $48, so it’s going to compliment that $24 CPU, and since we can then couple
it with that cheap cooler which is $12, and also the cheap memory, we’ve got ourselves a combo
that will handle a GTX 1616. We’ll get into the numbers here, and at 1080p high settings gaming, Battlefield 5 on the single player was getting around 89 average FPS when we did over a 70 second benchmark 40 FPS, 1% lows, and the 0.1% lows did dip to 10. But I’d have to say that
had to do with the fact that we used a hard drive here, since the game was still
downloading in the background. Moving over to Apex Lujends, we saw 100 average FPS on the dot, and then the 1% lows were 65 and the 0.1% lows were 43 FPS. This was a 1080 pretty much max settings except the texture
setting which was on 4GB which is still high. Then on to CS GO. We had 1080p high settings
here, max settings going 166 FPS on the community made benchmark, 57 FPS 1% lows and then 10.1% lows. Move over to Tomb Raider, the
last game we started the test. We ran the benchmark, 1080p
high settings DX12, 68 FPS, and then the minimum scored in at 47 FPS so the whole time across these
four games, except for CS GO, the other three, we saw the
GPU being utilized over 90%, which was a really good thing considering how cheap this combo is. Now, taking a quick step
back with this platform, I didn’t even know this existed. I mean, I may have
heard of it in the past, but I never really paid
any attention to it because when I heard LGA 1356, I thought, Oh okay is that LGA 1366 just a different variant? But it’s actually an improvement on 1366 in the server market where it’s still carried on
the triple channel memory, but it was then supported for Ivy Bridge and also Sandy Bridge. And in the case of Ivy Bridge
CPUs it had 24 PCI-E 3.0 lanes and that was sort of
different to the 2011 socket, as you know with things like X79 which supported 40 PCI-E Lanes, but also had the QPI Score at one. So you could interlink two CPUs together to be a double cores, double threads. But I do see motherboards out there that do have two CPU sockets. So I’m not entirely sure
what’s going on there. But in the case of the
motherboard that we got here today it was only $48 which is brand new, and that includes shipping. And it was using a H61 license, so it wasn’t actually using
X79 like it says on the box, It’s actually using H61
which is very cheap to get, and also has Dual Channel
memory support maximum as we can clearly see on the board itself only having two dim slots available. Now, the VRM of course, it does look a little bit lackluster, but since we are only
pushing 36 Watts through it, it did do absolutely fine even with no heat sync and
in 25 degrees ambiance, we saw it going up to
a maximum of 60 degrees with the thermo imaging camera. So there it is with this combo. I think it’s phenomenal value for money considering we’re getting the
whole kit here for 121 USD, which is really cheap Alls we’d have to do to get
this build fully finished, is add an SSD or a hard drive, case power supply, and our graphics card, and in the case of the
graphics cards itself you can use an RX 570. Great value for money on the
used market, the new market. It would go very well
with this combination to get a really good build,
even brand new, under 300 USD. If you guys wanna see that happen, I’ll make a build happen,
using these components. I think it’s just
phenomenal value for money I’m super excited that
I found out about this and it’s really good, I think it’s going to be a new meta, where a lot of used businesses will now be retiring these Xeons there’s just gonna be a
flood of them in the market, and at $24 I think it’s
going to be very hard to beat this kind of value. I did manage to run also
a Cinebench R15 score, and we got over 600 points, which again for $24 buy it now, is freaking amazing value for money I can’t harp on about how
good the price performance is with this combination. Now, another good thing is with the low clock speeds in
the six scores twelve threads, is you do get the low power consumption, but also on top of that a lot of games are coming in with DX12, and supporting more cores and more threads and we can see that the
game play is very smooth and if we couple it with
something like an RX 570, or if you want to go with a new GTX 1660, then a combination like this
is gonna be absolutely fine. Also on the case of the
memory being faulty, that’s just one of those things that happens when you buy
other used or new parts, in a cases of DDR4 Memory
if you buy that new it can sometimes be faulty. In this case it was used memory and I’m pretty sure the
seller should have tested this before they sent it out
as it’s pretty clear that it’s not just like,
weird randomness faulty, that’s clearly faulty when
I’m trying to install Windows, and it’s failing before it can
even install Windows itself. Anyway, there’s probably
a lot more you could do with this CPU and combination, like make a home server or a NAS, but if you’re making a NAS do keep in mind that it’s only got three sider ports on this particular board. And I’ve never heard the
brand name before, EastVita. So everything did check out
though when I was playing games, and it’s just really
phenomenal value for money. I can’t bring that home enough. And with that said I’ll leave
all the links for the stuff that I bought for this video
in the description below. If you guys have any
questions or comments, then be sure to drop them in
the comments section below. And also don’t forget
to hit that like button, if you like that used Xeon meta in 2019. With that said, I’ll catch you guys in another tech video very soon. If you’re enjoying this one, and if you’re enjoying all
the videos around here, don’t forget to hit that sub button with the bell notification. or check us out on Instagram, TechYESCity for the inside scoop. And I’ll catch you in the next one. Peace out for now, bye. (techno music)

100 thoughts on “This 6 CORE Ivy Bridge Xeon only Costs $24…! (Worldwide Deal)

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  2. I must say… that´s the strangest place i´ve even seen a 24pin slot. How are you supposed to install this without a cable going over the whole motherboard. Other than that… A great build for a budget gaming pc!

