This CRF250 Blew Up!!

randomly shut off weird back tire just locked up Rick that’s weird
hopefully it’s just like a rocking the sprocket or something yeah see if it
kicks over it up again it sounds like it’s really lagging yeah like when you
wrap it up it revs down really quick so yeah either that or something’s going on
with the engine I see you have to pull the seat to look at the air filter
do you just just clean it recently yeah what about well you been watching that
yeah it’s when I checked it was 3/4 and I do need to change yeah yeah it doesn’t sound too good
he just wants to idle down really quick that means something is really dragging
inside the engine I try it one more time that runs on Idol give it a little bit
throttle does it usually idle down that quick
back where you revving up and it goes drops right away yeah I don’t know if
I’d risk driving it that much more before something really drastic happens yeah the easiest way that tell would be
people pull your ear for oil filter off and if there’s I’m hoping it’s not crank
because if it’s crank they’ll be like copper shavings in there and that’ll
that’ll be the first indicator of it or DME tools you could just feel yeah yeah I would
how would this go grab your truck and not risk blowing it up completely yeah
it’s kind of a common common thing with them what’s the crank it’s happened on
to my bikes on those where the crank wears out and then it starts getting
really really laggy and like it just dragging the whole time so I’m guessing
like we pull that oil filter cover there’s this gonna be a bunch of copper
shavings in there so you gotta pull the whole motor all the way down so it’s
pretty spendy hoping it’s not that hopefully it’s something else but it
doesn’t sound too good at all but yeah if you have a sharp – it’s like over a
thousand yeah you could you need quite a bit of tools you gotta have you know
there’s a lot of things to worry about when you do it yeah it’s not fun that’s
frickin dirt bikes for you you never know what’s gonna happen
shit happens all the time I just have to hop on here and go nut to
butt all the way back that’ll be fun shit
man it’s been a while since you had this much fun no you just go up on the peg you clear your
feet up hold off see what’s in there yeah that’s
it all those copper shavings that is crank
or the rod banging I should say oh not good yeah you see down there all those
copper shavings that is what did it so that’ll lock up the bottom and right
away so in case you guys didn’t catch what was going on there my buddy Jeff
and I were cruising along at the RV park just going down the trail and then all
of a sudden his rear tire locked up and the engine shut off so right away we
knew there was something really wrong with that engine so he pulled that oil
filter cover off and there were just a ton of copper shavings in there so not a
good sign at all and that engine is gonna have to be torn all the way down
to fix it so I got a question for you guys would you like to see Jeff and I
tear this engine all the way down fix it and get it back running if this video
gets 5,000 likes within a week we’ll go ahead and do that so right now I want
you to go down below smash that like button share this video with their
friends and we’ll see what happens all right guys keep it Prime took them long enough Oh

100 thoughts on “This CRF250 Blew Up!!

  1. AHH the ride of shame. dang Cam your a super nice friend man we would get along in the shop man i promise you. GO get her done bro rebuild his motor with him and help him fix it for free, just have him get the parts 😀 teach him how to do it then he can build just about any bike and u get a sweet new video to post !! Rock on guys!!!

  2. So what year range is this a problem with and is it only the 4 stroke? What's the root of the problem? Is it a bearing clearance issue or lubrication problem or something?

  3. I’m not surprised when people ride full blown mx four strokes in hot climates like they are trail bikes. It’s two stroke time.

  4. Might it be this ?

    Honda has issued a recall for all 2018 Honda CRF250R motorcycles due to an issue with the clutch basket and judder spring. Under certain conditions, the clutch basket can break and possibly cause the engine to lock up, increasing the risk of a crash and injury hazard. Honda will contact all registered owners of the motorcycle and the necessary repairs will be made at Honda dealerships at no cost

  5. The guy acts like he knows nothing about his own bike, the oil, or anything and like it was his first time on a dirt bike LOL!!

  6. "They've finally made a four stroke that wears out as fast as a two stroke…" was the lament of an independent motorcycle repair shop I went to recently. He was referring to this modern crop of Japanese brands where in the quest for most power, design weaknesses were designed in. My TS 250 Suzukis in the '70s would deliver 20k miles and still have a good top end. It seems like a step backwards to see four strokes fall from the usual grace of durability that they have had. Edit: A quick look at a parts diagram shows the crankshaft as a unit with no separate parts to rebuild. I presume this must have a roller bottom end and I would be surprised so see one of these fail unless there's a good reason for it.

  7. I hope you do do a engine rebuild cause i bought a 05 crf250r and done a full engine rebuild and I would love to see you do it to

  8. Help this guy out. Honda is selling the crap out of these bikes. Is the bike worth looking into or is it garbage? DRZ 400 have this same issue?

  9. Dear assholes who say to rebuild it and that Cameron is not a good friend. Have any of you ever worked on or priced a complete over haul on a uni-cam crf? That motor is super fucked off Jeff will save time and money in the long run if he buys a crate motor. Its not worth all the time and labor.

  10. My bike is losing compression CFR250R and i go to kick start it and kid u not its like stepping on a pillow with a few hard spots lol

  11. I had my Crf250r blow up mine didn’t have lag it just felt like back breaks was locking up and the kick wouldn’t move past halfway

  12. "that's dirtbikes for ya, shit happens all the time."
    So true, it sure is a hate/love relationship sometimes.

  13. 7 Mile ORV park, Another vid I thought the background looked like WA area, this is definetly 7 mile ORV, I live just a few minutes away from 7 mile, WA rider means you have my sub, Great vids keep it up

  14. Nut to butt 🤣🤣….. If he was packing a 9 milli it would be more like "frank to tank", and you would be sitting on it like when your climbing over the fence post at the top a chain link fence.

  15. Bad rider if you can blow a 4 strike lol let's see it getting fixed I like to watch rebuild vidio

  16. My ‘05 trx450r did exactly the same thing and ended up seizing because we didn’t know that there was something majorly wrong

  17. I've been riding/racing dez for over 50 years…..2 strokes/4 strokes….how in hell does one blow up a 4-stroke except no maintenance. Cameron, if you can make me understand this, I'd sure appreciate it.

  18. That is the thing about modern four strokes, they rev so high that they grenades just waiting to go off.  The rebuild interval on them is like 20 hours, I know that a lot of people get hundreds of hours but they are just lucky.

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