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Travel for Travel Today Travel for Travel going to travel the Bogoda Bridge There are two roads leading to the Bogoda bridge one on the Haliela side the other is from the village of Ettempitiya Today I choose the road from Ettempitiya on the way from the junction called Ettempitiya, Bandarawela five kilometers to Badulla and there is a famous place called “Ambalama” so from that Ambalama the Bogoda bridge has 11 kilometers the road is carpeted Quiet Beautiful So let’s go on the way to the Bogoda bridge I got this kind of waterfall so just wanted to get out Littly water is flowing We have to go through this water hill On the way to Bogoda bridge, the car is at its highest point from here we have to go on foot Considered the creation of King Walagamba The Bogoda bridge connecting the two villages of Kekatiyamaluwa and Mahakumbura across the Gelenda Oya Fifty-four feet high on three jack stalks has been built Jack Vitex Ebony Arjun some of the most valuable wood the bridge that has been created the specialty is during construction not using a single iron rod During the Dambadeniya period at the request of King Parakumba II Badulla, Kandy main road to put together while this was built 1818 Rebellion the men retreated to Uva did the merchants move their caravans did the kings and the local king did the move with the help of this bridge Literary sources testify on the bridge built during the Kandyan period composed of petal tiles seeing a roof Is important also known as ‘Ambalan” bridge the Bogoda bridge as an archaeological monument still visible today

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