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  5. That cpu+mobo+ram – gpu = probably a pretty solid CNC pc I'll need for the CNC I'll be buying. Thanks so much for what you do. I was gonna go buy current commercial parts and pay ~500, but for the functionality and price of this setup… amazing. Wont need to spend any more than ~250 US $ for something that will absolutely service my needs

  6. thanks, I'm going to buy this processor with a cheaper mobo i found on ebay for $35. I'm going to use it to run Serato DJ with 4 decks and effects. I also am going to get a way cheaper 2GB graphics card, since i don't plan on gaming. Thanks again. I subscribed based on this !!

  7. What about xeon E5 2430v2 it's also very good for price 6c12t 15mb and @2.5ghz and bost is @3.00ghz if people are going to build from scratch @3ghz worth it cause those CPU not possible to overclock. 0.3ghz maybe looking not huge difference but under 3ghz every 0.1ghz bost dramatically effective on performance.

  8. incredible bang for the buck processing power! but according to all IT guys i've asked, those CPUs are blown out for peanuts, because they have massive security flaws that will never be patched out anymore. and advised against it for any computer i'd surf the internet on. got any info on that aspect?

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  11. Aida says your RAM has 1333MHz, except of 1866. Standard bios have option to force overclock RAM, but that doesnt work.
    But there is modified bios for this motherboard to unlock 1866MHz.
    I already have 2420v1 + rx570

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  13. I prefer my fx8320. Got it second hand for about $50 and a 970a-ds3p for 35$. It's overclockable and it scores 730 Cinebench points. It achieves this with 4C/8T so it's got way better IPC. Lots of expansion slots for my wi-fi card, for my old PCI sound card and for an m.2 drive. 4 ram slots, USB 3.0 and UEFI. Lack of USB 3.0 is a huge turn-off for that X79 mobo and a USB 3.0 PCI-E card is a must purchase for it. This adds to the cost and leaves you with no expansion slots.

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  15. Honestly, WTF is so damned important about RGB that it gets so much mention? All this noise about a f*ckin light show in your computer case? I can think of at least a half-dozen aspects of a computer far more worthy of discussion and close scrutiny. If you want pretty lights, put up a goddamn Christmas tree.

  16. When i saw its ive bridge i thought it would work with my 1155 lga motherboard but when i noticed i became dispointed

  17. you can find x79 server boards with quad channel DDR3. I have one with an E5-2680. It's amazing how fast it still is.

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  20. one our Russian blogger made BIOS for this Board!Now it is possible to overclock the memory to 1866, here is the link (Afudos или FPT)

  21. Really nice idea. Concerning to the 1356 H61 Mainboard, no USB 3.0 and for the GPU: only PCIe 1.0 x16 available on the board? please correct me, if I'm wrong. Thank you & thumbs up!!

  22. I took your suggestion, and found these parts ($15 plus free shipping for the CPU) on eBay. I purchased the MoBo from AliExpress for $48.88 Plus Shipping. For some reason the board was returned to sender. I looked at the tracking, and it never left China, but Daisy Ma, said it was rejected by Customs ? I have had wishy-washy luck when purchasing things from China. I bought a X16 Handheld gaming console, and the screen was damaged upon arrival. They would NOT refund my money, they suggested I get the screen repaired a a local electronics shop. I had to remind them that this is the US, and we don't have electonic shops like in Shenzhen. I eventually tracked down the part number of the screen, and bouth it off AliExpress, the same day I ordered the Mobo, but the screen got here just fine…I guess I am 1 for 2.

  23. I'm thinking an FX-6300 is just about able to beat it, of not at stock, then with mild little overclock.

    That being said the power efficiency of this processor is absolutely amazing. Perfect for a minoserver/NAS type thingy. And probably many other uses.

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    Thank you for any help you can provide!

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  33. Hi Tech Yes, i bought this motherboard & CPU combo, but it fails to boot with the Ethernet cable plugged in. boots fine without it, any advice on how to solve this?

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  36. I built this system except I spent about $10 more to get a board with usb 3 and more sata ports. I also got a 2430 v2 off ebay for a little faster chip. Coupled with a Rx 570 this is a very fast system for the money.

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