Tiny House 26 m2 (12-Ft Ceiling Height) Design Ideas

Hello and welcome! You watch channel RunmanReCords Design! In this video we show a stunning tiny house. Tiny kitchen with wide windows. Small dining room and entrance to a tiny house. Size of this house 26m2. Tiny but very stylish kitchen. Compact staircase to the second level. The facade of this house is made of dark color. Glass stove and modern sink. Would you like to live in this tiny house? Compact loft bedroom, minimalist interior. Do you like this tiny house? Stylish, dark facade and small windows of the kitchen and bedroom. Front door and view of the living room. Chairs from Ikea, a stylish dining table and a compact kitchen. A small refrigerator and a staircase with storage space. This house has a laundry room! Modern toilet and shower. Beautiful bathroom furniture, sink and round mirror. This house is designed for two people. Please support us on Patreon! Thank you for watching! Watch new videos and subscribe to our channel!

36 thoughts on “Tiny House 26 m2 (12-Ft Ceiling Height) Design Ideas

  1. 👍 Smart design! However, this video showcasing the home could be improved by removing redundant pictures and include informational overlays on its features.

  2. ?

  3. Closet space right outside the bathroom is very nice 👍 and the corner sofa set is just right for the living room. Kitchen also looks to be functional. Overall a great design. Bravo

  4. wow… this is absolutely stunning design I'd say very spacious at that.. love how the sectional couch overlooking doors.. definitely want this!

  5. The house looks gorgeous, although the video is rubbish; how much time do you need to spend looking at the kitchen area?? I couldn’t live in one of these, however, as those toilets make me want to chuck.

  6. かっこいいねぇ。。。憧れますよね。

  7. こういうのを震災に沢山普及してほしい。毎回仮設住宅勿体ない。

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